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Training Log Archive: a_horne

In the 7 days ending Nov 18, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 1:59:44 7.33(16:20) 11.8(10:09) 245
  Rock Climbing2 1:40:00
  Running2 1:02:00 5.9(10:30) 9.5(6:32)
  Swimming1 35:00
  Total4 5:16:44 13.24 21.3 245

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Saturday Nov 18, 2017 #


Had to work all day today and do homework before I go away for break

Friday Nov 17, 2017 #

Running 32:00 [3] 6.5 km (4:55 / km)

Easy run, it threatened to hail

Swimming 35:00 [4]

Warm up
Cool down

Thursday Nov 16, 2017 #

Rock Climbing 50:00 [3]

Wednesday Nov 15, 2017 #

Rock Climbing 50:00 [3]

Quiet day at work. Felt super weak today. New routes up that I'm working on.

Was planning on swimming today as calf is still a little sore, but when I got there I was told the pool was closed :( was then going to go for an easy run, but my mum called and i got caught up in sorting out uni stuff for when I'm back in NZ. Finally starting to feel like I'm making progress. Have accommodation sorted, accepted enrollment offer for uni and applied for student loan. I think (and hope) that's all I have to do for now.

Tuesday Nov 14, 2017 #


Calf is kinda sore today. Going from 10-11 (I think?) on sunday, I dropped off the side of the hill too early and ending up sidling it for a little too long, hoping it gets better soon.
Rest day today. Trying to catch up, hopefully back into it tomorrow.

Monday Nov 13, 2017 #


Walked around DC from 7:20am until 4:30pm. Saw the classic sights, went to a couple of museums and went to the zoo! The zoo was so cool! A lot of interesting animals from Africa :)
Carried my duffel as a backpack (which it is not really designed to do). I have sore shoulders today.
Flew back to Moscow, was really tired but had a couple of short naps on the plane.

Sunday Nov 12, 2017 #

Orienteering race 1:59:44 [5] 11.8 km (10:09 / km) +245m 9:12 / km

Watch paused workout during the race I turned it back on when I realised (not sure how long i lost, don't think it was more than 10 min).

Rough race. Goals for this was to focus on bearings since they hadn't gone well yesterday (6-7) including exit directions and staying on a bearing and to take the first 3 controls slow, nail them and get into the map. yeah well that didn't happen. Slightly botched up the first control (too far right, kinda knew it too). Stuffed up 2 as well (over ran it, knew it too but couldn't see the small low ridge in front of me - because I had drifted left and it was too my right). Yeah major stuff up going to 3. Plan was to run slightly left of the line and then aim for the major stream and follow that to 4. This started out well, but when I was at the stream crossings i didn't take 2 seconds to check the orientation of the stream. Ended up running/walking over hills and close to where my number two was. When I did decide to check my compass, it was telling me 3 was in the direction that I had just run from. I was in the big stream relocated. When I figured it out (I struggled to accept that I had done what I did, and that my compass wasn't wrong). I ran along the stream to 3. I was pretty shattered after running hills unnecessarily, although, now certain that I was in last place I felt is if the pressure was off and I could think more clear and have more fun. 4-5 maybe a mistake icr (in a lab writing this). Everything was super smooth after this, just really tired.

What I learned from the weekend:
- TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN. Not just running fitness. Although I wasn't overly fit coming into this competition, this competition made me realise the importance of actually getting a map and getting out there to in the terrain. This was my third o meet this year, and I haven't had the opportunity to do orienteering training in the terrain, so techniques got out of practice. In saying this, I feel like I am much faster at picking the ideal route for me. For me to achieve my goal, I will have to make this a priority.

- I need to work on a head space for racing. I know that I put a lot of pressure on myself before a race to do well, however, when my focus has been on just having fun and not worrying about the result, or even having having a goal to focus on I tend to do better and make less mistakes.

- Training ideas in the future. Ideas for personal training (specific to orienteering) in the future, is to take the contours off the map, and navigate by bearings and vegetation features, as I struggled with bearings especially and would use vegetation features as a tick off to check that I was on the right route but feel like I could improve this.

Running warm up/down 20:00 [3] 2.0 km (10:00 / km)

Running warm up/down 10:00 [2] 1.0 km (10:00 / km)

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