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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 7 days ending Jul 29, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling3 1:37:49
  Strength1 44:20
  Total3 2:22:09
averages - sleep:9.5

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Thursday Jul 26, 2007 #

slept:9.0 (sick) (rest day)

Mmm, lovely long night's sleep last night and now feel much better. Still green goo everywhere but no headache and the sore throat has all but gone. Managed to cycle slowly to KB for my meeting with the magicians in chemistry, felt a bit like my chest was going to burst but much better than yesterday! And actually managed to do some work at the lab today. Have hit the mid afternoon slump now though, there's only so much reading about GABA receptors a girl can do before she gets seriously overwhelmed.

Do you think cute french cuys like girls from Yorkshire with seriously red noses from rather vigorous nose blowing? I imagine not.

Cycling 55:00 [2]
slept:9.0 (sick)

A bit of low intensity cycling to get me between places. 15 mins to KB, 20 from there to work, 20 home. Not feeling too bad but not exactly good either!

Wednesday Jul 25, 2007 #

slept:4.0 (sick) (rest day)

Bleurgh. Today I have a big fat headache and I barely slept last night due to my throat and nose filling up with phlegm whenever I lay down. I eventually managed a few fitful hours through propping myself up granny style on a load of pillows, but it wasn't the best. Its mid afternoon now and the throat isn't too bad, the nose is a little clearer but I have a persistent dull headache. Have stayed at home all day but will go out this evening to help out the Ridge Run and get some fresh air.

I am so pants at being ill. Going to be off the exercise until Monday now with the crazyness that will no doubt be graduation weekend (travel is going to be a nightmare and take up most of the time I think) aside from maybe a low intensity cycle to KB then to work tomorrow when I can finally think about doing stuff. Yey for that. Boo to the ill!

Tuesday Jul 24, 2007 #

slept:8.0 (sick) (rest day)

Not massively ill but woke up this morning with a sore throat and green coming out of my nose, and as it's fabulous summer maintenance time I can take it easy for a wee while. Well that was until I dropped my car off at the garage and then left my phone at home like a total retard (as I need it in case the garage ring me) and so had to return home on the bus and cycle to work instead of the nice mosey in the sunshine I had planned. But I cycled really slowly and got passed by a granny. She did have a road bike though.

It makes me laugh that I beat many boys at the little track burn up at Tentsmuir on Sunday. And that Hazel beat Martin. Must be a return to girl power, what with the Spice Girls reunion and stuff.

Work is still boring but I have finally arranged for two of my three waits to be over on Thursday. Day off tomorrow it looks like then! Still, got a morning of top training in watching the World Cup live stream. That's got to count hasn't it? Surely...

I should eat some lunch then get to tissue culture before my little SHSY5Ys starve.

Cycling 16:32 [2]

Easy cycle to work, trying not to push too hard. Not feeling too bad when cycling so can't be a bad cold.

Monday Jul 23, 2007 #

Cycling 11:42 [3]
ahr:131 max:155

Cycle to the gym.

Strength 44:20 [3]
ahr:124 max:170 slept:8.0

Second maintenance session in the gym. Full dynamic warm up, then a relatively easy medium session of:

Snatch from hip 20kg 4 x 5 (I think these were the worst snatches in the world, must remember to do some with Steve on Weds!)
Split jerk 20kg 4 x 4
Back squat 50kg 4 x 5
DB Row 12 kg 3 x 10
DB Shoulder press 14kg 3 x 10

Cycling 14:35 [2]
ahr:123 max:152

Cycle to work from the gym, stopped by every traffic light today!


Booo to boredom. I have three strands of my project that are waiting to run, and for two I need meetings with Chemistry people before I gcan go any further, and for the third I need a pipette tip delivery which is taking forever. I can't think of a single thing to do and have spent 5.5 hours today randomly surfing the internet. And after feeling fine when I woke up and while doing weights, I now have a headache, a sore throat and have eaten far too much of Heather's cake to celebrate her new grand daughter.

I should go home but I want to be near my e mail in case these people get in touch, and now it's gone all grey outside again and I just want to be back in the Czech Republic or anywhere really. Which is a shame as I was so motivated to really make headway this month, but whether I can do so or not appears to be totally out of my control.

I'm really frustrated. I've also run out of random internet surfing to do - anyone got any ideas?

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