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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending Jan 31, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  XC Skiing4 14:12:20
  Cycling16 10:21:20
  Orienteering5 6:31:06 22.31(17:32) 35.9(10:54) 75054 /74c72%
  Strength5 4:46:56
  Running6 3:22:59 15.7 25.27
  Hill Walking1 3:00:00
  Circuits2 2:19:53
  Recovery3 50:07 5.6(8:57) 9.01(5:34)
  Warm up & strides4 32:51 1.24 2.0
  Tempo run2 18:02 2.25(8:01) 3.62(4:59)
  Stretching1 12:38
  Intervals1 6:21 1.12(5:41) 1.8(3:32)
  Total26 46:34:33 48.22 77.6 75054 /74c72%
  [1-5]26 46:21:55

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Saturday Jan 31, 2009 #

Hill Walking 3:00:00 [1]

And so, after 13 or so months Rob finally lost his virginity, and I was happy to be there with him! I'm obviously talking about Monro bagging, and we headed off early Saturday with Jos towards Ben Lawers. Early plans were scuppered by iced over roads, and after a large amount of driving about to find his friend Donald, we finally hit Camusvrachan and decided just to head up Meall a Choire Leith. There turned out to be the perfect amount of snow for those of us not kitted out with crampons and ice axes, and the views from the top were absolutely stunning. Some bivvy bag sledging on the way down and then home roasted coffee at Bridge of Balgie topped off a lovely day.

Photos to be found at:

Friday Jan 30, 2009 #


So, I reckon I've been a bit quick with this old whole coming back thing - the weeks haven't been too bad but that's neither here nor there was you're street racing at almost maximal for 50 mins, then climbing more hills in 90 minutes then you have in the whole 90 days beforehand. So time to be sensible and actually build back up to the stage where I can handle those weekends without being knocked out all week. A new week starts tomorrow.

Cycling 39:49 [2]
ahr:114 max:161

The usual.

Thursday Jan 29, 2009 #


I really should run today but I am whacked - the lab has been non stop and my muscles hurt. I think I am going to head home soon, eat an early dinner and get to bed ASAP.

Cycling 19:55 [2]
ahr:114 max:143

Cycle in to work. Got a taxi back because I felt totally dead, and went to bed early.

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009 #

Cycling 45:00 [2]
ahr:108 max:151

Cycling in and back to the gym etc.

Circuits 1:15:17 [3]
ahr:114 max:181 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Beasting circuits session with Jon. After doing some mobility work on the hurdles we learnt some boxing combinations and did boxing intervals. It was deadly. It was also awesome fun. Then we did some core stuff which left me a wobbly wreck at the end. Great.

Recovery 10:03 [3] 1.2 mi (8:23 / mi)
ahr:150 max:165 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Ran to Sainsburys after gym for a warm down, as was feeling motivated. But then it didn't take very long and my motivation waned in the face of Tracker it was a bit pointless really.

Tuesday Jan 27, 2009 #

(rest day)

Hmm...was up just past midnight after going to see the excellent Frost:Nixon, and woke up after a really good sleep feeling throughly dreadful, uber tired and headachey. Slept an extra couple of hours and managed to get to the lab well before lunchtime, but no training for me today. I think my body objects to Tuesdays.

Cycling 45:00 [2]
ahr:98 max:147

The usual cycling about. Feeling totally knackered. Rest day was definitely a good idea.

Monday Jan 26, 2009 #

Strength 51:12 [2]
ahr:103 max:141 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Early morning weights session - snoozed for a few mins this morning then was up and about. Getting a bit bored of the build up now but am progressing really quickly, which is good. Got annoyed today watching some girls who I assume were rowers stack on a ton of weight only to lift really, really badly. One of them was pretty huge and I thought she was going to show us how it was done, but she squatted less than me. Poor.

Back squat WU 35kg, 3 x 10 45kg
OH Press WU 15kg 3 x 10 20kg (to failure on the last set, managed 7)
Romanian Deadlift WU 35kg 3 x 10 40kg
Lat pull down WU 25 kg 3 x 10 35kg
BB Roll outs 3 x 6 40kg

At the start my bum and left knee were a little sore from yesterday, but once I engaged them in squats they were fine.

Cycling 19:42 [2]
ahr:121 max:149

Another painful cycle in, though being a little earlier did help a tad.

Cycling 40:00 [2]
ahr:97 max:147

Home and about.

