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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 7 days ending Jan 13, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling5 3:31:31
  Strength2 2:48:21
  Long run1 1:50:04
  Recovery4 1:25:26
  Orienteering2 1:20:34 3.91 6.3 2009 /16c56%
  Warm up & strides4 1:15:26
  Circuits1 1:02:14
  Running1 31:59
  Hills1 24:34
  Intervals1 23:04
  Total7 14:33:13 3.91 6.3 2009 /16c56%
averages - sleep:15.5 rhr:46

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Sunday Jan 13, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 26:03 [3]
ahr:150 max:180 slept:7.0 shoes: Integrators

Run to the start of the CSC First round at Hamsterley Moor. Legs definitely feeling yesterday but not uber uber badly. Found at the start that Karen was a minute after me and Helen W two mins. Not quite the race I was expecting today, but never mind! Probably did me good.

Orienteering 48:05 [4] *** 6.3 km (7:38 / km) +200m 6:35 / km
ahr:184 max:191 spiked:9/16c slept:7.0 shoes: Integrators

Hmm. Not overly impressed with today but not too bad either I guess. My legs were tired and when I hit the patches of thick heather, especially anything vaguely uphill, was struggling. Trying to navigate more systematically and in the most places managed this but in a rather disjointed fashion.

Slightly overshot number 3 as my visible attack point was a lake which was significantly bigger today than it should have been. Stopped too short on number 4, had already seen Karen and just wasn't concentrating, she caught me here. Came to 5 quicker than I expected but no real time lost. 6 and 7 were fine, then thought I was navigating the long leg already and only realised that I did in fact have to go to number 8 first when I was a good 100m above it, and had to drop down. The long leg to 9 pretty much did me in after yesterday, but control was spiked thanks to having Helen W jump in in perfect time in front of me. Went round to 12 which was better for myknackered legs but I think lost time on the others here. Totally spooned 16 by just thinking I'd finished when I hadn't and dropped too low down like a muppet. Sounds like a disaster but the controls that went right were actually much better. Many other things playing on my mind today so I guess it wasn't that bad really.

Recovery 7:08 [3]
ahr:152 max:159

Sprint back down the hill to the loos as stomach not a happy bunny all of a sudden.

Saturday Jan 12, 2008 #

Long run 1:50:04 [4]
ahr:163 max:185 slept:8.0 shoes: Integrators

Mmm mmm. Long run in the Pentlands on an awesome day, photos to be posted soon. Was up to a foot of snow in some places so really tough going at points but also totally beautiful. Went from Flotterstone mid way up the hill bases to the start of the Caernethy five, up Scald Law on the race route (the toughest section by miles, lots of pretty deep snow to fall through), then back along the ridge to Flotterstone. Had to walk a bit up Scald Law but after that really strong the whole way. Awesome day.

Friday Jan 11, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 12:16 [2]
ahr:160 max:174 slept:8.0

Run to the gym and back.

Strength 1:23:21 [4]
ahr:110 max:157 slept:8.0 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Start of the strength phase of strength training. Went in a bit later and Steve was there and kept adding weight on each rep. A couple of new exercises so it was good to have him there. 5 sets of three - low reps but really beefing up the weight.

High pull from floor 30kg 5 x 3
OH BB Press (No leg movement) 20-27.5kg 5 x 3
BB Bent Over Row 40-45kg 5 x 3
Pull ups (Overhand, wide grip, machine assisted) -36kg 3 x 5
Glut/Ham Raise 5kg 3 x 10

Cycling 43:43 [2]
ahr:118 max:146

To the NRIE and back then into work. Walked back with Rob instead of cycling.

Thursday Jan 10, 2008 #

Cycling 37:38 [2]
ahr:129 max:161 rhr:46 slept:8.0

Cycling to work and back

Warm up & strides 16:50 [3]
ahr:117 max:160 shoes: Integrators

Run to the Seat and a warm up jog with a few strides. Legs still majorly got the DOMS when resting and sitting, but feeling fine when on the move!

