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Training Log Archive: lyds101

In the 7 days ending Nov 26, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run10 5:11:52 37.04(8:25) 59.61(5:14) 502
  Gym2 2:05:00
  Swim1 23:46
  Total13 7:40:38 37.04 59.61 502

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Sunday Nov 26, 2017 #

10 AM

Run long 1:00:13 [3] 11.12 km (5:25 / km) +76m 5:14 / km
ahr:156 max:188

didn’t go with the other girls at 830 as had been out since 2am in Liverpool. Slept some more & went at 10. Much nicer.

I went for a figure of eight loop round Wavertree Park & Sefton again. Stopping a couple of times for pics of penny lane n that. It was a decent run like but just wondering at the moment why I seem to have one pace.

Not sure how this will get better! No track at all for me this week I don’t think. Am gonna have to rethink a wee bit.

Saturday Nov 25, 2017 #

11 AM

Run race 21:59 [5] 4.41 km (4:59 / km) +29m 4:50 / km
ahr:144 max:165

Absolutely bricking it I lined up. I took to that start line like I owned the place. Or tried to anyway. I was stood behind Niamh Bridson-Hubbard, next to Erin Wallace. A privilege i suppose! I wanted to enjoy myself so didn’t push the pace too much at the start. I went with the quick start but not crazy. Then undulating hills and lots of mud slowed me down. Also perhaps my current state but anyway.

I really enjoyed the race. I don’t know where I placed. I raced the race I was in and oh my god I tried so bad to outsprint finish the girl ahead of me. I couldn’t do it. I knew this would be a tough one. But maybe not quite as tough as it actually was.

Thank you to Alex & Sasha for cheering so loud. Needed that.

I did it with a smile on my face and that’s all that I care about - of course I’m gutted that my time is so dramatically slower than last year. Not just a bit cus if the mud right. But something else.

I’m gonna go for a nice 60 easy mins around Sefton Park this morning.

Run warm up/down 13:05 [3] 2.32 km (5:38 / km) +17m 5:26 / km

1 PM

Run warm up/down 22:35 [3] 4.01 km (5:38 / km) +31m 5:25 / km

Cheering on the boys

Friday Nov 24, 2017 #

1 PM

Run 25:30 [2] 4.62 km (5:31 / km) +37m 5:18 / km
ahr:160 max:186

Was absolutely chomping at the bit to go for this run. Maybe the nerves had got the better of my thus allowing me to channel them in a different way!

I went into this run with the opinion that if I felt good, I would run tomorrow. I felt good and this is a confidence boost. If I felt like shite, I'd call it a day and not run tomorrow. Luckily, the latter didn't prevail. I felt great. So much better than I have felt in a very very long time too. I ran all the way for 25 mins and didn't need to pause to catch my breath to be able to keep going. This is a turning point in itself. Enough energy to actually keep moving - fundamental. I will race tomorrow. I will give it my absolute all, whatever that may be and I will have fun supporting my friends and immersing myself in a world I love and have so much respect for.

So, I got in from my lovely but chilly meadows loop to read Bobby's article in its entirety. I was hooked. Her words so powerful. So clear. Even someone as successful as her can find herself in such a predicament, similar to that of which I find myself in at the moment. But worse. At least I did and continue to do something about my hormone levels, not allowing for such low bone density and osteoporosis. The combination of pushing herself to be the best she could (echoes of what the voice in my little head tells me too), and not addressing the issue of no period has left her athletic career in a state of disrepair. Running is about life long enjoyment, for me I want to be enjoying it aged 50 and above. My choices now will make or break this. Perfect timing of her article tbh.

Anyway, I'm just about to go down to Waverley now to hop on the train to England. Sefton Park awaits. Who knows what will happen tomorrow but whatever does, I will have a smile on my face. Come what may, tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, it's only a day away.

Thursday Nov 23, 2017 #

10 AM

Gym 1:05:00 [3]

Hit gym, not too hard mind. Felt decent!! Big day ahead. Training at the track with the boiiiiiis. Should be decent.

How many times can I use decent in a description. Decent.
7 PM

Run warm up/down 10:17 [3] 2.01 km (5:07 / km) +21m 4:52 / km
ahr:145 max:175

wam up with alex :)
he was early for something for once! spectacular scenes at a very, very chilly meadowbank.

Run intervals 16:53 [5] 3.62 km (4:40 / km) +41m 4:25 / km
ahr:147 max:165

The switch up began now. I decided to do Alex's session tonight, engineering it in such a way that I would arrive in the last 50 metres with the lads and fight with them to the line... i.e. have a wee head start. Felt good to be up there, or sort of up there a bit you know, like more so than I have felt in a while. Was also fun to try mixing it with some different people, different style of session etc. Needing to keep it all fresh at the moment and keep enjoying it. Despite choosing to train with the boys, and that be dangerous in terms of pace, actually made me feel better because I know and accept how much faster they are than me, therefore anything I do need not be compared. Whatever I run is good for me, they are merely helping me push a bit faster. It's easier mentally in this way. More positive and feel good.

I was struggling, not gonna lie. I was short of breath. The first few twos were okay, then the recovery 200 jog started to get the better of me. It's a question of striking a balance between pushing fast on the run, but not so fast that you're absolutely peached for the next jog. This is the sort of session I will improve on in time. Next time I will run less reps but more speeeeeeeeeed.

