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Training Log Archive: Jayson

In the 7 days ending Nov 25:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run7 6:44:53 46.91(8:38) 75.5(5:22) 1224
  moderate run1 1:45:03 15.28(6:52) 24.59(4:16) 237
  Run with Strides1 38:40 4.43(8:44) 7.13(5:25) 30
  Total9 9:08:36 66.62(8:14) 107.21(5:07) 1490
averages - sleep:7.6

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Saturday Nov 25 #

6 AM

Run 45:22 [1] 5.02 mi (9:02 / mi) +222m 7:57 / mi
ahr:120 max:138

2 PM

Run 1:15:40 [1] 7.46 mi (10:09 / mi) +306m 9:00 / mi
ahr:107 max:149 slept:6.0

Friday Nov 24 #

10 AM

Run 1:03:03 [4] 8.12 mi (7:46 / mi) +181m 7:16 / mi
ahr:147 max:175 slept:8.0

Easy 15 - 10x300m interval on grassy slope - Easy 10 min
Did this on a grassy/muddy track with a gentle incline (same place as the last 600`s) Set interval distance on watch to 0.2 mile so a little longer than 300m.
Legs felt a bit heavy and breathing sluggish - normal morning run feeling. Just got stuck into the intervals.
Went ok, good doing it on a incline and grass/mud - kept me focused and trying to maintain good form. Last few reps got a bit quicker but didnt feel like I was slacking on the early ones either.
Felt like the effort was limited more by legs than lungs.

Thursday Nov 23 #

9 AM

Run 1:24:03 [1] 9.05 mi (9:17 / mi) +370m 8:14 / mi
ahr:128 max:152 slept:8.0

Easy run out around the forest with Indie.
Checking routes out for the weekend, very muddy and boggy in places, lots of stop/start and just general playing around in the woods. A little longer than wanted but felt ok - hips and glutes a little tight but nothing that didnt ease off.
Nice run :-)

Wednesday Nov 22 #

11 AM

moderate run (Moderate run) 1:45:03 [4] 15.28 mi (6:52 / mi) +237m 6:34 / mi
ahr:165 max:175 slept:8.5

Long run mostly on tarmac with a few climbs. Very windy but felt like I managed to either stay sheltered or keep it behind me mostly.
Didnt know how this one would go but was feeling much better today than yesterday. Didnt eat a great deal before hand - cereal and toast first thing.
Soon got into it and found I was having to hold back a good bit.
Not sure if my level of perceived effort is becoming more tolerant or I am just getting used to it but HR seemed high though I didnt feel i was working that hard. Enjoyed the run a lot and kept a good rhythm. Felt the change in the 20 last 20 min or so and had to work a bit harder. Felt pretty tired afterwards. Chilled out in the afternoon, feeling good as far as mental tiredness goes so think things are getting better.

Tuesday Nov 21 #

9 AM

Run 39:07 [1] 4.06 mi (9:38 / mi) +31m 9:25 / mi
ahr:125 max:146 slept:8.0

Very easy run with Kim and Indie, wading through the mud. Kept it to one run today as was feeling a bit tired and bunged up.

Monday Nov 20 #

9 AM

Run with Strides 38:40 [1] 4.43 mi (8:44 / mi) +30m 8:33 / mi
ahr:132 max:152 slept:8.0

Easy run out along the river with Indie - must have rained a lot last night as it was all a bit saturated.
Obviously felt a bit clunky and hips a little tight. It all eased of as we went though and the strides to finish were good.
Slept a bit better too
4 PM

Run 42:28 [1] 5.24 mi (8:06 / mi) +37m 7:56 / mi
ahr:132 max:145

Easy evening run out around town.
Felt a bit weary but nothing unexpected after yesterday, just tried to keep nice and steady and let the recovery take its course.

Sunday Nov 19 #

1 PM

Run warm up/down 22:11 [3] 2.59 mi (8:34 / mi) +35m 8:13 / mi
ahr:148 max:171

Warm up - strides, drills and strides - felt about right, maybe could have spent a little longer easy running

Run 32:59 [5] 5.37 mi (6:09 / mi) +41m 6:00 / mi
ahr:176 max:180 slept:7.0

West Yorkshire x country - 5 laps of a really good course with loads of up/down windy narrow bits through woods. Going was not too muddy just soft underfoot, got chewed up a bit towards the end. proper x country route though.
Pretty chuffed all in all, definitely an improvement from last time, paced it a bit better and held back a bit more at the start, seemed to be further up the field than before. Focused on racing the other Knavesmire guys as felt this was a bit more measurable for me)
Middle part of the race I thought I was about to bonk and legs felt a bit empty plus I didnt really seem to have the fire I normally do (maybe didnt eat quite right through the day plus had a really crap restless nights sleep - Av HR seems a little lower than b4 too) Slipped into 3rd team, keep focused though and pleased my legs came back on final 2 laps to catch 2nd team on final lap and finish nice and strong (it was like picking off the walking dead everyone slowed down that much!)
I thought the race was longer than it was as every said it was 6m not the 5 and a bit it was, so learnt a lesson there - should have taken the distance off the first lap and worked it out on the fly - would have pushed maybe a little harder if I had know though maybe not as much as I like to think.
Happy to finish 2nd team - not sure how far ahead the next guy was - he is my next target! (he paced it well and didnt pass me until after the first lap)
Good day and this course highlighted the need for fartlek training!

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