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Training Log Archive: Saryyyzzz

In the 7 days ending Jan 25:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Strength3 3:33:03
  Core strength 5 1:27:05
  Cardio1 32:01
  Foam Rolling1 13:09
  Total5 5:45:18

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Friday Jan 24 #

Core strength 15:53 [3]


Thursday Jan 23 #

Cardio (HIIT) 32:01 [3]

Equipment: Jump rope, dumbbells, step, medicine ball, kettle bell, resistance band, mat

50 sec jump rope
---10 sec transition
50 sec plank side to side jump tucks
---10 sec transition
50 sec lunge jumps w dumbbell weights
---10 sec transition
50 sec elevated feet rock climbers
---10 sec transition
50 sec medicine wall balls
---10 sec transition
50 sec bicycles
---10 sec transition
50 sec squats w kettle bell shoulder press

2 min recovery- keep moving, drink water

50 sec russian twists w medicine ball
---10 sec transition
50 sec side lunges off step
---10 sec transition
50 sec plank V jumps w band
---10 sec transition
50 sec jump squats w band
---10 sec transition
50 sec rock climber pushups w band
---10 sec transition
50 sec burpees
---10 sec transition

2 min recovery- keep moving, drink water

Core strength 19:59 [3]

reverse crunch variations
Side to side extended leg bench crunches
side plank hip dips
ball pass hands to feet

Foam Rolling 13:09 [3]


Wednesday Jan 22 #

Core strength 25:39 [3]

jump rope warm up
plank variations
reverse crunches
other things that I don't know how to describe

Strength (upper body) 1:10:11 [3]

pull ups
lat cable pull down single arm
shoulder presss w front rotation
curl variations
tricep extensions
tricep dips
push ups w row
cable chest press
YTML shoulders

Tuesday Jan 21 #

Strength (lower body) 1:15:01 [3]

warm up:
3x15 burpees + box jump
3x 15 medicine wall balls
3x 10 each leg Single leg deadlift

bridges w band- open/close knees
jump squats
fire hydrants w band
side and forward walks w band
weighted pelvic thrusts
elevated heal skin squats
kettle bell romanian deadlift
kettle bell swings
sumo to ski jump squats w band

Core strength 15:00 [3]

w resistance bands

Monday Jan 20 #

Strength (upper body) 1:07:51 [3]

warm up:
12 min jump rope


Core strength 10:34 [3]

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