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Training Log Archive: Cakewoman

In the 31 days ending Aug 31, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running12 9:20:25
  cycling4 5:25:00
  Orienteering1 51:00
  Total17 15:36:25

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Monday Aug 31, 2015 #

Running 34:00 [3]

Quick run (well, short, not quick) at Alum Cliffs. Back a little sore from new exercises I am doing with the intention of 'centralizing my pain'. I think it's working. Just hoping the 'reduce my pain' part isn't too far away.

Sunday Aug 30, 2015 #

Running 53:00 [3]

Peter Murrell in the rain. which I was quite happy about as it made the bubble bath afterwards even more deserved.

Thursday Aug 27, 2015 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

lovely commute with Clarabelle.

Wednesday Aug 26, 2015 #

Running 44:00 [3]

lovely run at peter murrell this morning with clare. very cold for the first 10 minutes - we were both steaming and freezing at the same time

Tuesday Aug 25, 2015 #

Running 50:00 [3]

finally got my butt moving and had a nice run at Waterworks.

Friday Aug 21, 2015 #

Running 48:25 [3]

Peter Murrell, felt good to be out running again after a sluggish week due to Zali being sick and general malaise.

Saturday Aug 15, 2015 #

Running 58:00 [3]

pipeline with Jon out to the 5k turnaround point. so 10k. Jon was very kind to run with me considering he was barely breaking into a walk, such was my slow speed!

Friday Aug 14, 2015 #

Running 45:00 [3]

sluggy run at alum cliffs. am barely moving really, but getting sweaty.

Thursday Aug 13, 2015 #

cycling 55:00 [3]

Morning commute. almost needed sunglasses this morning!

cycling 55:00 [3]

uneventful commute home. rewarded with takeaway thai - yum!

Wednesday Aug 12, 2015 #

Running 52:00 [3]

sluggish run around waterworks.

Tuesday Aug 11, 2015 #

Running 50:00 [3]

very very sluggish run around peter murrell before taking car to be checked out (rear window doesn't fit properly anymore - sigh).

Monday Aug 10, 2015 #

cycling 55:00 [3]

commute - uneventful

cycling 55:00 [3]

commute home. wet but otherwise uneventful. Left at 5.08 and it was not completely dark on my way down the bonnet which was nice.

Sunday Aug 9, 2015 #

Running 25:00 [3]

sprint champs warm up event. lovely area. fun event

Running 21:00 [3]

sprint champs champs. Couldn't see the detail on the map so went up a cliff instead of taking a track. recon I lost 3 minutes there and scratched my arms to bits on hawthorn bushes. Also should have been disqualified as it was marked as impassable (but I couldn't see an alternative due to point 1.) I declared myself to the organiser but as I was far from the only one committing the crime my result stood. Also there was no-one else in my class to be upset about it.

Friday Aug 7, 2015 #

Running 35:00 [3]

little jog around peter murrell before work. impressed with myself for actually running when I had completely forgotten about getting ready the night before - which is usually the only way I manage it.

Thursday Aug 6, 2015 #

cycling 55:00 [3]

have had to make up hours at work recently so it was good to get a ride in this monring. cold and calm. I had half to1 layer less on than I needed - not sure what I was thinking as i was only 4 degrees when i left. spew hill has not got any flatter.

Tuesday Aug 4, 2015 #

Running 45:00 [3]

trot around the waterworks. usual new loop. lots of snow about still

Monday Aug 3, 2015 #


SNOW DAY! Rules say you don't have to train on a SNOW DAY if snow is not a usual occurrence in your country.

Sunday Aug 2, 2015 #

Orienteering 51:00 [3]

Ok - so in the organiser's defence, they were thrown into organising this event at the last minute. AND the weather was pretty bad. So I will forgive them the dodgy clue descriptions (i.e. a control on a building was described in english as 'box corner', another one next to a wall was described as 'under bridge' and I'll forgive the quite tough course (240m climb in 3.1 k) as that's almost unavoidable in this area. What is harder to forgive is giving the wrong course numbers to novice competitors so poor Jett ended up distressed and in tears because he was so confused about where he was (right control, wrong number). Kids don't expect things to be wrong and don't have the confidence to just continue on the course. Jett assumed he must be lost and gave up.

My first control was also in the right place but had the wrong number. (different control to Jett's though) I just punched it anyway because I was so sure I was right. When I got back I was dnfed as others had found the right numbered (wrongly located) control. I was just being convinced that I was wrong afterall when enough other finishers raised the question - so the organiser went out to check and I was subsequently re-instated - yay!

So that's two dodgy events out of two. But you know - I still had fun, and in the circumstances we're lucky to have an event to go to at all.

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