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Training Log Archive: Suzanne

In the 7 days ending Sep 25, 2016:

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  biking5 18:00:00
  making funny faces1 1:00
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Sunday Sep 25, 2016 #

biking 4:00:00 [3]

Last day of biking in Bend!

Decided to end with our favorite trails (especially Voodoo, which has been closed during the week). Unfortunately my back made it hard for me to take it aggressively, and my toe was hurting too (oh yeah, forgot to mention that I absolutely slammed my toe into the pointy end of a root/stick yesterday - at full speed, and got it caught between the stick and pedal). That said, Jonas was super sweet & patient with me. And, I had lots of fun on the lower sections. Jonas did some pretty badass drops & obstacles.

Saturday Sep 24, 2016 #

biking 3:00:00 [3]

Back to Mt. Bachelor. It had rained yesterday, so everything was hardpacked and wonderful!

Rib/back definitely feeling better overall, and did alright biking today.

Friday Sep 23, 2016 #


Taking another day off of biking. It feels like it's turned a corner, but seems like it's probably prudent to give it another day to heal a bit.


Tried to drive to blue pool for a non biking adventure. But, it was raining on the other side of the mountains, so decided to go to the cougar hot pools instead. Long drive, but very relaxing to sit in natural hot pools in the rain amongst big trees. People were friendly.

Thursday Sep 22, 2016 #


Took the day off. My upper back has been getting increasingly painful the last few days, especially when using my arms to push, pull, or lift. Finally, I it was too much. So, took the day off today while Jonas went out to ride.

Tried to find a massage therapist, but instead got an appt with a person for active release therapy, who was also a chiropractor. Turns out that she was awesome. She found two things: (1) I most likely have muscle strains in my back and (2) a rib was out of place. So, instead of active release therapy, she recommended stim + heat + kinisio tape. And, she put the rib back in place.

My best guess is that the rib got out of place when I fell last week, as I hit my chest hard enough that the wind was super knocked out of me. My hope is that the rib also started to bother my back, which has been getting worse since about that time. So, hopefully now things can start getting better? Cause... it turns out that you use your back muscles all the freakin' time.

Wednesday Sep 21, 2016 #

biking 4:00:00 [3]

Newberry crater! There was obviously a volcano here :).

We'd read about a mountain bike trail around the rim of the crater. It wasn't very technical, but it was super fun. The first 5 miles were absolutely gorgeous. Then it was in the trees for a while with more uphill then downhill, then a more mature pine forest, and then a fun, sandy downhill.

Jonas was a hero and biked the 3 miles uphill at the end to get the car, while I entertained myself (and stayed warm) by standing on one leg, jumping from rock to rock, and walking on fallen trees (video). It was chilly at the end... Jonas even saw a few snow flurries!

We then drove up to the top of the peak after the end of the ride. This isn't the best photo, because it was getting dark. But, you can see most of where we biked. We started behind the peak I'm standing on taking the photo, then biked the ridge on the right, and around into the distance, and then dropped down on the left. It's funny... we've been biking longer than this most days, but it feels different to be able to see the whole thing!

Note the cool obsidian flow on the right side of the photo.

making funny faces 1:00 [3]

When we're not biking, we make funny faces.

Tuesday Sep 20, 2016 #

biking 3:00:00 [3]

Reran two trails from yesterday with Jonas. Definitely helped to know that I'd already done most of the obstacles when facing them again!


Sad that I've never done a corn-maze-o. Obviously I make poor life decisions.

Monday Sep 19, 2016 #

biking 4:00:00 [3]

Took a skills clinic with Pia at Cog Wild. So helpful! We did a ride down funner, storm king, COG, to Phil's trailhead & back to town.

Some things I learned:

*It's not just about getting off the seat, but more about moving the bike underneath me/moving my weight over it in different ways (especially on their sandy curves here)
*For uphill rocks, come with more momentum, do a small hop to get up if need be, and keep pedaling (especially taking one last pedal)
*Going over big rocks, lean forward & up on the way up, then shift to push the handlebars in front to go down
*For drops, push handlebars forward
*If you lean too far back on a downhill, there isn't enough weight on the front so you lose some control
*Look to the exit in turns
*If you front brake in a turn, you dig your front wheel in which isn't great
*More speed makes things easier
*You can pedal & do other things at the same time (I tend to stop pedaling while approaching something and bracing for it)

Also, now I know when to push in a pump track.

More importantly, it was super helpful to try things multiple times and get feedback. And get advice/feedback throughout the day as she watched & rode with us.

I'm so glad that I did it, because I felt like I was at a point where I knew I could improve a lot but didn't really know what to do differently.

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