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Training Log Archive: Danshaw88

In the 7 days ending Mar 9:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running (road)5 6:41:45 50.97(7:53) 82.03(4:54) 458
  Running (trail/fell)1 2:54:15 19.04(9:09) 30.64(5:41) 490
  Strength tx2 1:30:00
  Turbo session1 1:00:05
  Total9 12:06:05 70.01 112.67 948
averages - sleep:8.8

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Saturday Mar 9 #

Running (road) 2:28:41 [3] 19.49 mi (7:38 / mi) +142m 7:28 / mi
ahr:144 max:162 slept:8.5

2hrs 30’ moderate (7’30” pace)

Warm up as per plan

Set off in awful conditions of rain and a strong wind. The rain didn’t bother me but the wind did. Felt like for the first hour I was fighting against the elements. Had kept the pace even rather than my usual trick of setting off too fast. Thought this would be wiser with the length of run and also with the conditions.

Second hour was much better I got into a rythym and was ticking over nicely. Felt good.

Came to the last 30’ and the wheels started to drop off I noticed my splits also slowing down 7’42, 7’43, 7’50 8’07. Just kept moving as I knew I just had to get the run done.

Post run went into recovery mode with a homemade smoothie with some hemp protein and stretching to help the legs recover out ahead of tomorrow’s run.

Friday Mar 8 #

Running (road) 1:01:03 [3] 7.49 mi (8:09 / mi) +69m 7:55 / mi
ahr:133 max:156

60’ with diaganols

Warm up as per plan

The first 25’ felt good and light in my step. Just keeping it easy ahead of diaganols.

For the last few days it’s been non stop rain so diaganols were done on a very soggy football pitch. This just made it difficult to get traction and a little frustrating. Felt poor quality but in the conditions they probably weren’t that poor.

Last 25’ was ok. No fatigue but wanting to get the session done and finished.

Thursday Mar 7 #

Running (road) 1:08:32 [3] 8.27 mi (8:17 / mi) +81m 8:03 / mi
ahr:128 max:152

60’ easy and strideouts

Warm up as per plan.

Kept the run steady and allowed the legs to fully recover ahead of this weekends sessions. Felt tierd from getting up early but the legs were in reasonable shape and fairly fresh. Got into a nice rythym and just let the session flow without putting any real effort in.

Strideouts felt good and light legs overall happy with the session.
7 AM

Strength tx 45:00 [3]


Same session as Monday

Wednesday Mar 6 #

Running (road) 1:02:02 [3] 7.29 mi (8:31 / mi) +86m 8:13 / mi
ahr:136 max:166 slept:9.0

20’ easy - 6x60’ hill repeats - 20’ easy

Fill warm up as per plan.

Had to take the day off to MOT the car so worked well to get the run done while the car was in. Set off with the legs surprisingly fresh from last nights run kept the run easy to keep the legs relaxed before the hill part of the session.

Hill repeats felt tough but good. Felt relaxed in my stride with good form . Felt like I could push hard. Each repeat felt spot on.

Last 20’ the legs felt heavier so used the easy to flush the legs out and recover from the session.
Post run stretch felt fine. Hr belts turned up so started to record hr again. Backballer should be here today.

Tuesday Mar 5 #

Running (road) 1:01:27 [3] 8.43 mi (7:17 / mi) +80m 7:05 / mi

60’ moderate (7’30” mile pace)

Warm up as per plan.

Cold out today but feeling really good. After about 15’ into the run was into a good rythym the legs just seemed to tick through the session. The session felt good not easy in intensity but good. Toward the end of the session the legs weren’t overly fatigued and didn’t feel like the session was beyond me.

Post stretch feeling fine.

Monday Mar 4 #

7 AM

Strength tx 45:00 [3]


Same session as Thursday
5 PM

Turbo session 1:00:05 [3]

60’ bike

Used tonight’s session to help recover the legs. Kept the resistance light and allowed the legs to spin over. Felt good overall and no heaviness from yesterday’s run. Happy with tonight’s session.

Sunday Mar 3 #

Running (trail/fell) 2:54:15 [3] 19.04 mi (9:09 / mi) +490m 8:28 / mi

3hrs specific endurance (750m) @9’00” pace

Warm up per plan.

Ran over rivington today and set off in the wet weather first 30’ felt really poor and struggled to get into a rythym. There after was moving far better and moving well over the terrain.

Came to the last hour and was suffering as made a fundamental error as I only had two packs of cliff shots left over from my last run. I realised I’d forgotten to repack the pack with food. Now I was starting to feel really poor and probably didn’t eat as much as I should have for tea and breakfast. With about 40’ remaining started to bonk. I would have gone back over rivington pike and probably been close to the elevation. However just wanted to get back to the car still maintained pace but was feeling poor.

Defiantly learnt my lesson today and underestimated today’s run. Just need to get into a pre run routine I think I just lack that race prep routine. However the paths round rivington are very run able just need to find a longer route.

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