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Training Log Archive: lyds101

In the 7 days ending Nov 12, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run7 4:10:21 30.04(8:20) 48.34(5:11) 526
  Gym3 2:25:00
  Swim2 32:30
  Total11 7:07:51 30.04 48.34 526
averages - sleep:7.5 rhr:61

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Sunday Nov 12, 2017 #

9 AM

Run 1:05:12 [4] 13.01 km (5:01 / km) +88m 4:51 / km
ahr:150 max:168

Wasn't sure how I was feeling when I woke up this morning. Slept well but was quite tired. Alex decided not to wimp out of his run so I did the same. Decided to do about 60 along the lovely flat, tarmac canal - home comforts and all.

Felt okay in the first few kms. And to be honest, felt okay the whole way. Bumped into Peppercorn... and by bumped into I mean got over taken by.

Then saw Mhairi, Steph and Chris as I bombed it back home. Beautiful sun shine and now for some pancakes at the treehouse.

Bam. I'm getting there <3

Saturday Nov 11, 2017 #

Run race 18:50 [5] 4.0 km (4:43 / km) +53m 4:25 / km
ahr:165 max:183

Scottish National Short Course Championships 2017, Kirkcaldy.

Bombed it over the Forth in the go kart this morning. All roads lead to KDY to go and toe the start line with an Olympic finalist... Scotland's one and only, Laura Muir. Let's be honest here - I was nervous. So nervous. More nervous than I had allowed myself to be for a long time. I think, primarily due to the fact that everything has changed this week. There was no pressure as such, however that underlying desire to prove yourself, compete to the best of your ability is overriding. The worst thing however, knowing that such an achievement isn't quite possible at the moment! All the more heartbreaking, lining up, preparing to give it your all.

Me legs were feeling fresher, to an extent. My first km was, again the quickest km I have ran non-stop for a long time. Positive start. The hills didn't knack me too much from the off. Yas. At about the mile mark, heading back along the boggy ground into the wind for the second lap, I took a moment to reset and stay relaxed. I could feel myself getting tired and slowing, so I reigned it in a bit; I knew I didn't want to blow up completely round the second half.

Over the start line for the second time, I checked my watch. Exactly 2k - here we go, what do you have left Lydia. Up the hill - stride out, or try. Again, off the top of the hill I could keep moving, so much better and easier than last week - positive.

Down the hill, round the corners, I found a second wind I think. I could feel that I wasn't completely deed as i had felt at this point previously. I wanted to finish, don't get me wrong, but I had a bit more fight in me this time. The difference between actually racing others around you and just running is huge. All depends on the fire in your belly - I had it back, or I felt a flicker of it at least. I held another girl off to the line.

And that was that. It was 1pm and I knew the boys would be off in a matter of minutes. Barely caught my breath and I found myself running with Pippa to cheer for the lads as they flew off up the hill - Scotland vests at stake.

I am not pleased nor displeased with my run today. It was what it was. I am pleased to the extent that it is getting better, yet the process may not be complete until nationals in February at least I think. Reverse the psychology perhaps and feel positive for the track season, ready to go again next year.

Cool down complete and humbled by the sight of Alex lining up to get a bronze medal. In absolute awe of his tenacity, determination and fight. I am learning from someone with plenty of experience.

We boosted back home - via Murrayfield for the international rugby game. As you do.

Saturday well spent.
12 PM

Run warm up/down 26:57 [3] 4.7 km (5:44 / km) +46m 5:28 / km

bombing aboot the course wu/down/no.1 cheerleader

Friday Nov 10, 2017 #

5 PM

Swim (chill) 10:00 [1]

Went for a little swim and chat with Alex :) some nice breast stroke and stretching in preparation for tomorrow's race.

Looking forward to it. Let's see what I can do!
6 PM


Also went for a massage / physio session last night in order to chill me out and loosen me up a bit. Turns out I was actually quite tight - particularly my neck, and the right side. Also hips were tight too, on what my dad would call his love handles.

Feeling good - had plenty of sleep so am alright! It's all relative right so I'm feeling fresh (er). I don't really know how today will go apart from that I will be not afraid to run today and be giving my all. Hopefully my all will be found a wee bit easier this weekend.

