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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 7 days ending Apr 6, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling5 3:41:54
  Recovery1 1:28:12
  Circuits1 54:06
  Strength1 45:59
  Orienteering1 42:06 3.42(12:19) 5.5(7:39)3 /15c20%
  Bike intervals1 35:00
  Warm up & strides1 4:26
  Total6 8:11:43 3.42 5.53 /15c20%

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Sunday Apr 6, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 4:26 [2]
ahr:149 max:168

Quick jog about before course at St Magdelene Hill in Perth. Heart rate just a liiiitle bit (a lot) high.

Orienteering 42:06 [3] *** 5.5 km (7:39 / km)
ahr:185 max:196 spiked:3/15c (sick) shoes: Integrators

Needed to get off my arse and stop feeling sorry for myself today so went to the local Tay event in Perth. Was surprised by a grand little course on a cool little area and enjoyed myself a lot. Felt like hard going though, and I was running nowhere near fast enough to merit those heart rates. Still, my blocked nose is the only remaining symptom so will rest well tonight and see what tomorrow has in offer. Did me good to be out though.

Saturday Apr 5, 2008 #

(sick) (rest day)

All sniffly and headachey today, so spent the whole day in bed.

Friday Apr 4, 2008 #

(sick) (rest day)

Today I have a stonking headache and am knackered after more science fair nonsense. I must remember not to do it next year - snotty children always make me ill.

Cycling 35:10 [3]
ahr:121 max:157 (sick) (rest day) shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Cycling about town.

Thursday Apr 3, 2008 #

Cycling 20:10 [2]
ahr:106 max:139

Cycling into work.

Cycling 33:28 [3]
ahr:123 max:162 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Argh! Spent all day doing a 384 well plate assay to be read on a plate reader which I checked at lunch time was properly set up. Returned to read the assay four hours later and the filters have been removed and taken away, the mirror changed and the loading system broken. WTF?! After 2 hours of pipetting into 384 well plates in the dark I was well angry and stormed off on the bike, only to remember that there was a machine in George Square that should do the job, so I turned back round again, had to reclimb the hill and lo and behold the machine was still there, hasn't been used since I was last there a year ago (after being told there was no way our building could acquire it as it was going to be in "constant use", and still works, so I got some results. After that I was so knackered from all that anger and upsettedness that I bought an ice cream and went to the pub with Rob instead of doing any training.

Wednesday Apr 2, 2008 #

Cycling 40:00 [2]

Cycling about town.

Circuits 54:06 [3]
ahr:113 max:150 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Stomach much improved so I went in first thing before the science festival to do a simple lonely plyometrics session. Quick cycling warm up then:

Ankle hops, power skips, hurdle jumps (2 x forward, lateral each side, varying heights), long jumps, platform rebounds (3 x 6, tough!)

Olympic moves with 15kg, lunges with 15kg, pull ups on hip flexor machine and some nice candlesticks to end - it's been a while since I last did them and boy could I tell?!

Tuesday Apr 1, 2008 #

Note stomach is still suffering a little. Think I'll go and do bike intervals this afternoon rather than risk the running. Anyone recommend a good way to do them? I always struggle to get my heart rate anywhere near high on bikes.

Cycling 47:20 [2]
ahr:118 max:153

Cycling about town.

Bike intervals 35:00 [4]
max:182 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

More successful session than anticipated on the bike, although I did forget to start my watch properly which was well annoying, I want stats! Went to the gym and did a 30 min hill climb programme. That meant four intervals. The first was about 6 mins, and the rest between 3 and 4. The first managed to get my heart rate into the mid 170s by the 5th minute, and after that the other intervals were from 170-182, which was better than I expected. I think I probably looked like a mental, but it was a good compromise, as with my stomach like that I doubt I'd have managed a single rep running.

Monday Mar 31, 2008 #

Cycling 24:11 [2]
ahr:124 max:156 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Cycle to the gym then to work - gorgeous and sunny everywhere!

Strength 45:59 [3]
ahr:116 max:143 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Morning in the gym with Tullie and the other girls. Today I did:

High pulls (still rubbish at them though) 25-27.5kg 5 x 3
Press behind neck 25-27.5kg 5 x 3
BB Row 40kg 5 x 3
Pull ups -30kg 3 x 5
Started glut ham thingies but still can't figure out that stupid machine, so did 3 x 10 sit ups with 5kg OH instead.

Cycling 21:35 [2]
ahr:121 max:161 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Cycle home from work.

Recovery 1:28:12 [3]
ahr:140 max:159 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Long recovery run, gorgeous in the twilight up on Blackford and Braids. Unfortunately I seem to have caught Rob's stomach bug thing and had to stop a couple of times...not fun! But I scared lots of rabbits and it was good fun.

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