Recovery 20:03 [3] 2.5 mi (8:01 / mi)
ahr:143 max:177 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Stealth run - was supposed to be uber slow, turned out way faster than my usual recovery. Fun along the Water of Leith in the dark!

Sunday Jan 25, 2009 #

Warm up & strides 10:00 [3]
shoes: Integrators

Bit of jogging about before Brown on Holyrood - a bit terrified by the prospect to be honest!

Orienteering race 1:31:49 [4] *** 8.0 km (11:29 / km) +750m 7:49 / km
ahr:172 max:182 spiked:19/21c shoes: Integrators

I'm actually pretty chuffed I made it round this. 8km with a huge amount of climb was a scary prospect, but I "ran" the whole way (though it felt like a crawl on some of the steep hills) and my mins per km are not too far down on Helen's on the Blue. Spooned the first two on Whinny Hill (I've made the number 2 mistake so many times it's embarrassing. After that it was fine in the circle, but I have absolutely no idea whether my route choices were good or not - I have a horrible feeling that both times I did the opposite to the optimal! But hey ho. I certainly achieved my aim for the day which was running up lots of hills in terrain. Shafted now!

Saturday Jan 24, 2009 #

Warm up & strides 7:00 [2]

A very small amount of warm up pre City Race, stomach was angry so was trying to sort it out. Forgot about it completely once I started running and it was fine.

Orienteering race 50:39 [5] ***** 6.3 km (8:02 / km)
ahr:181 max:193 spiked:21/29c shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Edinburgh City Race. Awesome fun again, well planned course, I had moments of excellent focus and moment of pure silliness. I think at least a couple of minutes were lost in doubling back on finding black lines, maybe a little more in missing the route I'd wanted to take and then rescuing it with something substandard (number 18). Will be interesting to see route gadget, there's a few choices I'm not sure about. My speed was patchy, but I felt I had a little power on some of the hills (struggled majorly on others), and I was 5 mins down on Helen and Mhairi - which isn't too much of a loss from London. Great fun, and a lot less depressing than last week!

Friday Jan 23, 2009 #

Strength 55:55 [2]
ahr:112 max:155

Morning weights session with Helen and Hollie and co. Feeling loads better about this already.

Shrugs 40kg WU 5 x 5 50kg
Back squat 30kg WU, 3 x 10 40, 42.5, 42.5
Bench press 20kg WU, 3 x 10 25, 25, 27.5
DB Row 12.5kg WU, 3 x 10 each side 15kg
Hanging leg raise 3 x 5

Good session! Shame I had to run off to micro dissect mouse brains :s

Cycling 38:32 [2]
ahr:125 max:153

Cycling into work then home after a long, long, long day. Took me nearly half an hour to find the energy to cycle home.

Thursday Jan 22, 2009 #

Cycling 24:10 [2]
ahr:121 max:150

Traffic was insane today, could barely move anywhere. Why does anyone drive in this city?

Running 12:25 [2] 1.4 mi (8:52 / mi)
ahr:146 max:161 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Run to Inverleith Park and back. Only my second run in the dark for about 8 months!

Tempo run 12:02 [4] 1.65 mi (7:18 / mi)
ahr:170 max:186 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Short tempo in Inverleith Park. Stayed in as much mud as possible and was slipping all over the place in trainers, but I need the practice! Actually had a bit of power on the gentle uphills this time, starting to feel a bit better.

Wednesday Jan 21, 2009 #

Strength 50:28 [2]
ahr:115 max:159 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Weights session - feeling a lot more like I'm making the right shapes now. I love how quickly you progress with this stuff!

Back squats 30kg WU, 3 x 10 40kg
OH Press 15kg WU, 3 x 10 17.5kg
Romanian Deadlifts 30kg WU, 32.5kg
Lat pull downs 25kg WU, 3 x 10 35kg
Roll outs 3 x 6

Cycling 23:02 [2]
ahr:126 max:156

23 minutes from the gym to the Western - what a joke! Red lights springing up everywhere, all useful roads/cut throughs blocked. Why does George Street need traffic lights instead of roundabouts? That's nearly ten minutes longer than my old Grassmarket route - travesty! Maybe sticking with that but then schooching round Charlotte Sqaure is the way to go...

Cycling 30:51 [2]
ahr:142 max:174

Cycling from work to Haymarket and then back from Haymarket. Majorly hard work coming back in the wind with sore legs and veeeery hungry. Worth the trip though!

