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Training Log Archive: AllyBeaven

In the 7 days ending Nov 9:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running7 8:33:00 58.04(8:50) 93.4(5:30) 1565
  Total7 8:33:00 58.04(8:50) 93.4(5:30) 1565
averages - sleep:7.3

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Saturday Nov 9 #

2 PM

Running (Easy ) 1:01:00 [2] 10.3 km (5:55 / km) +200m 5:24 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Inov-8 X-Talons (red)

Didn't go up to Knockfarrel in the end. And I'm fucking raging with myself for it. Grrrr. There, out of my system. Who knows, I may have got 3 minutes in, coughed, spluttered and died. Probably on a par with yesterday cold wise.

Allowed myself a few wee hills and more interesting bits of trail as compensation for skipping the race. Legs felt really good, particularly the first 20 minutes. Light, easy etc. Still slightly knotty around the left hip in the second half but not something I'd be inclined to worry about.

6 strides on the road at the end, all felt good.

Cycled to and from Aviemore to help Karen shove a sofa through a window. Went through the physio calf stuff when I got back.

Friday Nov 8 #

10 AM

Running (Easy ) 1:02:00 [2] 10.7 km (5:48 / km) +132m 5:27 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: Inov-8 X-Talons (red)

Up half a notch on the grottiness scale today. But I'm not working this weekend so should get to bed a few hours earlier, which will be nice. Almost put my run off til the afternoon but gave myself a talking to as I brushed my teeth and got out before breakfast.

First snow down here, already turning to slush by the time I got out. Rampant snot production aside, this was fine. Stiffness in both lower legs for the first 5 minutes but that eased off. Left hip as tight as it's been the last couple of days but no worse and it's not having any real negative effect.

8 strides on the road, all feeling pretty good. Tried to do a bit of stretching afterwards but Misha the black lab we've been dog sitting came and lay on top of me, so I just stared at the ceiling instead.

Thursday Nov 7 #


Push ups
Reverse plank w/ leg lifts
Hamstring curls
Single leg arabesque w/ 5kg dumbbell
Lateral band walk in squat
Single leg glute bridge
Plyometric hops
Box drills
Calf raises
10 AM

Running (Hill reps) 1:16:00 [5] 12.0 km (6:20 / km) +306m 5:37 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: Altra Superior (black)

Grottiness update: slightly grotty.

26' easy, 6x1' w/ 3' recovery, 26' easy.

Later nights continue, but I'm still waking up at the same time. Load of balls. Felt easy and quick on the warm up. Some noticeable fatigue in the legs on the reps, kicking in 15" in or so. Definitely less cruisy than the last couple of weeks. Some tiredness from the weekend and Tuesday, maybe a small element of being slightly under the weather. Got through them fine though, still breathing through my ears at the end of each and no appreciable drop off as the session progressed.

Slight tightness in the front of my left hip, but that's just me looking for things to complain about.

Wednesday Nov 6 #

3 PM

Running (Easy) 1:01:00 [2] 11.1 km (5:30 / km) +71m 5:20 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: TNF Ultra Endurance 2

Fuck knows where today went. Time fucking off into the abyss. Throat still a bit unhappy, maybe a little snotty, not dying of plague just yet.

Cycled to work then ran round Loch Morlich. Cold today. All good really. Not shite, not scintillating, just fine. Keeping things easy. Maybe slight tightness in my left hip. Will get back on the leg swings and dig out the lacrosse ball.

6 strides. Nice to be doing them on trail. All felt good, opened up a little on the last 2.

Tuesday Nov 5 #

3 PM

Running (Long hill reps) 1:11:00 [4] 12.8 km (5:33 / km) +556m 4:33 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: Altra Superior (black)

Decent day this morning but by the time I got to the lodge and got running the cloud base was about 2 metres off the ground and the watery wrath of the lord had resumed. Joy.

15' easy with a couple of uphill strides/surges to get the legs turning over. Reps of 7', 9' and 9', the first on a fireroad climb that wasn't as long as I remembered, the second two on the Meall a' Bhuachaille path. Same duration as the reps for recovery.

50" of tarmac at the start of each rep had the upper legs and hips feeling tired, but I felt fine once I got into a rhythm. Tried to run fairly consistently, only really had to work hard in the last minute or two of the final rep, turning over nicely, strong and steady. No real niggles.

Might be a slight tickle in my throat which could be the beginnings of a cold. Hopefully not.

Monday Nov 4 #

9 AM

Running (Easy ) 1:02:00 [2] 10.5 km (5:54 / km) +110m 5:37 / km
slept:7.5 shoes: TNF Ultra Endurance 2

Managed to drag myself out of bed not tooooo long after my alarm, trying to get back to normality after the weekend. Kept the run very easy. Feeling the uphills today. Some creaks early on. The left foot and the tendon on the inside back of the left knee was quite tight. Muddled through the first 20 minutes or so and all that stuff improved. Left glute a bit cranky towards the end but all in all I felt better at the end than I did at the start.

6 strides. The first felt like my legs were beset with some kind of flesh eating disease, but by #3 I'd loosened off and the rest were respectable. Much better than I'd feared they'd be.

Did some token stretching of my hips while Heather watched the last 10 minutes of Homes Under the Hammer.
3 PM


Push ups
Side plank knee to chest
Hamstring curls
Lateral band walk in squat
Adductor side plank
Calf raises
Plyometric hops
Box drills
Dead bug swiss ball

Sunday Nov 3 #

2 PM

Running (Moderate) 2:00:00 [3] 26.0 km (4:37 / km) +190m 4:27 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: Altra Superior (black)

Really late to bed last night after working the student weekend at the lodge and attempting to give my drunk, google maps equipped friend a lift to a house he'd never been to. Sluggish this morning. Cycled to work, sat drinking coffee and watching the rain. Mega procrastination.

Mega soggy 2 hours, mostly flattish and undulating fireroads. Plenty puddle dodging, shoes and socks saturated for pretty much the entire run.

A grind, but not as bad as anticipated. Hamstrings tiring noticeably, thought I must be seventy minutes in, perhaps a little more. 55 minutes. Balls. Everything else tired to match the hamstrings through the second half, mostly fatigue rather than anything niggly. Some tight stuff in my lower legs and that tender spot on my foot. None of it feeling like it's an actual problem. Working reasonably hard in the last 30 minutes but never really having to push.

Nutrition: 300cal bottle of tailwind and a bunch of gel from a soft flask. Little and often.

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