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Training Log Archive: Chris98

In the 7 days ending Apr 14:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road run4 3:53:19 31.03(7:31) 49.94(4:40) 1608
  Grass run2 2:01:31 16.75(7:15) 26.96(4:30) 173
  Trail run1 1:59:22 18.77(6:22) 30.2(3:57) 570
  Turbo1 1:20:12
  Total8 9:14:24 66.55 107.1 2351

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Sunday Apr 14 #

Road run (20'easy+8x3'Hills+20'easy) 1:14:41 intensity: (50:41 @2) + (24:00 @5) 15.69 km (4:46 / km) +783m 3:49 / km
shoes: Nike zoom fly

Ran over to Underbarrow road which I think is the most suitable hill around.
Able to work hard and was getting pretty much to the same place or a tad further on each one. I gave myself 3'10'' between reps to get the bottom. Had to dig pretty deep on the 4th, 5th and 6th one and then pushed it pretty hard on the last two. I always find this a mega challenging session but good to get it done.

Saturday Apr 13 #

Grass run (60’ easy + strides) 1:00:00 [2] 13.51 km (4:26 / km)
shoes: Sense Ride

Laps of Qks school field, feeling fairly good and moving very well on strides.

Friday Apr 12 #

3 PM

Trail run (2 hours moderate) 1:59:22 [3] 30.2 km (3:57 / km) +570m 3:37 / km
shoes: Sense Ride

Out and up over golf course, around Cunswick up to the hilly field for a few loops and then along and over Scout Scar to the old horse race course for a fair few laps then back home pretty much the same way but missing out Cunswick. I was half expecting to hit the wall at some point around the 1 hour 45' mark as I've never gone past that before and that's where I pretty much bonked last time I ran this route but I never felt as bad as I have towards the end of a 1 hour 45' long run so I think that is pretty good.

One noticeable difference was that legs were able to come down steep downhills pretty comfortably which was very awesome.

The last climb up the back of the golf course was the hardest bit and the intensity probably shot up there but I felt like I was moving pretty well on the flat and downhill at a good quality pace. Very hungry now.

Thursday Apr 11 #

5 PM

Grass run (60’ easy + strides) 1:01:31 [2] 13.45 km (4:34 / km) +173m 4:18 / km
shoes: Sense Ride

About 12 laps of Kendal Green with some strides which felt pretty good. Nice warm day first time breaking a sweat on an easy run for a while.
6 PM


Side plank knee to chest
Lower ab heel taps, double heel taps, leg scissors, double scissors.
Upper ab crunch
Stir the pot on Swiss ball
Russian twists
Push ups

Wednesday Apr 10 #

8 AM

Road run (60' easy + strides ) 1:02:30 [2] 13.58 km (4:36 / km) +114m 4:25 / km
shoes: Nike zoom fly

Through and out of Kendal to Natland and back road with a little loop in town with some strides. Chilly morning but really nice. Felt like I was moving pretty well and strides were fast.
9 AM


Lunges twist with 4kg med ball into knee drive with med ball up.

3 x 9 Bulgarian split squats with 10kg in each hand.

Calf raises on leg press machine

Weighted squats 2 x 7 @ 40kg (didn't feel like I do a whole lot more than 40kg so kept squats at that for today).

2 x 12 single leg weighted ham bridge with 15kg sand bag

Step ups with knee drive using a resistance band.

Hang power cleans with just the bar to learn and get used to the movement.

some core stuff

did some drills on the way back home and felt pretty powerful.

Tuesday Apr 9 #

2 PM

Road run (20'easy+5x5'Hills+20'easy) 1:31:11 intensity: (1:06:11 @2) + (25:00 @5) 19.63 km (4:39 / km) +702m 3:56 / km
shoes: Sonic RA pro

Jog through Kendal to the bottom of the Greyhound/Sedbergh Road for 5 x 5' hill reps. Getting to the same place or a tad further each time. Able to work pretty and felt like a good session. I remember doing 3 minute reps on here last year and being pretty spent, I was reaching the same place at the 3 minute mark today and going on for another 2 minutes, I'm pretty sure I was starting in the same place but that was pretty cool!
Jogging back through town up the hill to the house was tough but felt strangely good.

Had a good chat with supervisor this morning. I've pretty much finished my methods and results section, now need to type up the introduction and discussion for dissertation now.

Monday Apr 8 #

4 PM

Road run (Warm up) 4:57 [2] 1.04 km (4:46 / km) +9m 4:34 / km
shoes: Sonic RA pro

Jog through town to gym.
5 PM

Turbo (80' turbo) 1:20:12 [3]
ahr:131 max:144

On the bike in gym, a lot hotter than the garage in Bangor. Eased into it for first 5' ten had the resistance quite high at an easy borderline moderate intensity for an hour then easy last 15-20'. Sweating buckets.
Did some core stuff on a swiss ball; dead bug squeeze, side raises, hamstring curls and bridges, jackknife, stir the pot and mountain climbers.

Have spent all day on my laptop typing and working on dissertation, wrestling with SPSS outputs getting ready to skype supervisor tomorrow morning. So it was very nice to get out and do something. Felt like a constructive day.

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