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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 7 days ending Oct 3, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 5:32:35 19.08(17:26) 30.7(10:50)29 /38c76%
  Cycling1 1:52:20
  Strength1 1:00:00
  Intervals1 59:36 6.1(9:46) 9.82(6:04)
  Stretching2 34:30
  Running1 29:23 2.91(10:06) 4.68(6:16)
  Total5 10:28:24 28.09 45.229 /38c76%
  [1-5]5 9:53:54

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Sunday Oct 3, 2010 #

Orienteering 4:47:02 [2] *** 26.3 km (10:55 / km)
spiked:24/29c shoes: Inov8s

Well, I made it round. I generally found the Highlander a pretty depressing indicator of my present fitness, but there were some exciting points along the way. The start was cool, loads of people, just hung out mid pack. Things stopped making much sense halfway to 1, then I realise I was navigating to 6 instead. Going to number 1 luckily made way more sense! Nice leg along the hill tops to 2, then up and over to 3. At 3-4 we hit the green and the pack spread out bigtime, I lost sight of Sam and Hilly, but thanks to Jo B managed to take a great line through the green and emerge on the other side relatively unscathed. On the way to 5 Sam and Hilly suddenyl appeared from behind, having fared less well in the green, but I decided not to keep with them and stick at my pace. I think this was probably an error. Long leg to 6 was beautiful, but I missed my AP and had to hack through some green to get back on track. Cross the marsh to 7 where I see Bendover, who got very stuck back in some more evil green. With him to 8 but he's running much faster, and I fall in again with 4 guys from West Point "252 degrees to the next one." Drop to the road, catch up Mr B who's earlier route choice got him ahead, but he's turned his ankle and it struggling a bit down the slope. Along the road he picks up, and I chase him and the West Point boys into the map exchange.

After a quick banana it's onto the trail run. Slow and steady the whole way, feeling hamstring a little here, beautiful woods but generally a bit dull. Halfway through Jo's painkillers kick in and he's out of sight almost instantly. At the end of the trail run I manage to fall off the trail, nothing makes sense, am caught by Kevin & Hannah, and we stumble into the control. Then back up and over the trail, down a gorgeous spur with an incredible view, and into the woods. This is more fun, Kevin & Hannah both going well and spurring me on to keep going. On the way downhill to 16 though, Hannah decides it's an apt time to practice her commando rolls, and bashed her head across a rock in the process. We sit for about 5 minutes, but she seems fine and carried on walking the loop. I jog ahead, but the West Point boys are now way gone, I'm totally alone, tired, and I have some really long tough legs ahead. I spike all the rest of the controls on this map, but it's difficult not to at snail's pace and I know the other girls are together and running way faster. Not a fan of this bit of Harriman, and am dismayed when I see them running back out onto it for the final loop. Wanted to go somewhere nicer! Ali looks so fresh and I am already dead...

Have a long change over, chat with Will who had just finished, eat lots, and then back out on the final loop, thinking "I've paid for the T shirt, I'm going to get my money's worth!". Miss 22 thanks to following the West Pointies (d'oh) who I had caught at the end of the last lap. Spike the tricky 23, 24, get stuck trying to cross the river at 25, no problems with 26, 27 is easy. Just a case of making everything fit whilst struggling to move. Catch Giovanni on the way up to 28, then as I leave the green I hear an almighty yell behind me. Giovanni looks worried, and out pops Pavlina who has just scared away a bear that was right next to us all! After this I'm done, mentally through, I just sit in behind Pavlina who is still running like a mountain goat and desperately try to cling on.

And that's it! I can smell the burgers, see the happy smiley faces, and it's all over. 49 mins down on Ali, who ran a great race to be first girl. I'm calling it 39 after the few mins sitting in the forest and wasting time at changeovers. But it wasn't much fun, I was never able to push myself physically enough to make the orienteering a significant challenge. Still, today I "ran" for the longest I've ever run, which I guess is an achievement. Next year though, I want to be able to race Ali & Sam for at least the first 10km. Today even that was out of my reach.