Orienteering 52:51 [4] **** 5.2 km (10:10 / km)
ahr:177 max:192 spiked:14/24c shoes: Integrators

Ha ha! My first foray into Night O for a long time! Although I am assured by relatively reliable sources that local knowledge and not actual navigation was the key here, I put on a pretty poor show including a couple of aiming off disasters, some double backs in thick green that wasn't mapped as uber thick, and some good thicket circling. In fact, my only successful technique was the newly discovered "follow Abi Longhurst" technique, which worked incredibly well. Abi was on fire, running really well, and I struggled to keep up in places. But it was a lot more fun than sitting at home with a book, and also a more fun way of getting back to fitness than a billion and one intervals.

Tuesday Jan 20, 2009 #

(rest day)

Oh no! Meal at the Witchery was lovely, we had a great time, but woke up at 1am both feeling pretty ill, and this has continued today - not major food poisoning but certainly not right either. So no intervals today - if I feel okay by the evening will go swimming, FVO tomo, intervals Thurs then a tough weekend - City Race will be harder than tempo run and there are plenty of hills/terrain on Sunday.


Feeling worse and worse as the day goes on - poor! Going home once my Western is finished :(

Cycling 39:06 [2]
ahr:117 max:162

In the end, going to Sainsburys was hard enough work, so I skipped a swim and went for super early bed instead. Seemed to do the trick.

Monday Jan 19, 2009 #

Cycling 34:07 [2]
ahr:122 max:153 (rest day)

Just a cycle to work and back. Need all my training time today to try and make myself look like someone that should be let through the doors of the Witchery!

Sunday Jan 18, 2009 #

Warm up & strides 4:20 [2] 0.8 km (5:25 / km)
ahr:149 max:167 shoes: Integrators

Very quick jog to the start - wasn't expecting to be able to run quickly so didn't do any more.

Orienteering 45:23 [4] ***** 5.1 km (8:54 / km)
ahr:181 max:189 shoes: Integrators

Green course at Inchmarron. Beautiful area, great course, thought I was running a little better in the green but the results would suggest otherwise! Struggled majorly in the white where it was spongy/brackeny/uphill. Took some good lines, hesitated more than I should have, rushed into number 1 and nothing really made much sense there. Rob has bought me a scanner so will get down to some proper anal-lysing later. It was fun today, but I am depressed at how far back all this nonsense has set me. Need to remember I haven't really run consistently in terrain since last April, so actually it's not that surprising, and it wasn't actually THAT bad. Just quite bad.

Saturday Jan 17, 2009 #

Orienteering 25:05 [3] ***** 1.5 km (16:43 / km)
ahr:158 max:180 shoes: Integrators

Line course at Sluie to warm up for the full day ahead. Went very well, only dropped off once and corrected very quickly. Physically feeling pretty awful - not ill awful but sluggish and an absolute lack of anything vaguely resembling spring.

Orienteering 1:12:51 [3] ***** 5.6 km (13:01 / km)
ahr:173 max:188 shoes: Integrators

Bah. Control Pick on Sluie with two sections of line course in the middle. I felt out of shape, which was irritating because it's a beautifully open forest so I could see where I wanted to go but not get there anywhere near fast enough! Then I was surrounded by M16s and Simong, and I kept waiting so they would get away but they kept screwing up by sprinting then standing scratching their heads for 2 minutes so I would catch them again. The entire concept of slowing down to train at a pace you can orienteer at was lost on them. I got very angry and made lots of mistakes, although totally nailed the first line section which I was pleased with. I then got angry, completely failed to focus for about 7 controls, and it was only when I really properly screwed up one on a hill top (where interestingly, I also screwed up the last time I was at Sluie) and lost everyone that my orienteering came back. By the end I was alone and back in the groove, but I can't say I enjoyed the session much. Obviously I need to work quite majorly on focus - though I think the main problem is being too slow that I have time to think about other stuff.

Orienteering 52:28 [4] ***** 4.2 km (12:30 / km)
ahr:170 max:185 shoes: Integrators

Contour only map on Dess. This was much better, as the worst M16 latched onto a compadre and was last seen walking at right angles to the line he should have been on. Orienteered much better, visualising well, a couple of small slips but nothing major. It's difficult to try and be absolutely precise when you're moving about as fast as a snail. A bit depressing really. Racing feels a very, very long way away.

Friday Jan 16, 2009 #

Strength 1:09:55 [2]
ahr:114 max:156 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Weights session that had occasional beasting moments. Helen was down and we did:

Shrugs 5 x 25kg WU, then sets of 5: 30, 30, 30, 45, 45, 65 because Steve decided I was using my arms too much. It hurt. Need to engage hips/bum more.

