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Training Log Archive: AllyBeaven

In the 7 days ending Mar 30:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 11:26:00 70.59(9:43) 113.6(6:02) 3738
  Total5 11:26:00 70.59(9:43) 113.6(6:02) 3738

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Saturday Mar 30 #

Running (Race) 7:13:00 [3] 64.4 km (6:43 / km) +3150m 5:24 / km

(I'm tired, this is rambly.)

Fairly chilled start from Askham, chatting to Andy as promised. We were at the front with a few others hanging out. A selection of different lines up to Loadpot Hill, we ended up between trods on some shitty stuff but ended up being first to the top. Pace was controlled but not too easy. We were joined by Ken Sutor for the run out to High Street with Josh Wade not far behind. It felt like Ken was pushing pretty hard on the steeper climbs but I just tucked in behind and went along with it. I think he had a GPS track on his watch, I largely just went along with whichever trods he chose when it got claggy.

A quick team pee on top of High Street then down towards Angle Tarn. We maybe climbd one unnesseccary hillock but it mostly went pretty smoothly. They ran off to bother a couple of campers at the checkpoint before I found the control and shouted them back. Andy took over on the run down to Side Farm and it was just me and him by the bottom. We saw no sign of the checkpoint as we blew by and continued on, thinking it would be at the Starkey Hut, but it wasn't. We hummed and hawed for a few seconds and just kept going. No disaster really but it did mean and extra fifteen or twenty minutes without water.

Josh caught up to us as we got to the steeper section to Grisedale and me and him pulled away from Andy a little, effort just the hard side of sociable. We ran down beside the beck pretty sharpish then along the road (scary) to Wythburn. There was some work being done there, I let the gap sit around fifteen metres. A brief pause at the checkpoint filling bottles and eating crisps, I left first, about thirty seconds ahead, not intending to pull away. Up the track and off on the OCT(ish) line, gap down to 5 or 10 seconds, a bit of chatting going on. Higher up I noticed he'd dropped back so I pressed on, wanting to make the most of it if Josh had fallen to pieces. Legs started getting sore here. Upper legs mostly, left quads threatening to get crampy.

Over the top and along to Whiteside, then the long really, really shitty run down to Glenridding. Horrendous stony path, grassy corner cut, more horrendous stony path, then the dreadful concrete road down from the youth hostel. Josh was only a short way back towards the bottom. I felt like I was working really hard on the road back to Patterdale, feeling sore all over now. Legs, shoulders, neck... Would have been pretty happy for the race to end there.

We got to the checkpoint at pretty much the same time then I left about ten seconds back. Josh went Boredale Hause, I went direct. It's definitely faster as he was moving far, far better than I was but we arrived at the top at nearly the same time. Alas, with the impact of running downhill he was opening a gap before I'd sorted myself out. Noticeable soreness on the backs of my arms and shoulders running down here.

Over the river, along the road to Martindale, feeling very sorry for myself. Well intentioned marshalls outside the church.
"He's about 2 minutes ahead of yeah."
"No way am I catching him."
"Well...yes, he was looking very strong."
Any concept of racing was put out of mind for the run back to Askham. Keep moving forward, every minute of running is a minute less to the finish. Strava's gradiant adjusted pace thing reckons I was doing 5:20/km along there. So easy pace. It didn't fucking feel easy. Left quads inches from cramping up. A brief pause on the road down to the finish as I got some odd stomach pain, but it vanished pretty sharpish.

Eating: fine, I think. Trying to remember what I ate and doing back of a fag packet sums, I was a little over 300cal/hr or so. Some inconsistency. I had heaps going up Helvellyn and probably slipped a bit during the pity party towards the end. Could maybe have drunk a little more. Dehydration could have been a contributing factor in the soreness. That said, I paused to pee ~7 hours (any excuse to stop running for 30 seconds) and while it wasn't as clear as a pristine mountain stream it was enough to demonstrate that I was not at death's door.

Pacing wasn't terrible. Some slowdown in the second half compared with the run up High Street but that's to be expected, and I don't think the soreness I experienced was due to going out too hard.

It felt like the end of the world for 3 or 4 hours but in hindsight I'm encouraged. Soreness owing to lack of faster, hilly long runs I think, but with the time of year that's not too surprising. I could have done a better job picking routes for my long runs in the last few weeks too, not enough consideration of the main challenges of LM42. Plus, this is the main thing that the next section of the plan is focussed on. The fitness is clearly coming along well, it was just the conditioning for the harder descents and longer, steeper climbs that was missing, and that will come along comparatively quickly.

Friday Mar 29 #


No running today once all the travel faff was done. Made an effort to stretch periodically on the train and did some leg swings on the platform in Penrith. Packed and ready for tomorrow. Weather looks to be decent.

Thursday Mar 28 #

Running (Easy) 1:01:00 [2] 11.7 km (5:13 / km) +120m 4:58 / km

Jogging and hill sprints from the lodge. Drills in the changing room to warm up.

Hamstring and foot still there (thank goodness, I guess) but nothing getting less noticeable through the run. Same with the hill sprints: first a little niggly but ironing out from there.

A little stretching afterwards, trying not to overdo it.

And now the snacking! Can't possibly eat all those cinnamon rolls during the race. Feel like I've got a million niggles, antsy legs. Roll on 6am on Saturday.

Wednesday Mar 27 #

Running (Moderate) 1:02:00 [3] 13.6 km (4:34 / km) +145m 4:20 / km

The same minor niggles with the right hamstring and outside lower left leg as in previous days, though the thing on the left has moved down to my foot. I imagine it will continue its downward trajectory and leave my body entirely over the next couple of days. No real tiring through today's run.

Might move the hill sprints forwards to tomorrow, just in case I don't manage to fit a run in on Friday evening.

Tuesday Mar 26 #

Running (Easy) 1:00:00 [2] 11.9 km (5:03 / km) +83m 4:52 / km

Leg swings and lunges. Running on the flatter trails from the lodge. That right bit of hamstring and glute a minor irritation and the tightness in the left ankle rearing its head momentarily but neither too troublesome. I'm taking a predominantly non interventionist approach to this stuff this week. They're not getting in the way of running, it would be silly to cause them to flare up by desperately shoving lacrosse balls etc. at them.

Strides were good. Felt easy.

Monday Mar 25 #


Rest day

15 minute turbo before a massage but not anything you'd count as training.

Sunday Mar 24 #

Running (Easy ) 1:10:00 [2] 12.0 km (5:50 / km) +240m 5:18 / km

Afternoon run from the house, not looking too closely at the time. Pretty sprightly through the first half, getting a little hungry towards the end. That left ankle stiffness showed up on a bit of rubbly farm track, feeling slightly unstable, but apart from that all was good. The left big toe was sore walking around this morning but I didn't notice it at all while I was running.

Now sofa time, plus gin.

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