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Training Log Archive: AllyBeaven

In the 7 days ending Aug 3:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running6 7:32:00 49.21(9:11) 79.2(5:42) 1127
  Cycling2 6:52:00
  Total7 14:24:00 49.21 79.2 1127

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Saturday Aug 3 #

Cycling (Long ride) 4:40:00 [3]

130k 900m

Part training ride, part big day out. All of 15 minutes into Aviemore before I stopped for farewell icecream with my nephews, then Carrbridge, Lochindorb, Grantown and the back road all the way to Newtonmore, pausing at the house to refill my bottle. If the fuckers hadn't started the race early I probably would've been there for the start but as it was I just hung around to see a bunch of people through the road crossing then minced about the games field talking bollocks. Undoubted highlight of the day was James telling Rob Jebb's children to fuck off. Managed to get my legs going for the final 50 minutes or so back to the house.

A reasonable bit of pedalling I'd say. Biking wears me out, I think just because I'm not used to being in that position for too long, my neck and shoulders get weary. No trouble today from my various ailments though. Did some stretching once I'd got some water in my and peeled myself off the sofa. More tomorrow.

Friday Aug 2 #

Running (Easy) 1:15:00 [2] 12.0 km (6:15 / km) +230m 5:42 / km

Gave the drills a miss. Possibly so much skipping about on the road has helped aggravate the leg thing.

Started up the bike trail, jogging uphill and a wee bit of hiking to ease into it and hopefully loosen off. The uphill doesn't seem to irritate as badly as the flat/downhill. Fine through there, then increasingly niggly as I continued on and round the loch. I don't think it's affecting the way I run but difficult to tell. Cut the run short to be on the safe side til I have a better idea of what's going on. Will get the frozen pees on it and ride my bike this evening.

Cycling (Moderateish) 2:12:00 [3]

64k 388m

Lovely evening ride. Somewhere between easy and moderate, flicking between the two but staying purposeful throughout. Felt better than I thought I might having run this morning then spent some of the afternoon as a climbing frame for my nephews. Not a peep from the right leg thing, only thing that bothered me was my right shoulder for a little while after however much time in the drops.

Got home, at so much pasta I felt unwell. Spaghetti portion control is a dark art.

Thursday Aug 1 #

Running (Hill reps + TEs) 1:12:00 [5] 11.3 km (6:22 / km) +280m 5:40 / km

Drills on the road with cycle touring spectators. 25' or so of jogging, peeing, a couple of uphill stride things to get loose, then 6x60" w/ 3' recovery, then 25' jogging.

New hill rep hill on the other side from last week's one. About 270m and 20m of up. First half mellowish, though still the same as the steeper bits of the other one, third quarter is the steepest part, through the place I usually do hill sprints, then the final section a degree or two shallower. Definitely feel the strength component more in the second half than I did on the other hill.

That right leg thing irritating the same as yesterday really, though thankfully not on the hill reps. I've booked a physio appointment for Monday, horrible o'clock in Inverrness, to try and nip it in the bud. That aside I felt good, running well, enjoying the wee muscle burn that came on in the last third of each rep. Flogged myself a tiiiny bit harder in the last ten seconds of the last two. Had to take a moment before walking back down the hill but didn't die, which is nice. These sessions are way better than last time they featured on the plan. Maybe I'm doing them better. Or worse. I almost, dare I say it, enjoyed this.

Calf raises, yoga, foooooood before gym.


Gym - left a couple of exercises out to take the edge of the volume while the weights are getting back up to normal and to make sure I had room for a proper cool down/stretch.

Goblet squats 20 25
Side plank 2x8
Pull ups 5 5
Hang cleans 40 40
Suitcase deadlift 45 45
Step ups 15 15
Reverse plank legs raises 2x 6 per side
Glute bridges 2x 10 per side

Wednesday Jul 31 #

Running (Easy + SVs + TEs) 1:02:00 [2] 11.9 km (5:13 / km) +130m 4:56 / km

Fire hydrants, leg circles, lunges, drills on the road. Still warm, a little wobbly as I was the other day during the drills. As the other day it went away during the run.

That right low leg thing was niggling a bit, in the lower half, in behind the shin I think, taking turns to present grizzliness on the front and back sides. Bothersome in the first half, progressively less so in the second half, largely unnoticed in the final ten minutes. I'll keep an eye on it.

Other than that fine. The usual day 2 post gym creakiness but it felt like I was running it out of my system rather than compounding it. Speed variations on a variety of gradients of fire road, some a bit up, some a bit down, some a bit of both, and one or two on more technical little bits of trail. The spice of life etc., felt grand.

Calf raises and the SAM leg swings when I got back, followed by some yoga.

Tuesday Jul 30 #

Running (Easy + TEs) 1:00:00 [2] 10.7 km (5:36 / km) +120m 5:19 / km

Recorded in stopwatch mode, so those on strava will just have to miss out on this one. Fortunately I'm a creature of habit so I've run this route a million times.

Drills on the road, fine. Running round the woods ok, a bit of stiffness and soreness from yesterday's various excitements. The usual suspects, inner hamstrings and across the top of my shoulders, the latter a combo of riding my bike a lot and ill informed hang clean weight selection.

Strides not as good as yesterday but still acceptable.

Monday Jul 29 #

Running (Easy + TEs) 1:00:00 [2] 11.4 km (5:16 / km) +90m 5:04 / km

Got the trail to myself for almost all the drills, by some miracle. Legs took it in turns to be a bit grizzly but both eased up fine.

Running was fine. Got a bit more rapid in the second half, just the pace my legs wanted to go at. Strides were really good, felt like my stride was opening up well.

Slightly rushed in the gym. Warm.
Step ups 10 10
Side plank 2x8
Goblet squats 20 20
Reverse plank leg lifts
Hang cleans 45 (Huh, this seems heavy...) 40 (Ah, better.)
Suitcase deadlift 45 45
Split squats 10 10
Glute bridges 2x10
Hamstring curls 2x10

Not much cool down or stretching to make time for a pre-massage cold shower to stem the flow of sweat.

Sunday Jul 28 #

Running (Easy + TEs) 2:03:00 [2] 21.9 km (5:37 / km) +277m 5:17 / km

Leg swings, then TEs in my road shoes. Felt they were pushing into my arches a bit. Not sure if that's just because I've not worn them for a while or if my feet have been permanently altered by Ehunmilak. As if they weren't fat enough already. TEs were fine. There's a knot high on the outside of my right hip, I think from all the fire hydrants etc. I've been doing to warm up. So a good thing presumably if I make sure to loosen it occasionally.

Felt a bit wobbly on the second set of TEs, thought the run might be a nightmare, but it was fine. Undulating fire roads, single track, two 5 ish minute climbs. Felt really smooth on some bits of single track early on, just cruising along. Percieved effort probably crept towards 2.5 through the second hour as the glycogen fucked off and I started thinking about what I was going to eat when I got in. Probably a little dehydrated too.

Got in, stuffed some pancakes in my face, did some calf raises and a bit of yoga, took 8,000 photos of my landlord for his new passport, all of which were rejected.

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