Just a quick note for everyone that has supported / helped me out. So unbelievably grateful.

Thursday Nov 9, 2017 #

10 AM

Gym 55:00 [3]

Hit the gym this morn after having cooked the pengest breakfast the world had ever seen. Nice way to start the day :)

Body finally got rid of DOMs from Monday's session... nice one. Going to see the physio tomorrow who will help loosen me off I think! In terms of the short course, I am going to run tonight but not at the track. I will do 20 steady, 10 tempo - Readiing AC style round the meadows (imagining I'm down by the Thames in the sun!)

Here's what I did:
3 x 10 squats (bar)
3 x 15 5kg plate lifts
3 x 10 superset flys 4kgs, 2kgs
3 x 10 6kg bicep curls
3 x 10 6kg hammer curls
3 x 10 bench press
3 x 5 bench flys
3 x 10 chin ups

Followed by the standard abs circuit and some stretches.

6 PM

Run tempo 30:21 [5] 6.61 km (4:35 / km) +19m 4:32 / km
ahr:162 max:179

So then, in following what I had decided earlier on, I took my shoes for a spin round the meadows - my favourite place to feel good on a tempo type session in Edinburgh anyway.
I've been doing some orienteer / mathematician / engineer style analysis on my pace.

km 1: got excited as was running with Alex - fastest km (4.29)
km 2: lost Alex and was going it solo, the wind was a bit strong likes down the back by the library. Kept it steady, 4.40.
km3: holding it! 4.42.
km 4: 4.38.
from here it was the ten min tempo. basically just a test to see whether I could actually run any faster after having bombed it for 4k. that was the fastest 4k I have run since... SINCE MAY.

km 5: 4.31 YAS
km 6: 4.35 HOLD ON GAL!!
km 0.6: 4.31 pace I HELD IT YAS YAS YAS YASSSSSSSOOOOOO. So happy.

okay so I am just so tired! Ive just been going and going and going... no stop ey. Bloody hell. No wonder I ran a PB in May and then it just disappeared hella quick after that. Classic bit of statistical analysis that makes you see as clear as day what the problem was / is (no longer).

I even didn't feel tired walking upstairs today. wow.

So happy with the session. I also think what I've done over the last few months is be so tired that intervals weren't actually making me fitter cos I was too tired to do them properly... and I thought I was intelligent hahaha peak.

Well hey, it's just learning my body, what works, and what clearly doesn't!

Until tomorrow fans (Alex and Will) xoxoxoxox
7 PM

Run warm up/down 7:06 [3] 0.75 mi (9:28 / mi) +10m 9:05 / mi
ahr:169 max:179

cool HR :) haha clearly gave it some!

Wednesday Nov 8, 2017 #

2 PM

Run hills 1:07:33 [4] 12.01 km (5:37 / km) +281m 5:02 / km
ahr:166 max:180

Decided to go with the haries this afternoon for their Braids recce run. Wanted some decent chat primarily.

cycled out to Kings with Eilidh then ran from there, 1 big lap and one lap cutting back across the golf course. The first hill (from the start of the XC loop was actually fine today... didn't feel bad at all!) had me feeling relatively strong, then up round the following... beginning to feel it a wee bit. Then, the final few twists and turns uphill towards the very top were a bit tough. Difference, however, was that at the brow of the hill, where my legs would usually just pretty much stop, I could keep powering off the top and actually gain speed again. Woop.

I waited for Eilidh to come round with Linette, then her and I went for the second time. The hills this time felt easier! Certainly an abnormal feeling!

It wasnt even that slow today, (the climb adjust feature is a good confidence boost) and I didnt want to stop! Tomorrow I will gym and track.

I've been also thinking about consolidating a list of goals for my running, which may help to focus my training. Not just may, certainly will. Indubitably.