Saturday Oct 2, 2010 #

Cycling 1:52:20 [2]

Decided that, in order to sleep in after the humungously expensive and very tasty NY steak experience (thanks Tim and Cj!), I would get to Brooskvale under my own steam as opposed to imposing my laziness on others. However, my rough estimation of the distance was way off, and the cycle took almost twice as long as I would have liked. Took Whitney all the way up and then the Farmington Canal (longer but eons more pleasant) all the way back. Not too scary in the ghetto, had to carry the bike up a siding to get back onto the trail after the works bit.

Hence, did far more exercise today than was sensible. Not good!

Orienteering 45:33 [3] *** 4.4 km (10:21 / km)
spiked:5/9c shoes: Inov8s

Bleurgh. How much was I not feeling it out there today?! Nothing in the legs, brain on another planet. Spiked all the control sites but ran a bit down the wrong trail twice in between! Poor show. Felt tired and sluggish.

Not sure what's up - running feels good on trails during the week, but the last two O courses have been awful. Maybe I'm just not terrain fit? Today I think I was suffering from too much protein, not enough carbs and not enough sleep, so I'm hoping that tomorrow won't be a complete disaster. Would have liked my HRM today to see what that was doing, but annoyingly left it in the lab. Got a bit of a feeling of impending doom about it now though! Eep.

Friday Oct 1, 2010 #

(rest day)

Slept through my alarm, was annoyed I couldn't grab a quick cycle before 8.45 meeting, and then the heavens opened with crazy rain and I was glad I was saved the cycle.

Not sure how I'm going to make it to work in any way resembling dry though...

Thursday Sep 30, 2010 #

(rest day)

Plan today was an easy cycle to loosen up for the weekend. It was pouring with rain this morning though, so I didn't go. Didn't think my lady bike could hack it :)

Wednesday Sep 29, 2010 #

Strength 1:00:00 [1]
ahr:106 max:149

Session 3 of strength, staying at light weights to attempt to not feel like a wreck this weekend. Boris came to join me, so it took longer but I think that's actually better as it forces me to rest. Quick bike to warm up, a few warm up exercises, then:

OH squat 4 x 8 45lb
SLDL 4 x 8 65lb (worried about hamstring, at least no worry with grip at this weight. Hamstring felt fine)
Step up with control descent 4 x 8 45lb
Landmines 4 x 8 45lb
Plyo press ups 4 x 8 (Beast)

Then a quick run through the stretching session to end. Leg was tight and moany before, and now the absence of tight is very noticeable. Nice.

Tuesday Sep 28, 2010 #

Intervals 59:36 intensity: (8:00 @1) + (35:36 @2) + (16:00 @5) 6.1 mi (9:46 / mi)
ahr:158 max:191 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Got to the track at 7.55 and it was already full of school kids - damn. Plan had been 4 x 1000m, so headed to College Woods and did 4 x 4 (2) mins instead. Half paved, half slightly windy gravel path, with one short steep uphill. Turned out to be just over a km, so though not my perfect work out for today, a good stand in. Did slightly less distance in first rep through dallying, then pretty much the same in all the others.

The rain. Mmmm...the rain. Hamstring felt totally fine when running hard, but tight on return.

Stretching 14:30 [0]
ahr:95 max:117

George's four plus Kitch's back.

Monday Sep 27, 2010 #

Running 29:23 [2] 2.91 mi (10:06 / mi)
ahr:139 max:168 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Rob joined Boris and I and we actually managed to run an actual recovery run. Dead easy pace, plenty of good chat, cool and damp. Really lovely. Felt significantly better than I expected to for most of the way round, with a slight tightening of right hamstring at one point.

Stretching 20:00 [0]

3 out of 4 of George's stretches - couldn't figure out the piriformis one so subbed in one of my own. You'll have to show me that one at the Highlander George! Added on Kitch's back bend to finish. Need to try and stick with these, I am so bad at stretching.

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