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Training Log Archive: AllyBeaven

In the 7 days ending Feb 23:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running7 8:41:00 63.19(8:15) 101.7(5:07) 1439
  Total7 8:41:00 63.19(8:15) 101.7(5:07) 1439

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Saturday Feb 23 #

Running (Easy) 1:02:00 [2] 11.4 km (5:26 / km) +50m 5:19 / km

Jogging along by the river while Karen ran the 10k. Grassy parks, rotty single-track and a little tarmac. Not much to report really. Nothing sore or especially tired, not hugely sharp either but that can come good tomorrow. Didn't sleep particularly well last night, hopefully better this evening. 6 strides in the parking field, a little rough but turning over fine.

Friday Feb 22 #

Running (Moderate) 1:00:00 [3] 13.8 km (4:21 / km) +96m 4:12 / km

Perfect Moderate running weather. Warm, overcast, gentle breeze. Running on tarmac, out and back along the innocent railway bike path. Mostly pretty flat, just a couple of undulations and a bridge over the railway line.

All straightforward really. Feet always feel a bit odd the first couple of k of a road run but that settles down and everything's good. A few little bits of tightness around, maybe still a wee bit in the left ITB but all very minor. Didn't feel fresh out of the box at the end but never felt like I was needing to work particularly hard. Jogged and walked 5 or ten minutes back to the flat at the end then did a bit of stretching.

Almost tempted to run in my road shoes on Sunday as it's been pretty dry down here, but with the mention of the MTB black runs on the course I'll stick with trail shoes.

Thursday Feb 21 #

Running (Easy + SVs) 1:13:00 [2] 14.2 km (5:08 / km) +105m 4:57 / km

Another tropical day in Glenmore. A little early morning bleariness and an acidy stomach (not sure why I didn't just run fasted) but legs seemed to be turning over ok, only slightly blunted by yesterday's session.

The fire alarm went off when I was in the gym so a few things were skipped but I reckon I ticked all the important boxes. Hang cleans were alright, I'll watch the videos a few more times before next time. I don't think my elbows were they should be.

Front raise - 5
Dumbell press - 10, 15, 15
Step up - 0, 7.5, 10
Split squat - 0, 7.5, 10
Front squat - 30, 35, 40
Deadlist 8x70, 6x80, 4x90, 2x100
Pull up - 5, 10, 15
Hang clean - (mucked about with an empty bar, which was crap) 30, 32.5, 35

Wednesday Feb 20 #

Running (Long Hill Reps) 1:06:00 [4] 12.2 km (5:25 / km) +516m 4:28 / km

12° in Glenmore today. I've packed a vest for the weekend.

20' easy warm up with a couple of surges thrown in then twice up the visitor centre Meall a'Bhuachaille path as far as Ten Minute Rock. First time 9'47", cashing in on first rep freshness, second 9'55", closing harder than last minute or so, then 16' back to the lodge. Didn't feel like I was floating up the hill but from memory those times are similar or slightly ahead of similar sessions last year as I finished feeling fairly fresh so that's encouraging.

A little tightness low on the outside of both shins, more noticeable the left, but only on one of the jogs down. Other than that all is well I reckon. Dug the lacrosse ball into them while I was stretching afterwards.

Tuesday Feb 19 #

Running (Easy) 1:20:00 [2] 13.2 km (6:04 / km) +216m 5:36 / km

That 20% of a cold is still kicking around, being a minor irritant. I feel better after running than before though, so that's nice.

A few wee hills and a little muddy singletrack thrown in today. No hangover from yesterday's gym session other than some knottyness in my mid back late on. Left ITB still a little tight at times. 6 strides on the road outside the house were good. I can't figure out if that road is very slightly downhill. Nearly got run over standing there squinting at it.

Monday Feb 18 #

Running (Easy) 1:00:00 [2] 11.4 km (5:16 / km) +100m 5:03 / km

Run and gym in the afternoon, a little pressed for time as I spent the morning conjugating Basque verbs.

Not much warm up, first wee bit a bit like hard work but it all eased up fine. Half term has descended and Glenmore is awash with bampots. I stopped twice to give people directions back to their cars.

Gym was fine, ticking boxes and getting that consistency rolling. 3 sets each, heaviest were...

Front raise 5kg
Dumbbell bench press 15kg
Bicep curls 10kg
Pull ups 15kg
Hamstring curls 8xsingle leg, 8x both legs.
Step ups 15kg
Split squats 10kg
Squats 40kg front squats
Deadlift 8x70 6x80 4x90 2x95

Lateral lunges and bench dips were sacrificed at the alter of a reasonable cool down.

Sunday Feb 17 #

Running (Moderate) 2:00:00 [3] 25.5 km (4:42 / km) +356m 4:24 / km

A slightly sporadic night's sleep, went out the door feeling a little less than fired up, just muddled through. A mix of fireroads, some techier singletrack and a couple of kilometres of tarmac. Windy windy.

Tightness moving around in my left leg a little. Ankle was tweaky for a k or so in the middle but that went away. A bit of clock watching probably didn't do ggood things for my perception of effort but really it was fine until the last twenty minutes or so which were a bit of a grind. I don't think the pace dropped off at all but I was definitely glad to be done. Felt very thirsty.

Stretched out afterwards, right achilles a bit tight now. Hardcore sofa time this afternoon and eating everything in sight.

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