Back squats 30kg WU, 3 x 10 35kg
Bench presses 20kg WU, 3 x 10 25kg
DB Row 8kg WU, 3 x 10 12.5kg
Hanging Leg raise 3 x 5 (I am now officially rubbish at these).

Cycling 19:42 [2]
ahr:123 max:161

Ridiculous cycle to work - every day there's new roadworks to get in my way. Annoying.

Cycling 24:51 [2]
ahr:122 max:157

Cycle home after a pretty horrible day full of microscope assisted brain dissection. Not pleasant, or easy, or at all fun.

Thursday Jan 15, 2009 #

Cycling 34:08 [2]
ahr:120 max:154

Into work from Rob's and back.

Running 24:07 [3] 2.0 mi (12:03 / mi)
ahr:152 max:170 shoes: Integrators

Easy running before and after tempo. From home up to the col between the Seat and Whinney Hill, then back off Whinney Hill. Had to totally pansy it down the stars without dobs as fell on my arse twice. Stylish.

Tempo run 6:00 [4] 0.6 mi (10:00 / mi)
ahr:183 max:189 shoes: Integrators

Terrain tempo - first up the steep bit of track around the big bowl, then down onto Whinny Hill and a small loop. Distance is very approximate. I am officially totally shite on hills these days. Something to be worked on!

Stretching 12:38 [0]
ahr:94 max:112

Stretchy stretchy - feel quite good afterwards. I expect this to stop about two minutes into tomorrow's weights. Bath time!

Wednesday Jan 14, 2009 #

Cycling 46:13 [2]
ahr:127 max:165

Into work, to the gym and back.

Circuits 1:04:36 [2]
ahr:131 max:178 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

The first Runner's Circuits session in a very, very long time. It was okay actually - stepping then jumping over hurdles, under hurdles, sprinting, decellerating, agility, with a bit of pretty unsuccessful boxing at the end. Don't think there will be added DOMS on top of Monday's hopefully!

In other news - Pears are a really rubbish fruit.

Tuesday Jan 13, 2009 #



How I've missed you! Slept really badly last night, was all serene but just wouldn't actually drop off, kind of drifted to the morning. Weird. Don't feel too bad today, only a little tired.

Cycling 19:21 [2]
ahr:129 max:172

Cycle into work - had to totally nail it to catch a traffic light, hence the stupid max HR. Got annoyed at a man on a foldaway bike who clearly had no grasp whatsoever of anything vaguely resembling the highway code. Lunatic.

Warm up & strides 11:31 [2] 1.2 km (9:36 / km)
ahr:143 max:173 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Jog to Inverleith Park and a short set of strides.

Intervals 6:21 [5] 1.8 km (3:32 / km)
ahr:180 max:196 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Wahey! Intensity 5 for the first time in a bloody long time! A shortened intervals set of:

200 (75)
2 x 700 (60)

Felt like hard work, it's a lot time since I've experienced exertion quite like it, had kind of forgotten how it felt. Times weren't too shabby:


A couple of seconds off my old 200m time and not sure about the 700 - 3 or 4 perhaps? Wasn't thinking much about form. Fun though!

Cycling 22:46 [2]
ahr:138 max:162

After a hellishly exciting msn type conference thingie about our gene, I cycled home in the cold. I think there is something wrong with my bike, it's not very smooth...

Monday Jan 12, 2009 #

Strength 59:26 [3]
ahr:129 max:172

After a wonderful 9 hours of interrupted brilliant sleep, I was raring to go at 6.30 and headed down to St Leonards. Seeing as it's pretty much forever since I last did any weights, and I am stiff from skiing, I went right back to basics with low weights. But it was still pretty tough! I forgot how quickly you lose this stuff, but also how quickly it comes back again.

Full warm up (in future will do one warm up set of each exercise instead of this)

Olympic moves x 2 15kg

Back squat 30kg 3 x 10 (not great form but mostly thanks to skiing I think)
OH Press 15kg 3 x 10
Romanian deadlift 30kg 3 x 10
Lat pull downs in front of head 25kg 3 x 10
BB Roll outs 3 x 8

Good to see I am not yet a total roll out spazz, even though I seem to have slightly lost the ability to squat. Fun though!

Cycling 19:37 [2]
ahr:129 max:165

Cycle in to work.HR may be a little high but I am feeling good so I'm not going to pay too much attention to it.


Photos from last week are here:


Recovery 20:01 [2] 1.9 mi (10:32 / mi)
ahr:142 max:151

Nice recovery jog at 70% HR max round Inverleith Park. Beautiful light, I was expecting a day of ming today!

