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Training Log Archive: blackemcee

In the 7 days ending Dec 3, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Long1 2:01:55 12.8(9:31) 20.6(5:55) 218
  Tempo1 1:00:43 7.71(7:53) 12.4(4:54)
  Hill Progression1 1:00:00 6.76(8:53) 10.88(5:31)
  Easy1 45:01 5.22(8:37) 8.4(5:22)
  Hill1 30:00 2.78(10:47) 4.48(6:42)
  Strength1 20:00
  Total5 5:37:39 35.27 56.76 218

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Sunday Dec 3, 2017 #

Long 2:01:55 [2] 20.6 km (5:55 / km) +218m 5:37 / km

Rolling dirt road, mix of mud, ice and wet snow, so it was pretty slow but a good training for ankles.

Friday Dec 1, 2017 #

Hill 30:00 [2] 4.48 km (6:42 / km)

I decided that walking wold be too boring so I ran at 6:30, which was more or less comfortble, although the legs felt pretty tired after that one.

Strength 20:00 [1]

Made a first attempt of strength training in the gym, I'll write you an email later with my questions.

Thursday Nov 30, 2017 #

9 PM

Tempo 1:00:43 [4] 12.4 km (4:54 / km)

Second attempt the next night was much better. But that day the snow came at last, so the road was part tarmac, part ice, part snow which didn't allow to run fast all the time, sometimes had to slow down on the corners during the fast part. But I liked the result, average pace on the fast part was 4:16, although I still think 5:10 for easy run is too fast for me now.

Wednesday Nov 29, 2017 #

Easy 45:01 [2] 8.4 km (5:22 / km)

This was expected to be a #2 tempo run but I failed it completely. From my experience I know that to feel comfortable running early morning you need to do that contantly. And I hevent' been doing that constantly.
A year ago when I started to train for Tartu marathon after couple of months break first I couldn't run in the morning even at easy pace (felt nausea and had to stop from time to time) although I felt completely fine running at night. After a week of constant morning running I strarted to feel fine. So I think that's the reason.
Today I started easy (but couldn't go up to 5:10, I think this figure is too optimistic, I'm considering my easy pace at 5:20-5:30), and I felt nausea after 15 minutes. Then did the strides and started to run at 4:15-4:20 (although I thought that if my pace at half marathon in May was 4:11, then a pace I can hold for 1 hours should be faster, but just couldn't do it). I gave up after 1k - absolutely no juice and feeling horrible. I'm gonna count this one for easy run and make a second attempt tomorrow at night. Hope it will feel better.

Tuesday Nov 28, 2017 #

Hill Progression 1:00:00 [3] 10.88 km (5:31 / km)
ahr:154 max:182

First started running at 5:10, but on a treadmill that seemed much harder than outdoors, both according to the heart race and inner feeling. Now sure how accurate is the treadmill and whether it's more accurate than gps (or maybe the reason was that I skipped 3 days). So I slowed down to 5:30.
For the first time I decided to stop going up after running 2 minutes at 7%. Probably I could go up to 8, but I was already breathing hard and since I needed to repeat that one once again I decided to stop there.
Second time I went all up to 7 and realized that I still have power to run 2 minutes at 8, so I did that. Was completely exhauted after.

Well, it seems that running on TM can be fun if it's not just an easy run. But I was fun up to the moment when I finished the second progression and had to run on flat for the rest 20 minutes. Maybe next time it will be a good stimulus to go further. By the way, TM is also a good was to get used to running at warm temperatues.

As an experinet (and also to track my heart rate) I tracked the run on my watch and it showed pretty much the same info (I mean distance and pace) as the TM (when you are running indoors the watch uses steps count to measure all the values).

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