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Training Log Archive: AllyBeaven

In the 7 days ending Aug 10:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling7 20:54:00
  Running5 2:12:00 6.28 10.1 354
  Total7 23:06:00 6.28 10.1 354

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Saturday Aug 10 #

Cycling (Long Ride) 5:40:00 [3]

164k, 1,500
Riding with Bruce and Tom, I delayed the start by an hour by failing to look after my brakes for the last ten years. Half a gallon each of wd40 and chain lube and some elbow grease later...

I'll skip the details. Some ups, some downs, some delightful drafting, some desperately trying to hold the wheel. Tom and Bruce are both way stronger than me. One Co-op AND cafe stop in Grantown. Strava PRs galore, one or two by the sweat of my brow, most coasting on the work the others were doing. Tom had to head off to the Lakes this evening so the second half was just me and Bruce. Purposeful riding but without the frantic bits of the first half. A couple of cyclocrossy bits. One short swim.

Friday Aug 9 #

Running (Easy ) 28:00 [2] 3.9 km (7:11 / km) +158m 5:58 / km

Wee run from the house before a bike ride this afternoon in the rain and a turbo headwind. Can't wait.

Up the single track bike trail from the house, leg was fine on the climb as it usually is. A little pressure behind the tibia on the techie downhill, then did a bit of fireroad towards the end. A little more niggly there, though whether that's the change of surface or just accumulated time I'm not sure. I suspect the former.

Stretching out my hips when I got home to counter all that cycling.

Cycling (Easy/Moderate) 1:43:00 [2]

47k and you'll have to wait to find out the beer because I recorded it in Openwater Swimming mode.

A little shorter than usual as the lord was in the process of cleansing the world of sinners. No training partners but I did see one guy in a boat with two of every animal. Working little harder than usual, primarily to keep warm. Shorts and leg warmers were sodden after an hour and my legs were pretty chilly, decided the last thing I needed was to pick up another silly muscle injury. Felt good though.

Thursday Aug 8 #

Cycling (Easy) 2:22:00 [2]

66.3k 440m
I was feeling pretty pathetic this morning. Took a minute or two to haul myself out of bed and turn off my alarm, then I began bartering with myself. "Well, maybe not 3 hours, I'll leave time for a cup of tea but actually I need to get a run in so 2 hours will probably do..." Eventually crawled up the drive wearing a waterproof jacket even though it was dry and generally feeling sorry for myself.

Then perked up and had a pretty good ride. Right glute a bit knotty towards the end, made sure to give it a good stretch afterwards.

Running (Easy) 24:00 [2] 2.4 km (10:00 / km) +196m 7:06 / km

I got your email about hiking as I sat on the toilet this morning, bib shorts round my ankles, I felt I was already committed to riding my bike. So, a short effort before work.

3 trips up a wee bike trail by the lodge with my poles. Hiking up at a reasonable pace, SEish, walked briskly down the first time, jogged the second and third then jogged 4 minutes along a flatter more level trail.

Uphills unproblematic, downhills were alright. It's a rocky, rooty trail, steepish, so very varied footfall. A couple of tight bits noticeable, the TP and maybe some surrounding stuff. Flatter jogging at the end was as it's been really, a bit of a niggle but no more.

Wednesday Aug 7 #

Cycling (Easy ) 2:00:00 [2]

52k 250m
Rode into the doctors, then to Barry's, then to Boots to drop off my prescriptions before I started my watch. BEEP BEEP The usual Tulloch and Loch Garten loop, pausing to rattle the door of the Nethy cafe that doesn't open on Wednesday's and again in Aviemore to pick up my prescription. Raining off and on again. We've weather warnings for rain and thunderstorms for much of the rest of the week. What a gas.

Tiny bit of sofa time now then back on the bike to head to the hayfield for prework jogs.

Running (Easy) 20:00 [2] 3.8 km (5:16 / km)

Jogging in soggy circles round the Hayfield. Not a huge amount of time after doctor and chemist faff then booking physio etc. faff but enough to get a feel for it.

Leg was annoying, maybe just short of painful. 3 or 4/10. Mostly quite localised by the back edge of the shin, occasional twinges in adjacent bits but those were just for a second or two. I don't think it got any better or worse after the first first couple of minutes. Will try and get half an hour tomorrow to see if there's any progress through a slightly longer jog.

sportScotland bigwigs here tonight, I'm polishing my Altras.

Tuesday Aug 6 #

Cycling (Easy) 2:38:00 [2]

71.9k 460m
Breakfast #1
Out the drive, turn left, rain. Legs felt tired this morning. Whether from lots of riding or just the comparatively early start I don't know. One tight spot in the back of my left knee/veeery top of the calf. Got going after half an hour or so and felt fine after that, only my right shoulder being occasionally bothersome. Down through Kingussie, up to Ralia on the bike bath then rattling all the way down on the wee road to Lagganbridge. (I'm more convinced I want a gravel bike every day. Even just for riding on the roads.) Back home through Newtonmore.
Breakfast #2
Bit of yoga.
Breakfast #3

Running (Treadmill) 30:00 [2]

Rode to work then squeezed in half an hour on the treadmill. 5% throughout, started at 5kph, eased it up a few times then down a bit to cool off. Some irritation in the right leg but not so as to affect my stride I don't think. Will get ice on it tonight.

Monday Aug 5 #

Cycling (Easy) 1:54:00 [2]

51k 340m
Ride to work via Loch Garten. Couple of bags on the bike with lunch, gym clothes etc. A bit more effort than my usual commute but making sure to keep it easy.

Running (Treadmill) 30:00 [2]

25' hiking at 15%, 3-3.5kph, 5' running at 10%, 4.5kph.
Hiking was totally fine. A few creaks as I got into jogging. I don't think any of them problematic, just the change from cycling to hiking to jogging.

Side planks
Single leg glute bridges
Hamstring curls
Fire hydrants with resistance band
Glute bridge with resistance band
Reverse plank leg lifts

No stretching because the gym was full of fucking midges!

Sunday Aug 4 #

Cycling (Long ride) 4:37:00 [3]

124k 1350m
Wheeled my bike out the door just as the first we spots of rain started falling. Wonderful. Went hill hunting, up Cairngorm then Loch Garten and Tulloch, café stop with Karen (nearly 2 hours in, much more respectable than yesterday's 15 minutes). Got cold sitting around so jacket and up the hill to the Tomintoul road. Rain rain. Met a guy called Rick and rode with him through Brig o Brown, back wheel spinning out on the steep stuff, to Tomintoul before he turned off. Up to Marypark then the nasty lumpy rhythm killing road to Karen's in Grantown.

Soggy, but fun fun fun. 300k since Friday, riding bikes is ace. Probably the best two big days I've done on the bike, training wise. Legs were grand and even with the rain my shorts didn't chew my arse off. Feel less knackered than I did after yesterday's ride, which is odd.

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