I am having major doubts re. Liverpool. Nervous is an understatement. Nervous to inevitably blow up - in front of lots and lots of people. I thought I had my head set up good for it, but I'm not sure I do! Headstrong and not so proud to be worried. I dont know whether the worry about it is also eating me up inside a bit too! Maybe the answer is to take my kit but still decide tomorrow or even Saturday morning. Maybe I go in kit and go for a run round the park instead. I don't want to be there and not run at all, but I don't know if racing is actually going to be fun - this is fundamental for me at the moment.

If anyone reading this has any suggestions... (Will, Jack... etc. Don't really know the extent of my attack point fan base but yeah any advice would be hugely appreciated!). I'm looking forward to see Alex absolutely smash his race, and Freddie give him a run for his money. Steph too will have a stormer - inspiring.

I chatted with Bobby Clay today about various things in athletics - female triad, overtraining etc... She's got an article in Athletics Weekly that is going to be ace. Looking forward to reading that tomorrow!
8 PM

Run warm up/down 15:11 [2] 2.62 km (5:48 / km) +28m 5:30 / km

cool down with alex and pippa. skr skr.

Wednesday Nov 22, 2017 #

8 AM

Run 34:54 [3] 6.52 km (5:21 / km) +54m 5:08 / km
ahr:164 max:183

Easy recovery 4 miles in the rain. Feeling alright and not too tired despite the lack of sleep - too much to think about last night!

Nice to get it done this morning and have the rest of the day to chillllllllllll! Went for coffee with Mhairi and chatted about the weekend and life in general. Feeling that last night was one step backward to then go further forward again. Hoping this is true.

My race report did bits btw. Just sayin. Watch this space for the Liverpool preview.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2017 #

11 AM

Swim 23:46 [3]

My dad brought my goggles up north so now I can finally channel some Michael Phelps style front crawl at Warrender swimming baths.

Today I did 46 lengths. One front crawl, one beaststroke... you know, to get my breath back and all!! Triceps a bit DOMS-y (to use Will Rigg's finest English), but once I got cracking felt fab. Only problem is contending with swimmers who think they can do well slow breaststroke in the fast lane. Nightmare.

Looking forward to whatever is on offer at the track tonight.
7 PM

Run warm up/down 12:26 [2] 2.5 km (4:58 / km) +26m 4:44 / km
ahr:141 max:148

warm up at the track

Run intervals 23:23 [5] 5.22 km (4:29 / km) +53m 4:16 / km
ahr:144 max:161

Ready for some in depth analysis rn.

I had 3 x (4 x 300m) with 2" between each run and 6" between each set. Yet another big session which requires a lot of power and force. Both of which I was lacking a bit yesterday.
I was tired but thought I was just being a wimp - nervous to attack the track because I know my times are not going quite so well / keeping up with the other girls is proving difficult.
I went anyway and gave it my all. Which wasn't enough to run sub 60s at all, nor keep up with the others. Shame. But that said, as disappointing as it was, one step backwards to take some more forward I think and hope.

Despite crying after the session on the way home, I feel that I have learned a significant amount from last night. That one: hammering out 12 x 300m at the moment is not beneficial - too far and too intense for too long. I can't sustain it. The, two: I think that stepping backwards even further - away from the track until it is my friend again will help boost my confidence in my ability again. It's heartbreaking to know that in May I could run 47 and 48 for 300m intervals. Now if I was anything close to 60 I was happy.
To draw the positives, I did the session and completed it fully. Sense of achievement - good. It was very windy, making it even tougher down that back straight.

I need to lose my competitive edge right now. I want to run because I bloody love it, I love the friends I have made through it and I couldn't imagine my life without it. I will run and enjoy doing so. My race on Saturday at Liverpool is my race. I will run and compete with the girls around me, whoever they may be. This is me right now and we give it what I have.

Some more fine tuning to be done.
8 PM

Run warm up/down 4:57 [3] 0.82 km (6:02 / km) +10m 5:41 / km
ahr:158 max:160

cool down

Monday Nov 20, 2017 #

12 PM

Run long 50:29 [4] 9.82 km (5:08 / km) +79m 4:57 / km
ahr:163 max:187

Runch break spectacular.

Quite enjoyed a wee loop of the meadows, up the links, down Colinton Road and along the canal and back again. Felt okay - not quite as good as this time last week, but was alright.

Was hoping to have been able to run a bit quicker! Maybs just not feeling it... but in the same way was feeling it, and feeling stronger.

Swapped today for Weds - last longer run before the weekend. Fine tuning, shorter, sharper stuff begins now.

5 PM

Gym 1:00:00 [3]

Feeling tired - shame :(

Clearly went a bit too much earlier. Anyway, still learning what's right for each day. Took it a bit more chilled tonight therefore in the gym.

Here's what I did:
4 x 10 squats
4 x 10 dead lifts
4 x 10 tricep pulls overhead pulley
4 x 10 tricep pull down pulley
4 x 20 bicep curls
4 x 15 5kg plate lifts
3 x 10 press ups

followed by the abs circuit and some stretching.

missing my dad I think.

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