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Training Log Archive: mattp

In the 7 days ending Aug 4:

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Sunday Aug 4 #


Looking at the maps from the last week it’s clear that I need to improve two specific areas.

1. Executing long legs
2. Running in rough terrain

From the first 5 days there were

Day 1: To 4 decided straight. Executed really badly after the pond. Didn’t gave any plan for what to do after the open area. I think the best compromise is pond then south towards the end of the track and then go on compass through the green to the slope. Running by the wall is probably hard but reslly safe.

To 9 executed well but need to push harder when on a bearing. The straight line was good.

To 10: No plan. My line on routegadget looks quite clean but lost 4 minutes here. Found it hard to visualise the control site. Couldn’t read the yellow behind the marsh screen which didn’t help. Went round on the contour but couldn’t tick off anything. Looking now it seems that the control is higher than 9 so should have expected to climb. I think the reentrant is a good attackpoint because the vegetation is impossible to understand, From there if you make sure to go up the hill you will emd up in the right place following thr compass.

To 15: Again decided on a straight line. North looks easiest to execute but I didn’t really consider any other options. I lost time after the path because the open was quite rough. I don’t like the look of south as Matt took that option and the attack looks very vague.

Day 2:

To 11: Decided straight looked ok. It was hard running and vague. The path was probably better.

To 16: Decided to path. Didn’t reslise how steep the bank was. Would have been better to stay on the path the whole way.

Before the race made a consious decision to consider path routes and it worked out ok.

Day 3: Middle, no long legs

Day 4: To 9: Decided south looked better because of the track but there was far more climb. North was definitely easier and there was a similar path most the way. South would have been fine if I could have run up the hills but it was death. I also took too long to get to the wall.

To 12: I took south along the track all the way. The executation at the end was horrible though. Got dragged off by the tracks and took ages to get to the control. The predominant choice appears to be north which looks far easier to executate as most running is in the open. I couldn’t stomach any more hill after 9.

Two bad decisions here

Day 5: To 9: Considered straight and a route through the start. Right looked too far and too much climb. Straight was chosen but went really straight when it was faster to follow the path until the gap in the green. This was just poor executation again. I am sure stronger terrain runners would have had ni trouble tsking a very straight line.

On days 5 and 6 I was exhausted and couldn’t get my HR up which led to being much lazier with nav as well but this is just lacking physical form.

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