Orienteering 32:29 [4] ***
ahr:166 max:185 rhr:46 slept:8.0 shoes: Integrators

Planned a course with control picking sessions to be done at orienteering tempo with lots of uphill, then longer legs to be run at interval pace with huge amounts of hill in them, all on the Seat. These are the control picking bits, which I must say were a navigational disaster. Running was strong even into the stupidly strong wind though.

Hills 24:34 [5] ***
ahr:177 max:189 rhr:46 slept:8.0 shoes: Integrators

The hills part of the beasting session. Felt absolutely fantastic, powering up the hills with good style, and really enjoyed it. Reps were of length:

6.40, 5.03, 3.30, 9.21

Brilliant fun on a clear starry but very windy night.

Recovery 14:07 [3]
ahr:149 max:182 shoes: Integrators

Warm down jog waiting for Kir then back home and off for the EUOC committee meeting of joy.

Wednesday Jan 9, 2008 #

Cycling 40:10 [2]
ahr:126 max:153

Cycling to work, to the gym and home.

Circuits 1:02:14 [3]
ahr:95 max:152 shoes: Road Sauconys

Quite a low intensity runner's circuits session to ease us back into training gently. Did some ace jumpy things where you sit on your heels and jump onto your feet then over a hurdle, which were fun. Was clearing the small hurdles easily, but still big mental block about the taller ones even though I have the height. Boo! Despite massive DOMS still everything felt good but the overhead squats with no weight, which were mighty painful.

Running 31:59 [3]
ahr:157 max:174 shoes: Road Sauconys

Warm down run with Rupert - felt like I was cruising but pace was pretty snappy and legs felt surprisingly good. After feeling headachey and ming all day it was a pleasant surprise to be running seemingly pretty well. Feel much better now. Yey!

Tuesday Jan 8, 2008 #

Cycling 45:00 [2]

Cycling to work and back.

Warm up & strides 20:17 [3]
ahr:120 max:155 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Warm up before intervals - rubbish strides as JJ was worried about our slipping on the wet grass and so we weren't allowed to do them properly. Still feeling the DOMS majorly from yesterday.

Recovery 20:11 [3]
ahr:162 max:180 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Run back from intervals via Kir's - pretty fast as it was totally minging by now and I was wet through.

Intervals 23:04 [5]
ahr:185 max:195 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

JJ wouldn't let us do the treacherous filled with corners 1km route as it was riddled with puddles and possible hazards for wimpy XC types, so instead we were given 3 x 1 mile on the Meadows mile route. Then after the second rep he asked Hannah if her legs were cold and wet, which obviously they were as it was a veritable monsoon outside, and he sent everyone home. I waited for Kir who was determined to do a third, as was Tullie, so after a over long rest I did a third all alone, so the pace was slightly off but not too bad. Legs felt stiff the whole way but stomach was fine, yey!

6.10 (50), 6.13 (3.34), 6.17

Monday Jan 7, 2008 #

Cycling 45:00 [2]

Cycling to work and back.

Strength 1:25:00 [4]

I want my HR monitor to come back! Hurry hurry!

First strength session in about three weeks and my goodness, that's the last time I take a break that long! Started the set again with what should have been medium heavy, but it felt harder than that. Finished it though!

Front squat 20kg 3 x 10
Split push press BH 35kg 5 x 6
Landmines 17.5kg 3 x 10
BB Roll outs 3 x 10
Lateral pull downs 36kg 3 x 10
Lock and rolls 3 x 10

Tomorrow my quads are going to hate to gather the determination to go for a recovery run...come on...

Recovery 44:00 [3]

Recovery run. No idea what HR was as watch is still away, but I'm pretty sure it was faster than it should have been! Legs felt sore but were moving fine, chest a little tight but generally better than I anticipated. Sleeeeep tonight!

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