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Training Log Archive: Danshaw88

In the 7 days ending Apr 20:

activity # timemileskm+m
  X-trainer6 7:00:49
  Turbo session3 2:15:54
  Strength tx2 1:30:00
  Total7 10:46:43

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Saturday Apr 20 #

X-trainer 1:00:20 [3]

XT session

started with leg swings and lunge matrix. Feeling good on the legs swings but need to work on my lunges. In particular back and to the side lunge.
Couldn't find any hurdles but will try to come up with something in the gym to replicate hurdles (just need to put my thinking cap on).

the season itself felt ok legs not too bad and the legs seemed fairly fresh. Overall legs feeling good just alternated direction every 5'.

started today trying to consciously activate my glutes when I'm walking etc. starting to feel much improved.

Turbo session 30:19 [3]

30' bike

after the xt session feeling warm on the bike and the legs felt fresh.

rounded off with the S and C excesses. Concentrating on the hip bridges could start to feel the glutes activating realised i need to rock my pelvis more to activate the glutes and force down through my heels. On the swiss ball could really feel my abs working hard.

Overall feeling good glutei feels good too.

Friday Apr 19 #

X-trainer 1:15:04 [3]
ahr:112 max:138

Xt (20’ easy 5x5’ effort 2’ recovery 20’ easy)

Feeling ok on the xt today and not feeling the glute. Good to mix the session up with some intervals as broke the session up. Legs generally feeling good.

Thursday Apr 18 #

Turbo session 1:00:27 [3]
ahr:103 max:118

60’ bike

Could feel it a little on the warmup in particular when doing grapevines but thought it would be ok to run on. Attempted the run and lasted 30” same pain in the glute feeling it when my foot strikes the ground and too uncomfortable to run through. Although the lumps gone and I can’t feel it walking or on rest.

So in the end did a bike session alternating between sit and stand every 5’ feeling fine and not feeling the glute on the bike. Legs felt fairly fresh.

Strength tx 45:00 [3]


Same session as Monday still just using body weight.

Wednesday Apr 17 #

X-trainer 1:30:23 [3]
ahr:93 max:108

Kept the resistance light and let the legs spin out and freshen up. The legs don’t feel too sore today and surprisingly good post treatment. Overall feeling ok and glute feeling good.

Tuesday Apr 16 #

X-trainer 1:03:24 [3]
ahr:110 max:139

Xt session (20’ easy 5x5’ moderate with 2’ recoveries 20’ easy)

Did the session pre work as thought with seeing Duncan this pm may struggle to fit the session in. However realised when I got there I hadn’t factored in the time it would take to stretch and shower so was time poor and had to reduce the easy part of the session to 15’.

Otherwise feeling ok this morning glute feels much happier ironic on the day I’m due to see Duncan. Took the first 10’ to properly wake up but once going feeling good and able to hit a nice rythym. The intervals I switched between forward and backward motion. Last 25’ felt fine and let the legs freshen up.

Monday Apr 15 #

Strength tx 45:00 [3]


Rehab excersises similar to thursdays session. All done with body weight only.

X-trainer 45:48 [3]

Chose to split the session up today doing 45’ on the xt and 45’ on the bike

Forgot my hr belt but never really look at it anyway when training and just go by feel. The xt I just kept steady whilst alternating direction every 5’. Felt good in the legs and not particularly fatigued.

Was good to get off the xt and mix it up with 45’ on the bike which again I alternated every 5’ between sitting and standing. Felt nice to do something different but the last 15’ seemed to drag.

Still feeling the glute but feels improved.

Turbo session 45:08 [3]

Sunday Apr 14 #

X-trainer 1:25:50 [3]
ahr:106 max:146

Xt (20’ easy - 12x2’ moderate effort /2’ recovery - 20’ easy)

Used the first 20’ to get into the swing of things keeping the resistance light. Hit the intervals and took the first 2-3 to get into it. Legs felt reasonably good through all efforts. Last 20’ just brought the session to a close time had seemed to go fairly quickly helped by having short intervals to concentrate on.

Still can feel the glute but certainly eased off a lot today.

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