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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 7 days ending Mar 25, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling6 6:35:13
  Orienteering3 3:04:07 9.69 15.6 35560 /80c75%
  Intervals2 1:54:21
  Strength2 1:53:37
  Recovery1 29:58
  Running1 15:00
  Total7 14:12:16 9.69 15.6 35560 /80c75%
averages - sleep:12.9 rhr:47

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Sunday Mar 25, 2007 #

Running 15:00 [2]
rhr:47 slept:8.0 shoes: Shiny silver integrators

Short warm up and 10 min warm down around Gullane race.

Orienteering race 1:18:43 [5] ***** 9.4 km (8:22 / km) +260m 7:21 / km
ahr:177 max:185 spiked:20/27c rhr:47 slept:8.0

M21L at Gullane. Really hard work pushing the whole way in pretty tough terrain. Not thinking too well at the start but got into it by number 6 or so and planning ahead well, visualising well, stopping occasionally to get a really good idea of what was happening. Felt strong even though tired, yey! Got Dalgleish today too, all good :)

Saturday Mar 24, 2007 #

Cycling 1:05:00 [3]

Cycling out to Heriot Watt for the Scottish Sprints and then back again afterwards. Rather tired on the way back!

Orienteering race 20:49 [5] ***** 2.9 km (7:11 / km) +45m 6:40 / km
ahr:180 max:199 spiked:13/19c slept:7.0 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

First round of the Scottish Sprints. Not thinking in sprint mode too much, too relaxed then rushing and not thinking about smooth lines, route choice etc. A couple of really badly planned legs led to dog legs around uncrossable hedges. Scrappy, didn't feel like a good sprint race at all.

Orienteering race 21:23 [5] ***** 3.3 km (6:29 / km) +50m 6:01 / km
ahr:190 max:204 spiked:16/19c slept:7.0 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Much better this time. Running more strongly, stoomach not an issue, planning ahead much better, relaxed and focussed after an initial brain muddle at number 1 with the hedges. Terrible route choice and not really thinking between 7 & 8 but otherwise much better, smoother lines, better panning, more in touch. Amazing fun. Heart rate hasn't been that high for a very very long time though, a bit scary!

Friday Mar 23, 2007 #

Cycling 1:00:00 [2]
rhr:47 slept:8.0 (rest day)

To old school, to work and then home.

Thursday Mar 22, 2007 #

Cycling 40:00 [2]

To work and back.

Intervals 34:25 [4]
ahr:158 max:188 rhr:47 slept:7.5 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Been a lot of tough hard hours this week so a short fast wind up session in view of the races at the weekend for today. One of Fiona's sessions, 3 min jog warm up, three min side, forward, back stepping alternating, 3 x 80m sprints then 3 x 3 mins at sprint race pace with 2 mins jog in between. 10 mins warm down at the end. Stomach again really not good, but managed to just about hit sprinting pace on the three reps, average HRs for the reps was 176, 173 and 174 getting up to 188 by the end of the reps. Stomach feeling very much like last winter, and very bloated all evening afterwards. Shite. Gorgeous sunny early evening though, and actually a bit warm. Mmmm.

Wednesday Mar 21, 2007 #

Cycling 46:42 [2]

To the gym then to work.

Strength 1:04:51 [5]
ahr:116 max:156 slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

First very heavy session of the new program. Ready for some ouch time! Full dynamic warm up then:

Hang jump shrug 32.5kg 4 x 5
Back squat 45kg 3 x 10
OH BB Split Push Press 20 kg 3 x 6
Bent Over Row 30kg 3 x 10
Wood Choppers 8.1kg 3 x 15 hi & Lo - still not sure these are doing anything
BB Roll outs 3 x 10
Supermans Y,W,T,A 3kg 4 x 4

And breathe! Those supermans were the most painful ever!

Cycling 49:29 [3]

To Arthurs Seat then home after training, pretty fast!

Orienteering 1:03:12 [3] ****
ahr:131 max:182 spiked:11/15c slept:8.0

Jess's technical fun on Arthurs Seat. 34.10 hilly warm up with a few controls to the top of Whinny Hill, then two loops of 800m with 4 controls each. Navigated like a total retard, not very impressive at all! 6.37 for one loop then 7.38 for the other, then 10.30 jog back to the bike and home. Legs feeling those squats up the hills!

Tuesday Mar 20, 2007 #

Cycling 20:00 [2]

Into work as usual.

Cycling 20:00 [3]

Stupid snake venom experiment over ran so ended up sprint cycling back home to make it out to intervals in time.

Intervals 1:19:56 [5]
ahr:159 max:196 rhr:45 slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Intervals! Today's joy was 6 sets of 2 x 400m, with 30 secs rest between the reps and 2 mins rest between sets. My stomach was again a total nightmare, and my legs actually felt really good and capable of more speed, but that would have created a nasty mess. Grrr! Really frustrating. At least managed the whole set today with some respectable times.

29.35 warm up with strides

1.17 (0.30), 1.19 (2.00), 1.17 (0.30), 1.18 (2.00), 1.18 (0.30), 1.17 (2.00), 1.17 (0.30), 1.19 (2.00), 1.17 (0.30), 1.19 (2.00), 1.16 (0.30), 1.16

21.40 warm down

Monday Mar 19, 2007 #

Cycling 59:02 [2]

Grrr, got all the way to the gym then realised bike lock was still on the floor at home! Luckily was saved halfway back home by Jess so just a little bit longer cycling, then to work post gym. Thighs very tired!

Strength 48:46 [3]
ahr:117 max:146 rhr:48 slept:7.0

Went to bed early last night but took ages to get off to sleep so got less sleep than I wanted. Strength program set three today, heavy. As follows:

Clean from blocks 25kg 4 x 5 (need to get Steve to go through these with me, they look okay but sure they could be better)
Split jerk 20kg 4 x 5
BB Lunge 30 kg 4 x 5
DB Fitball pullover 12 kg 3 x 8 (really tough!)
Leg raises 3 x 3 on 45 degree bench - ouch!

Felt better than I expected from how legs felt on cycle there but need to go through this set again with Steve, not sure technically I'm even 70% never mind 100%!

Recovery 29:58 [2]
ahr:137 max:168 rhr:48 slept:7.0 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Recovery run. Really stiff, could have done with a longer run out to some decent downhill, but couldn't spare any more time out of the day. Will maybe jog in to work tomorrow and see if that helps.

Cycling 35:00 [2]

To the Pleasance for the AGM then home via Jess's after dinner at Biblos. Bit of a full stomach for the snappy pace - bloody freezing!

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