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Training Log Archive: AllyBeaven

In the 7 days ending Apr 13:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 7:53:00 47.47(9:58) 76.4(6:11) 2554
  Cycling2 3:53:00
  Total7 11:46:00 47.47 76.4 2554
averages - sleep:7.5

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Saturday Apr 13 #

Running (Long Hill Reps) 1:42:00 [4] 16.2 km (6:18 / km) +820m 5:01 / km

20' jog to warm up, 3x10 up with 3x10 down, 20' jog to cool down.

Trails a bit rougher than my normal LHR hills. Managed to overlap with the race coming down on the second and third reps. Right quad felt a bit off above the knee, other than that no particular trouble.

Going to Creag Meagaidh with Eóin Lennon tomorrow to get the shit kicked out of us by the wind.

Friday Apr 12 #

Running (Specific Endurance) 2:00:00 [3] 16.4 km (7:19 / km) +964m 5:39 / km

Cycled round to Glen Feshie, 30 minutes or so soft pedalling into a tailwind. Fannyed about getting changed then went through some leg swings. Took the first few minutes along the road to switch to my running legs.

Up Carn Ban Mor and Sgor Gaoith, one long runnable climb with a little hiking through the heather at the top then a couple of small ups and downs over the tops. Windy and pretty cold up high, a little stopping and starting to get warmer clothes on. Split shorts were a poor choice.

Ate and drank ~550cal, used poles. Stiff when I got up this morning but once I got going everything chugged along just fine. Good to get a long runnable downhill in on the way down.

27 minutes riding home with a lovely tailwind.

Thursday Apr 11 #

Running (Easy + TEs) 1:01:00 [2] 11.5 km (5:18 / km) +41m 5:13 / km

Did some YouTube yoga this morning, holy shit my back is tight!

Pretty stiff all round today. A combo of drills, cycling, gym stuff and a weekend at home neglecting all the stuff that balances out that stuff.

Attempted to loosen up with lunges and leg swings, then a couple of clunky stride like things before the drills circuits at the grass at the Hayfield. Not as bad as I expected (the day's theme).

30' round the loch a bit clunky, hill sprints on the mellower lower slopes of hill sprint hill while someone took a chainsaw to a tree higher up. Went into them very conservative but they weren't as bad as I expected. 30' back round the loch, a little looser than the first time.

Coffee break then gym time. Elbow problem is for so I got through everything. Not going at it hammer and tongs but (all together now) not as bad as I expected.
Step ups - bodyweight, 5, 7.5
Side plank - 3x8reps
Goblet squats - 20
Swiss ball curls - sets of 10
Pull ups - bodyweight, 5, 10
Hamstring curls - 3x8
Suitcase deadlift - 30, 35, 40
Hang cleans - 30, 35, 37.5
Split squats - 5, 7.5, 10
5' walking on the treadmill then got the roller into my quads and did some stretching.

Wednesday Apr 10 #

Cycling (Hill reps) 2:00:00 [3]

47.6k, 770m

Had a big knot in the left of my upper back this morning. I assume the progression of yesterday's elbow thing.

Baltic riding along the south side of the strath, really nice once I was in the sunshine. 20' easy then 5x10', 3 or 4 minutes between.

First rep on the road up to Glenmore. Gentle hills, some flats, couple of small downhills. All seated trying to keep effort constant. Soft pedalled through a downhill and some flat. Second rep started flat then up the ski road. The same section I was using for hill reps last year. Too steep to stay seated without seriously grinding so 2-5 were probably half and half seated and standing. Freewheeling back down at 70kph between reps.

Reminding myself that they're not supposed to be hard, though the steepest bits do force the effort up slightly. Breathing still controlled, 90" or so slower on the section I was riding in 7' for the reps last year. Upper legs felt like they were working.

That much out of saddle appropriate or too much? I can do the whole session on the mellower discontinuous bits lower down but it would extend the session a lot as I'd be pedalling all the downhills. I've even gassing about putting a bigger cassette on my bike for years, maybe I should get round to that.

Tuesday Apr 9 #

Cycling (Easy) 1:53:00 [3]

52.7k, 360m Spring sunshine, no wind, still a bit chilly.

Riding from the lodge round Loch Garten. Spinning along pretty easily the first little while, a few more moderate spells later on. Hamstrings feeling the drills and all yesterday's sitting down but legs were turning well on the whole.

Shit lodge coffee then into the gym. Something in the back of my left arm/elbow is sore when my elbow is fully flexed so I binned the pull ups and hang cleans after a couple of exploratory reps. Indecisiveness about when to train and consequent small breakfast meant I was pretty hungry in the gym. Enough energy to go through the motions and get back into stuff though.

Side plank knee to chest 3x8 per side
Goblet squats 20kg
Hamstring curls 3x8
Split squats 5, 7.5, 10
Suitcase deadlift 25, 30, 35 using a shorter 15kg barbell to reduce the amount of stabilisation I need to do til I get used to them
Swiss ball crunches 3x? Need to bring in a pump to inflate the ball a bit, these are easier than they should be.
Step ups 7.5, 10, 10
Resistance band clamshells

Monday Apr 8 #

Running (Easy + TEs) 1:00:00 [2] 10.6 km (5:40 / km) +15m 5:37 / km

Up early for the ferry, then driving down the road to Inverness. Unsurprisingly this didn't feel silky smooth.

A couple of half arsed strides and some leg swings before going through the drills on some playing fields. Definitely clunky, second set better than the first. Ran out and back along a canal path making precisely zero effort to keep the pace respectable. No particular problems, just a bit effortful. Hamstrings maybe a bit tight after all that sitting. If anything running back into the wind felt a bit better.

Strides ended up better than expected, eased into them after the first couple. Last one turned into a race against two 9 year olds who'd been playing football before coming over to see what this weirdo was doing. They won comfortably.

Sunday Apr 7 #

Running (Specific Endurance) 2:10:00 [3] 21.7 km (5:59 / km) +714m 5:09 / km

Lunges to loosen up. More a long easy>mod than a SE run. No kit, no food or water.

Lower legs and feet feeling yesterday's run a bit on the tarmac and first farm track climb. Going pretty easy the first 40 minutes or so, a natural creeping up of intensity on the second hill and forced continuation of that through the heather and bog to the top and back down. Effort stayed Modish back over Wideford and through town. Before I went out I'd decided this would just be a plod but actually did some decent work.

Got home, stuffed my face with weetabix, went to the beach with my nephews. May or may not be looking forward to some peace driving down the road tomorrow. Another session swap tomorrow and Tuesday before a trip to the physio for the hamstring glute thing.

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