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Training Log Archive: bhall

In the 7 days ending Nov 22:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running4 3:05:50 21.11(8:48) 33.98(5:28) 137
  Strength8 2:05:00
  Orienteering1 53:12 4.39(12:07) 7.07(7:31) 149
  Biking1 45:00
  Walking1 40:00
  Total15 7:29:02 25.51 41.05 286
averages - sleep:8.1

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Sunday Nov 22 #


Overall was quite odd being back on a field checked map and in NEOC terrain. There were definitely multiple times that I saw rocks and thought, "huh, that's not mapped" and then I remembered that New England has real boulders unlike many PA maps so the little stuff isn't marked. (Not thinking about the KP maps here - they had some good rocks too - just the DVOA maps with very small mapped rocks, ie some of the French Creek rocks...).
Was also odd having so many trails again, and I must say that I miss the lack of trails on the NEPA maps - it's more fun without them.

Also, pulled up in the parking lot and found that the CRLS team was out for their last training of the season (/first training after the season?) which was fun.
10 AM

Orienteering 27:57 [3] 3.77 km (7:25 / km) +85m 6:40 / km
shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 212

Adv. A: 3.0k (9:19 / km)

It took me a bit to get into this style of map again, as well as the different compass (never thought I would say this but I miss my old compass), so the first few controls were a bit sketch.

I was using the trails way too much at first, and then switched to pretty much not using them at all when I remembered how sketchy they were, and then I recognized that I really needed to find a balance between the two, which I would say I kind of found as the course went on.

So 1 and 2 were slow as I got into the map, 3 was totally fine, and then four was a bit of a mess because the streamer was not in the right place. Stood around for a bit in the right place, then did a bit of wandering and saw the streamer at the side of the re-entrant. Not sure how much time I lost on that control but it was probably upwards of a minute and a half.

5 to 6 I drifted right and then swung way left which was not the best route choice, but I was fine getting into the control. 6-7 I was a wimp and didn't want to go over the tiny hill which was definitely not the right choice but I did it anyway.

I got lucky crossing the road for 7-8 and didn't have to wait at all, which is often not the case on this road. Rest of the course was alright, almost went past 15 but I caught myself before going too far so probably only lost a few seconds.

Advanced A

Orienteering 25:15 [3] 3.3 km (7:39 / km) +64m 6:59 / km
shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 212

Adv. B: 2.7k (9:21 / km)

Start through 2 totally fine, then just did not check my compass for 3 and had to get to 6 before I could properly relocate because my head ended up all over the place (need to get better at refocusing after mistakes instead of beating myself up).

The rest of it was alright, had some unnecessary hesitation on 11 to 12 where I doubted my ability to use a compass but I was fine. Found that I started to struggle to focus about halfway through, but I was able to recognize it and work the extra bit harder I needed to to keep from having big, brainless mistakes.

Advanced B

3 PM

Strength 40:00 [1]

15 minutes of abs, 25 minutes of PT/leg strength

Saturday Nov 21 #

3 PM

Walking 40:00 [1]

To Whole Foods and back
11 PM

Strength 5:00 [1]

Friday Nov 20 #


All the orienteering is gone from my log... :( hopefully that will be changing this weekend
8 AM

Running 56:20 [3] 10.48 km (5:23 / km) +87m 5:10 / km
shoes: Nike Air Zoom Pegusus 36

11 PM

Strength 10:00 [1]

While watching the new episode of GBBO

Thursday Nov 19 #


8 AM

Running 30:00 [3] 5.5 km (5:27 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Zoom Pegusus 36

Back at Menotomy and honestly not too happy about it. Can I go back to where I'm scared of hunters in the woods shooting me instead of where owners refuse to put their dogs on leashes and tell me "oh, he's just excited to see you" as their dog jumps on me?
11 PM

Strength 5:00 [1]

Wednesday Nov 18 #


Results from the 5k NE 7 sisters champs

Not all that happy about the placement, a little frustrated that I wasn't in a scoring position for the team this week when in many past weeks I would've been, but it is what it is. Sure am happy about how the team did overall though!!
9 AM

Running 45:00 [3] 4.77 mi (9:26 / mi)
shoes: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 2.0

5 PM

Strength 30:00 [1]

15 minutes of abs, 10 minutes of arms, 5 minutes of back

I'm gonna be sore tomorrow I think

Tuesday Nov 17 #


6 AM

Running warm up/down 12:18 [2] 2.16 km (5:42 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Zoom Pegusus 36

Running 26:12 [4] 5.52 km (4:45 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Zoom Pegusus 36

600 @ 3k, 1600 @ AT, 1000 @5k, 600 AO (all with 90 sec recovery), 3x 100 AO (walk back recovery)

Actual Time (Goal Time):
2:24 (2:24)
6:53 (7:02)
4:07 (4:08)
2:10 (AO)
17.7 (AO)
17.9 (AO)
17.7 (AO)

Running warm up/down 16:00 [2] 2.64 km (6:04 / km) +50m 5:32 / km
shoes: Nike Air Zoom Pegusus 36

7 AM

Strength (PT) 25:00 [1]

I always say this, but I need to get back into doing this more
10 PM

Strength 5:00 [1]

Really, really did not feel up to doing this today, but I got it done.

Monday Nov 16 #


Ok, so update on the ECO logo: came up with this one which was shared on Greg's log a few weeks ago, and then Greg (with AJ's help) made this one. Which one do people like more?
3 PM

Biking 45:00 [2]

Finally have a way to cross train again. Guess that's one good thing that's come out of getting home.
9 PM

Strength 5:00 [1]

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