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Training Log Archive: Chris98

In the 7 days ending Mar 17:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trail run3 4:22:14 30.07(8:43) 48.4(5:25) 1561
  Grass run2 1:41:59 13.48(7:34) 21.7(4:42) 45
  Turbo1 1:10:12
  Road run1 51:22 6.87(7:29) 11.05(4:39) 105
  Total7 8:05:47 50.42 81.15 1711

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Sunday Mar 17 #

10 AM

Trail run (2 hours easy) 2:00:30 [2] 22.21 km (5:26 / km) +744m 4:39 / km
shoes: S/lab Ultra 2

Out from Sedbergh up to the coll up Arrant Haw and up to The Calf looping round and coming back taking in Crook and Winder before heading back down the coll and back through Sedbergh. Snowy along the tops really nice running, there was a break in the clouds at the highest point like being in an aeroplane blue sky looking over clouds and snow was pretty crazy views. Very nice plod out. Feeling pretty good. Awesome day.

Saturday Mar 16 #

4 PM

Trail run (Warm up) 24:21 [2] 4.4 km (5:32 / km) +177m 4:36 / km
shoes: S/lab Ultra 2

Warm up easy running up the first part of the climb starting just behind the caravan site to join Garburn Rd up and down left and then up a little to have look where I would be doing the tempo and then back down to camp site again. Blustery rainy conditions with the path more of waterfall in places but wind behind for the most part and was very very very nice to be on the hills again!

Trail run (20' uphill tempo) 20:10 [4] 4.0 km (5:03 / km) +340m 3:32 / km
shoes: S/lab Ultra 2

Starting just behind the Haybarn Inn and zigzagging up to Garburn road. Trying to keep a pretty high intensity which I think I did. Quite slippy in places and a few gates to open but pretty good quality running I think. Ticked over the 20 min mark on the way up to Yoke. Very windy, wet and cold but felt really good! Have really missed running in nice places more than I thought.

Trail run (Warm down) 21:49 [2] 4.57 km (4:46 / km)
shoes: S/lab Ultra 2

Back down from the tops and back through the campsite to the car. Very nice outing.

Friday Mar 15 #

7 AM

Road run (50' easy + strides) 51:22 [2] 11.05 km (4:39 / km) +105m 4:26 / km
shoes: Sense Ride

Field to boggy so went on roads and nipped over to Anglesey and back with strides in front of the house feeling pretty good. Quite tight in plantar fascia and glutes.

Thursday Mar 14 #

10 AM

Trail run (20'easy+7x3'Hills+20'easy) 1:15:24 intensity: (54:24 @2) + (21:00 @5) 13.22 km (5:42 / km) +300m 5:07 / km
shoes: Salomon s-lab Speed

Jogged through town to "Bangor mountain" pretty much 3 mins to the top. First two reps done in the rain which made ground quite soft and muddy but nice weather after that. It starting getting really tough on the 3rd and 4th effort so used a different route more direct and steeper route for 5th and 6th reps then back to the other for the last one. Getting to roughly the same place each rep and taking 3 mins to get back to the start and having 15-17 seconds to go before the next one. Felt pretty rough wanted to stop and walk the whole time but didn't. Also had an audience think there was a drug deal going on at the bottom everyone was quite impressed got some nice support/banter. Feeling pretty tired and rough but think it was a fairly good session. Fairly sure I was getting further up on the reps then when I was doing them last year but not sure.

Wednesday Mar 13 #

4 PM

Grass run (60' easy + strides ) 1:01:46 [2] 13.09 km (4:43 / km) +25m 4:40 / km
shoes: Sense Ride

Laps field in rain, starting feeling slow and heavy picked up after about 25' and moving fairly well on strides.

Tuesday Mar 12 #

5 PM

Turbo (70’ easy ) 1:10:12 [3]

In garage with Radio 1 stayed in about middle gear and fairly easy effort throughout. Quite long day of traveling, up at 5:11am for 6:18am train back at 4pm. Quads sore but feeling fairly good. Nice seeing Duncan today!

Monday Mar 11 #

10 AM

Grass run (40' easy) 40:13 [2] 8.61 km (4:40 / km) +20m 4:37 / km
shoes: Sense Ride

Laps of the field, feeling similar to yesterday but even better felt pretty much back to normal did a few strides seemed to be good. Can still hurt if I press on it quite hard with finger but that hurts less than yesterday.
6 PM


Strength exercises
4’ jog to gym
5’ on bike
Russian twists with medball
Side plank dips and top leg runners
Deadballs with swiss ball
Runners touch
Some stretching
Lunges up to runners pose with medball up (gotta focus on keeping that standing leg straight).
10 x sqauts with just bar
10 x squats @ 10kg
10 x squats @ 30kg
10 x squats @ 45kg
8 x single leg Bulgarian split squats @ 20kg
8 @ 24 kg
5 @ 32 kg
2 x 10 single leg weighted hamstring bridges 1 set with 10kg and 1 with 14kg.
Leg press was taken so did some calf raises with squat machine with 30kg.
Went upstairs to core. 3 x stir the pot on Swiss ball.
2 x 30 pencil crunch
3 x dead ball squeeze
15 Jackknifes
On way out leg press was free so did some calf press stuff first just no weights then 3 x 8 @ 20kg which calf’s found tough.

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