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Training Log Archive: FW

In the 7 days ending Nov 19, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering3 4:01:30 21.13(11:26) 34.0(7:06) 50011 /12c91%72.5
  Running4 3:04:00 22.18(8:18) 35.7(5:09) 50091.0
  Strength and Core1 55:0016.5
  Cycling1 45:0013.5
  Stretching3 40:0012.0
  Total9 9:25:30 43.31 69.7 100011 /12c91%205.4
averages - sleep:8

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Sunday Nov 19, 2017 #

Orienteering 14:00 [3] 2.7 km (5:11 / km)

WU and Line Course. Got me in the flow of things and felt I was pretty accurate, will overlay gps.


Overlay shows that i wasn't on the line at the start going to the northerly spur nor was i on line heading north over the hill tops.

Orienteering race 34:30 [3] 5.3 km (6:31 / km)

Balnagowan Green. Paused in circle at first 4 but nothing major. On short leg to 7, came out a wrong angle, again not reading map properly. Paralleled on way to 8 and ended up on wrong spur. Lost proper map contact as was running to quickly, lost about 90s. Fine from then on except from a couple of pauses in circle. Was pretty good at getting angle out of control right but not 100% yet. Big takeaway from this and last few runs is nailing it in the last section of leg and in the circle. Route to follow

Orienteering 29:00 [3] 3.9 km (7:26 / km)

Light green used as training, focusing on concentrating in the circle and anticipating the control. Nailed the first few which was good, although nothing too difficult. Paused early on 6th, nothing major. Missed out last so that my time didn't count and had already been to the control from the green.

Result - Beaten by JD by 5mins, mostly just faster on all legs although the few times i paused the gaps were significant. To summarise, 2mins mistakes plus 1mins mins tying laces (twice) and the rest fitness.

Mistake to 8 , should have taken blue line, beneath crag as it would have kept map contact more easily.


Orienteering 30:00 [3] 4.2 km (7:09 / km)

Corridor training. Missed 1st, 4th and 5th as they were all controls on green and had been to them. Joined at 2 and did a blank map except from circles to 6. On it most of the way round except fell low on last control. Concentration was high all the way round. CD to road at end. A good morning's training in the forest.


Saturday Nov 18, 2017 #

Cycling (Turbo) 45:00 [3]

Easy Spinning
2 PM

Running 43:00 [3] 9.5 km (4:32 / km)

Easy run round Corennie with one trail.

Friday Nov 17, 2017 #

Running (Terrain) 47:00 [3] 7.1 km (6:37 / km)

Short WU and CD with 10mins * 4 steady terrain. Had the joy of a lift there and back, so really got to focus on terrain running rather than 6km return to get there and back. I am surprised by how fast the running in the forest is and that underfoot it is relatively dry. Was all in the dark which made it fun and exploring bits of the forest I have never been too was good. Although the majority of the forest has large rolling contour features and vegetation boundaries there are a couple on interesting wee areas of complex gullies/re-entrants. This combined with the terrain round the small quarries and linked into the steeper stuff to the north and a bit of moor and there could be some usable orienteering terrain. Maybe Corrennie has some potential as a map for summer sprints/level D events?

Thursday Nov 16, 2017 #

Running 39:00 [3] 8.1 km (4:49 / km) +200m 4:17 / km

Quick blast running some errands. Legs not liking the hard surfaces, and not particularly fresh either. Nice to get out especially after a solid 4h maths revision session and test at school to make up for the last few days.

Strength and Core 55:00 [3]

Good session. Working on technique and lots of core strength. A few leg strength exercises and some good stability work. I think doing this sort of thing weekly will really help.

Stretching 20:00 [3]

Perfect 10 + Rollers

Wednesday Nov 15, 2017 #

6 PM

Orienteering 1:01:00 [3] 7.6 km (8:02 / km)

DNC Used as training. Aimed to nail the technical sections and keep it easy on the rest, as it was inevitable that there would be some pointless legs. Chose poor routes but that wasn't the focus of the evening so not bothered. Nailed the first technical area, only a brief pause (10s) but map contact was brilliant. Was right next to 4 but walked away only to see it! Too far left on 5 but relocated excellently and aced 6. Ok to 7 and got caught in brack on way to 8. Fell low and right on way to 9, didn't keep map contact, should have used vague contours more. Thought I was lower than i was on path to 11, lost 2 mins. Was even standing next to a signpost that pointed down the right path! But again relocated fine, lost 2 mins. Not motivated for last 3 controls and was happy to keep the pace chilled so did so. Let's not discuss why I didn't take the path to the finish.

8 PM

Stretching 10:00 [3]


Tuesday Nov 14, 2017 #

Running 55:00 [5] 11.0 km (5:00 / km) +300m 4:24 / km

12*1 with 1mins rest. First proper intervals of the winter. Was waiting for the camp to before doing any and am pleased at how i was feeling in them today. So kept it chilled in first couple and let the others settle down, once properly warmed up i got into the flow of it and started feeling strong, lots of aerobic exercise over the last 6 weeks with little intervals has been good and my fitness is definitely in a solid place. Never felt like i had a killer kick in any of the intervals but am not surprised after such a break from structured intervals. Bring on winter.....

Stretching 10:00 [3]

perfect 10

Monday Nov 13, 2017 #

Orienteering 1:13:00 [3] 10.3 km (7:05 / km) +500m 5:42 / km

Docharn, fantastic area absolutely loved it despite having no legs and a disintegrating shoe! Whole exercise was routechoice and went for terrain on first leg but executed the last 1/10th badly so lost time. Fell short on 2 before nailing everything except 9, going slow due to feeling tired from 20km of orienteering yesterday, yet once i got a grasp of the map i kept the concentration up. I fell too far right on 9 and didn't traverse the slope enough, need to to some slope o exercises.

Analysis of 1st leg shows that i made a parallel error over two hills with rocky areas on them. I thought that the red area was infact the yellow one, hence ending up on the wrong hill. Didn't relocate quickly which cost lots of time.


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