Cycling 24:58 [2]
ahr:129 max:162

Cycle home. Took ages as they've decided to totally screw around with the tram works again - couldn't turn right up Lothian Road then went up the Mound, which hurt. Busy day today!

Sunday Jan 11, 2009 #

Running 58:28 [4] 6.5 mi (9:00 / mi)
ahr:177 max:196

After two days of travelling/rest, got back to a very blustery and wet Edinburgh and went for a run with Helen to catch up on the gossip. Felt strong and good on the flats and downs, majorly struggled whenever I went uphill. Well okay, maybe not majorly struggled, but found it a lot more difficult! I guess it's a good 9 months since I last run up hills properly, so this isn't too surprising. Absolutely brill to be back out on the move. Loved it.

Thursday Jan 8, 2009 #

XC Skiing 3:11:20 [2]
ahr:133 max:170

First half of the incredible final mission! Up the long long hill to Gravset, then round a big lake, a surprise mountain, to a closed cafe which we sat outside and ate our stale cheese and jam sandwiches. Gorgeous views but feeling tired and a bit fed up today.

XC Skiing 3:24:14 [3]
ahr:138 max:165

Second part of the huge mission. The long way round the lake which turned into some gruelling climbs and some very scary downhills. Rob quickly developed a new technique of arse sledging down the scariest hills (watch out winter olympics!) and I tried most hills but resorted to this fabulous technique halfway down in general! Note: going behind EN the cross country skiing insect never a plan.

The ski down was amazing but with a few more exceptional crashes. I have a real flair for exciting crashes it seems. I am bruised to bits and totally whacked, time for a birthday glass of champagne, a huuuuge plat of pytt i panna, sauna and bed. Awesome holiday. Brill.

Wednesday Jan 7, 2009 #

XC Skiing 2:25:52 [2]
ahr:132 max:164

Didn't fancy much today and it was a bit icy, but then got the bug after a big downhill and went most of the way to Ulsak, where we found the rest of the Brady bunch and came back together. Today's spectacular accidents included stopping for a huuuuge patch of ice and then Rob ramming into my back, and both ending up on the floor...then I tried snowploughing down a hill and a scond later was on my face giggling. So much fun! Practised snow ploughing at the end and am getting a little more's harder work and not as much fun as just letting yourself go in the tracks, but maybe a little better for the rest of the skiing community. I now hurt everywhere and have many many bruises. But it has been such a good week thus far!

Tuesday Jan 6, 2009 #

XC Skiing 3:12:04 [2]
ahr:132 max:169

Long trek out from Hemsedal to Tuv, then up to Solheisen. Not actually that long but it felt it! We were getting a lot better by the end, although I stacked it in an impressive fashion on the steepest hill we've seen yet - skis above the head and everything. Awesome day, snowing on and on...just stunning.

Running 3:00 [4]

Argh, shit! Walk up the hill to Solheisen, EN walks inside to ask about the last bus. Last bus in 5 minutes. Leg it back down with skis in arms, just about make it with a bit of crazy waving action. Fantastic!

Monday Jan 5, 2009 #

Running 53:56 [3]
ahr:159 max:178 shoes: Integrators

Morning run exploring the cross country trails - much icier than last year but totally clear - place looks amazing! It's going to be an awesome week.

XC Skiing 1:58:50 [2]
ahr:119 max:168

Banter around the tracks nearby with the crew. Tree was amazing, and I can now slow down a bit if not actually stop. An improvement from last year though! Looking forward to attempting some proper missions later on in the week.

Sunday Jan 4, 2009 #

(rest day)

Travel to Hemsedal all the way from Burgh - long day and by the time we arrived it was minus 17.5 or so, past 9pm, and I thought a run was a little sily.

Saturday Jan 3, 2009 #

(rest day)

Nice rest day shopping in Glasgow.

Friday Jan 2, 2009 #

Running 51:03 [3] 5.8 mi (8:48 / mi)
ahr:167 max:191 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Run back from the lab via Inverleith Park, Canonmills, London Road, the Royal Mile, the Meadows, Sciennes and back. For the first time I felt good, HR was letting me do almost everything including hills at a decent pace, and my legs were happy to be moving. Yey!

Cycling 10:30 [2]
ahr:140 max:176

Cycle back to Rob's then lugging my bike up four sets of stairs.

Thursday Jan 1, 2009 #


Saw in the New Year with a nice long rest day.

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