... See following note post.
6 PM


Lydia's goals 2017/2018

1. Top 20 at Falkirk (yes the conversion has happened)
2. Better my 145th place at BUCS
3. Top 15 at East District champs
4. Run a 20 min park run before going home for crimbo
5. Break 19.10 for 5k in the summer
6. top 30 at short course for u20s
7. 18 mins (or as close to) for 4.4km race @ liverpool
8. Be in a position that reflects my actual ability at Braids.
9. Hit about 40 miles a week plus 2 x gym and 2 x swim
10. Be happy through doing more of what I <3

Tuesday Nov 7, 2017 #

12 PM

Gym (core) 15:00 [2]

Wee bit of core again in the gym!


Swim 22:30 [2]

nice and chilled trip to marchmont's finest swimming establishment. not too busy so it was totally acceptable to just do 32 lengths of breast stroke... not even putting my head underwater haha. Swimming keeps my HR in the exact right zone for "easy."

Quite pleasant really, especially when followed by the sauna. What dreams are made of... am I right...

7 PM

Run warm up/down 19:48 [3] 3.8 km (5:13 / km) +10m 5:09 / km
ahr:151 max:181

Run tempo 14:34 [4] 3.0 km (4:51 / km) +19m 4:42 / km
ahr:157 max:175

Felt good - did 10 runs then took a wee break.

did another 5 and called it a day at that.

quite fun. bit chilly. hopefully will feel a bit more up for it again tomorrow. am envisaging that it will get better with each day i take it chill and do some different things.

felt like i could actually move quicker off the start of each rep when my watch beeped. although 30 secs recovery is short, it wasn't too short that i couldn't get my breath back and then subsequently be keen to go again. felt different in that i actually wanted to go as fast as i could, rather than struggling a bit!! :)

wine also did bits tonight #fulltimeathletebyday #skitelordbynightandbyweekend

Monday Nov 6, 2017 #

rhr:61 slept:7.5

After a rough day yesterday at the cross country, I was feeling a little bit worse for wear as I got into bed. I could no longer hold onto the disappointment of how the last few months in terms of running had gone. The problem being primarily that I can't pin point what was causing the depreciation in fitness rather than forward progression despite the efforts and willingness I was showing in training.

I had to keep brushing it off. The only way I could justify to myself what was going on.

So here we go. It might get a bit deep on here this week. I'm gonna switch things up. Press the reset button. Feel fresh, reduce... less is more. Going to do as little as possible to reap the greatest reward. I am capable of being back to where I was. It may not be as quickly as I'd like it but at least I can make the necessary amends.

It means a lot to me - my calf is feeling better. I'm going to go and see a proper decent physio this week. Take more time to stretch, roll, gym... etc. But most importantly, make sure that it's all okay in my head before moving forward. Once i gain confidence again in my ability that's when I'll see a real change. When I'm dropping Alex again along the canal.

Looking after myself and taking the time to do things that I want to do. More reading, more writing, more chills. Go more with how I feel than with what I should or ought to do. Keep it fun right! No pressure. It should be easier than it is right now.

I think it all got a bit too much. I need to be a coiled spring again, ready and raring to go! So my challenge is to be back able to run with Alex, properly. Not be struggling quite so bad. Learning what is right for me and me only. I want to perform - not shoot myself in the foot with extra runs just cus I fancy it. I need to stimulate my love of being outdoors in a way that is beneficial to my running. A bike.

Double days: yes but not both running. Once I'm back at 430s then we can do one a week. That's the plan.

You've got this, girl. xxxx

6 PM

Gym 1:15:00 [3]

Decided it was too cold to run outside. what a whopper. Change of tune I think. Chatted with Paul about the concept of easy / hard weeks. Interesting insight as per.

Felt good to be doing some stuff that reminded me of home :)

Here's the reason why I could barely turn the steering wheel of the car immediately after:

- Bench press with dumbbells (8kg)
- Shoulder press (5kg)
- butterfly (5kg)
- Plate lift (5kg)
- Squats (the whole bar)
- calf raises (no weight lol)
- biceps and hammer curls (12 per arm x 5 6kgs)
- triceps dips 10 x 3
- press ups (legs on bench 7 x 3)

followed by usual abs circuit, some stretches and yoga :)

Feeling good. No running until the track tomorrow night xoxoxox

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