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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 7 days ending Apr 13, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling4 2:45:38
  Strength2 2:07:02
  Recovery4 2:00:08 4.97 8.0
  Circuits1 1:13:39
  Orienteering1 55:35 4.66(11:56) 7.5(7:25)17 /18c94%
  Running1 54:37
  Warm up & strides3 36:05
  Intervals2 30:15 1.99 3.2
  Total6 11:02:59 11.62 18.717 /18c94%
averages - rhr:46

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Sunday Apr 13, 2008 #

(rest day)

Watched the marathon, lots of standing up and a bit of sprinting about to try and catch Dee up. He was a total legend, 3.55 despite some major ankle issues, and the fastest CF marathon ever run. What a star!

Saturday Apr 12, 2008 #

Running 29:24 [4]
ahr:166 max:186 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Run at a fair pace to Greenwich Park from Rotherhithe, trying to stick on the Thames Path.

Intervals 20:00 [5]
ahr:187 max:195 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Awesome Foxdal session in Greenwich Park. Powered up the hill on the first rep (90x30s), and after that heart rate never fell below 180, even on the rests, but instead of struggling everything was powerful, quick, and controlled. A great end to my first proper week of training since before the hospital. Fantastic fun.

Running 25:13 [5]
ahr:184 max:190 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Was a bit late by now so legged it back to Eleanor's - pretty much totally done in by the end, but loved every second of it. Rest day tomorrow to watch the marathon!

Friday Apr 11, 2008 #

Cycling 22:04 [2]
ahr:113 max:142 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

To the gym and then to work.

Strength 1:12:09 [3]
ahr:104 max:147 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Weights session to round off my first proper week in aaaaages - dead chuffed! Was stiff today but still managed a pretty decent session.

"High pulls" - not really mastered the pull yet but getting better 25-30kg 5 x 3
Press behind neck 27.5kg 5 x 3
Bent over row 40-45kg 5 x 3
Glut ham thingies 5kg 3 x 10

No time for pull ups but Steve pulled me over a foam roller a few times and my quads were excruciating!

Cycling 17:51 [2]
ahr:117 max:154 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Cycle back again.

Thursday Apr 10, 2008 #


Argh! Just got in the car to drive to Tentsmuir for some quality control picking. Car doesn't start. Bugger. Have waited for RAC man for 50 minutes now, and he's still not here. Arse. This wouldn't be so much of a problem, if it wasn't for the fact that poor Mr Grassie is getting off the train at Leuchars in half an hour. Just ring him on his mobile you say?! But no, he has already told me his phone is dead, and so he is uncontactable. He has my number but is expecting me to be late, so I doubt he'd try and call me before 5pm.

Jeff, what are you doing to me?! I think I'm sending Ales on a rescue mission, but old Grassie is going to end up a little soggy :(

Cycling 41:14 [2]


Warm up & strides 6:46 [3]
ahr:157 max:164 shoes: Integrators

So, finally made it to Tentsmuir to start running at 18.30, only 90 mins late for Grassie. Turns out I had been a stupid woman and flooded the engine when I moved Jeff, and felt very silly after my lecture from Mr RAC man. But we made it! And the sun came out!

Recovery 7:39 [3]
ahr:152 max:160 shoes: Integrators

Slow jog back, stomach feeling icky.

Orienteering 55:35 [3] **** 7.5 km (7:25 / km)
ahr:166 max:182 spiked:17/18c shoes: Integrators

Control pick type session at Tentmuir. From the start stomach was being a pain, I assume after all the stress of earlier, so was difficult to focus on the O'ing. The ridges are so clear at Tentsmuir though that this wasn't too hard, and good fun was had with the fadhing sunlight streaming through the trees. Ales and Grassie did the whole lot, I cut off the far end for fear of fading light and rubbish stomach! Worth the trip, thank goodness.

Wednesday Apr 9, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 8:51 [3]
ahr:153 max:165 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Jog to the gym with pack.

Circuits 1:13:39 [3]
ahr:122 max:165 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Steve and Becky's one on one tough out session this morning. Warmed up well then did some agility work, some hopping and jumping, some crunching, and some crazy running drills. Good fun, totally wrecked now after my first decent few days of training in ages. Fun!

Recovery 20:02 [3]
ahr:157 max:169 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Just about managed a 20 minute recovery run to work - legs were pretty stiff anf having rucksac didn't help much - got to twenty and walked the rest :)

Tuesday Apr 8, 2008 #

Cycling 44:24 [2]
ahr:112 max:157 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Cycling about town.

Warm up & strides 20:28 [3]
ahr:146 max:178 rhr:46 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Warm up and strides before intervals - went to the loo halfway through as was slightly concerned about stomach.

Intervals 10:15 [5] 3.2 km (3:12 / km)
ahr:177 max:196 rhr:46 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Had no idea how today was going to turn out and it actually went well. It was a really tough session, every step was a real battle, but my times were back to respectable despite this, even though there was no one to chase most of the time. The Haries went to do fartlek so it was left to Jess, Kir and myself to be hardcore. We did a pyramid of 200, 400, 600, 800, 600, 400, 200 because they're more fun, and because they were hard on all of us took 3 mins to recover fully after the 800 and regroup to run together. Quads were wobbly as hell but concentrated on form and managed a decent session. Good stuff!

0.33 (1.30), 1.17 (1.30), 2.00 (1.30), 2.35 (3.00), 2.02 (1.30), 1.17 (1.41), 0.32

Recovery 34:57 [3]
ahr:159 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Rest between intervals and jog back.

Monday Apr 7, 2008 #

Cycling 40:05 [2]
ahr:129 max:172 rhr:46 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Cycling into work, to the gym and home. Max HR a bit high first thing but back to normal in the afternoon.

Strength 54:53 [4]
ahr:108 max:161 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Considering I nearly gave up in the warm up, this surprisingly turned into my best weights session in ages! The gym was full of horrible pretty boys with bleached blonde hair longer than mine, combined with polish meatheads trying to look threatening and making guttural roars every time they did anything. I on the other hand managed to up my weights nearly everywhere and have a really good time.

Push press behind neck 32.5-40kg 5 x 3
Back squat 60-67.5kg 5 x 3
Kettlebell swings 8kg one set 16kg two sets of 10
Sit ups with 10kg disc weight OH 3 x 10 alternating sides
Leg raises 3 x 3 - so hard, could barely stop myself swinging never mind raise my legs - sign of a good session.

Recovery 57:30 [2] 8.0 km (7:11 / km)
ahr:139 max:163 rhr:46 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Recovery run felt surprisingly fine after yesterday's high HR and today's heavy weights - speed not too bad at all for 145 and legs not too stiff. Maybe I'll be able to get myself running properly again in two week's time after all. New route discovering a couple of never run on before paths around the seat - always exciting.

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