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Training Log Archive: Mini Mus

In the 7 days ending Feb 18:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Skierg4 3:51:00 23.43 37.7
  Road biking5 3:13:00 21.13 34.0 300
  Total5 7:04:00 44.55 71.7 300

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Saturday Feb 18 #

Skierg 50:00 [3]

10(4+1) decent work but couldve pushed harder, next time. Machine now refuses to turn on so i have a bit of a dilemma whether to tell them and risk losing the machine for a bit or accept that things will purely be done off of time and RPE from now ehich tbf they normally are so wouldnt be the end of the world. Dont think theres much danger of anyone else actually spending time on the machine and caring enough to mention as it seems to be a fairly serious bodybuilding gym which is actually great, much better enviroment when theres 150kg tanks lifting small cars and generally making noise than a bunch of punters playing with their phones on the treadmill.

Road biking 40:00 [2]

knee lil iffy after 15mins so eased off

Friday Feb 17 #

Skierg 1:11:00 [2] 16.0 km (4:26 / km)

turned it down from 4-3. just got a nice rythm going and managed not to die of boredom, theres not a single imperfection in the cardio dundeon paint to keep you excited but makes it extra useful ig. Also means i just spend the entire time focussing on form which is also good, (the focus, form is questionable given my slightly diagonal squat but hey ho) R calf was also refuseing to activate at first, achillies was getting irritated so paused to do some rolling and explosive work - Got going fine after that. Think its just a side affect of the compression sleeve so not too worried - Quad was suffering a little also - cramping afterwards, outside above the knee tho rather than inside as it has been so again not too woried but will keep an eye.

Tings a little achey now but gonna blame that on a couple hour map walk/coaching straight afterwards - driving as usual the absolute worst thing for it. Overall a nice satisfying sesh, perfect effort - legs feeling the same as after a steadt run even if the HR was barely over 100

Road biking 5:00 [1]

not enough time

Thursday Feb 16 #

Road biking 1:58:00 [1] 34.0 km (17.3 kph) +300m

Out to Taylors and back, very nice to be out and about - not sure ive ever seen a city with better bike infrastructure tbh, every relevant road and ratrun has a relatively well though out cycle lane and every large road has a protected one, guess thats the advantage of building your city with a good 4/5 lanes as standard, still fun to be mixing it in the slower traffic tho. intended more but knee not good on bike, could get power out fine but whole ting was just insanly unstable - felt it sliding while pulling onto a roundabout, just being out the saddle and turning a tiny bit was enough to unsettle it. Dropped the effort all the way from here and just spun. Lovely day for it. Had a slight mishap on todays training also as was informed by ryan as I was getting ready to leave that half the map was now demolished and another large section was under constrution. Managed to modify one course, plan a new one and operate an unfamiler printer in the space of 15mins - one for the CV (paticulalrly the printer part) Anyhow only got there 8mins late in the end so couldve been worse. Guess i might check the area before planning next time

Wednesday Feb 15 #

Skierg 50:00 [3] 11.1 km (4:30 / km)

2x5k, k easy

Road biking 20:00 [2]


Tuesday Feb 14 #

Skierg 1:00:00 [3] 10.6 km (5:40 / km)

Had a vauge feeling that the knee would be ok on the skierg, feeling deffo correct :) Managing to work the legs properly without pain, hard to desribe what sort of motion sets it off but im pretty sure a rowing machine woudlnt be great, will try next time tho. Took a couple of attempts to find a gym with one but got there eventually. 8(k+90) then a wd. Started real chill just to get the tekkerz in then progressed through the last 6. last few felt excellent to be properly pushing again. Overall a little awkward, still a bit of swelling restricting range of motion on R leg but all good. More of this to come but will use a flatter shoe next time. Finished up with some rolling and.... stretching, who wouldve seen that coming - felt like much less of a chore doing it here than at home tho

Road biking 10:00 [2]

WU, knee not paticularly happy on bike but loosened things up a little at least

Monday Feb 13 #


Think its safe to say the fitness is now being pissed away :)!


Spoke with a surgeon today, got the robocop exoskeleton off - good for practicality, bad for conversation starting. Did some poking and pulling and generally abrogated things but seemed to surmise that there wasn't any full tears or full damage all the way across the ligaments however there is a "large piece of something under the other side of the knee" which is "hopefully not cartilage because we would potentially want to put that back where it came from" at least he madd up for his lack of mri vision with some good dry humor. A week or two till scans done and I see him again. Not allowed to run unsurprisingly but will find a gym tomorrow and try do find something that gets the hr up without any tension thru the knee, unconvinced I have the upper body facilities for that but we will see.

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