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Training Log Archive: Sjkirwin

In the 7 days ending Dec 2, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Xc7 4:56:01 41.38(7:09) 66.6(4:27)
  Total7 4:56:01 41.38(7:09) 66.6(4:27)

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Saturday Dec 2, 2017 #

10 AM

Xc (On the Duffern Bluffs) 1:00:00 [5] 13.3 km (4:31 / km)

Ankle strengthening (alphabet, resistance tubing)


15 min warm up

Active Warm up

(4 hills from Second up to Duffern at hard pace) x 3
Between each set we had 2 minutes active rest

I was able to motor along on the flats and especially on the downhills, however I found I didn't have a ton of power going up the hills. I found that when I focused on my breathing I was able to slow it down. Might be worth paying attention to this on the next workout.

17 minute cooldown

Hip Mobility, push and sit

Stretching and ice bath

Friday Dec 1, 2017 #

Xc (10 min flush out) 10:00 [2] 2.2 km (4:33 / km)

I had a therapy session with Jo:
She helped pull some of the swelling out of the ankle though massage and ultra sound.
She also tested the strength and said it was good. She gave me the okay to run on it.
She told me to do ABC's and tube strengthening on it. I was given an elastic tube to use.
She also had me doing contrast bathing to flush out the swelling of the ankle.

I did a 10 min easy run later on. Legs were still pretty sore from Wednesday.

Thursday Nov 30, 2017 #

6 PM

Xc (Thursday Hanger and run) 25:00 [3] 5.5 km (4:33 / km)


Heel and toe walk, calf raises

20 min barefoot

15 min stationary

15 min elliptical

Hip mobility

Drills, Strides and ladder

Medicine Ball strength

Stretching and ice bath

I did a 25 min easy run. My legs were quite sore and tight, likely from last night's workout and trying to compensate for my weak ankle. The run was good for flushing out the lactic acid and soreness. Going to get a good sleep tonight to recover the legs.

Wednesday Nov 29, 2017 #

5 PM

Xc (Wednesday Workout) 1:10:00 [5] 15.5 km (4:31 / km)


15 min warm up,

8: 15s tempo loop

active warm up

Brazilians (15 pushups, 200m, 25 jump jacks, 200m, 10 superman, 200m, 10 fire hydrants, 200m, 10 lunges, 200m, 10 squats) x 3
- we did an extra 200m on the end of the first set. This was a great workout. Learned new things about how hard I can push.

Hip mobility, push and sit

Stretching and Ice bath

Tuesday Nov 28, 2017 #

7 AM

Xc (Tuesday Hanger) 1 [2] 1.0 km (1 / km)

10 min bike

Preactive + Soccer

Pool workout
- did everything but the workout portion, had the privilege of timing my teammates. They pushed very hard. Special mention to Taij for his hard work in the workout portion! But great job everyone.

Hip mobility, drills

Strides and ladder.

Medicine ball workout with the bands

stretching and ice bath

10 min bike

I didn't go for a run later, although I should have. It would no doubt have helped to flush out the soreness I had

Monday Nov 27, 2017 #

Xc (Monday Workout) 51:00 [4] 11.3 km (4:31 / km)

13 min bike

Didn't do proactive because I wanted to start with the others, and was running tight on time when I arrived at the Hanger.

15 min warm up

5 mins hard, 2 mins easy, 4 mins hard, 2 mins easy, 3 mins hard, 2 easy, 2 hard, 1 hard
- I think I pushed too hard on my long run yesterday because my quads were pretty sore today. More sore than I have ever felt them. I guess I'm learning my lesson not to take the easy days too fast.
- Otherwise, had a strong workout with Louis

15 min cool down

Hip mobility

Sit and push stretching

10 min bike home

Sunday Nov 26, 2017 #

9 AM

Xc (Sunday Long Run) 1:20:00 [3] 17.8 km (4:30 / km)

Everything was in the Hanger

Preactive & lunges

80 mins on the track
- I had a great run today, my ankle was better than yesterday. Although still a bit weak, but the long run is helping me figure out the coordination.
- I pushed a bit harder than I maybe should have towards the end of the run, but I was surprised how I was doing.

Medicine ball strength without the ladder or strides (didn't want to push my luck with the ankle)

Hip mobility, stretching, ice bath

Im finding that in the mornings the swelling is minimal, but in the evenings it puffs up a bit more

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