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Training Log Archive: Danshaw88

In the 7 days ending Jul 20:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running (trail/fell)6 10:18:47 65.4(9:28) 105.25(5:53) 2777
  Turbo session1 1:38:22
  Physio1 40:00
  Total8 12:37:09 65.4 105.25 2777
averages - sleep:7.1

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Saturday Jul 20 #

Running (trail/fell) 3:59:10 [3] 20.76 mi (11:31 / mi) +1627m 9:16 / mi
ahr:130 max:158 slept:7.0

4hour hilly (practice fuelling)

Hip mobility / warm up as per plan.

Ran the kentmere horse shoe from town end up garburn pass. At the end summited yoke and froswick twice otherwise would have not made 4hours. Set off in rain there was clag on the summits but wasn’t actually unpleasant probably down to 25m visibility. Been out on this route before when it’s been far worse.

Set off took about 30’ before I started to get into the run but once going felt energised and good. Struggled a bit on the technical ground particularly when descending. However the legs felt good the fitness is there. Last 60’ felt ok still had energy found it difficult to push on the ascents but moving well.

Are dates on the run today and seemed to work well. Ate on the climbs rather than the descents.

Daily S&C felt tight across my abs tonight but probably from the run. Otherwise legs feel good. The quad feels back to normal. Still struggling with sleep but felt sleepy after the run so hoping to catch up tonight.

Friday Jul 19 #

Running (trail/fell) 1:08:46 [3] 8.8 mi (7:49 / mi) +27m 7:44 / mi

60’ easy and strideouts (x6)

Hip mobility /warm up as per plan

Same route as yesterday. Weather has broken today still hot but not as oppressive. Legs felt a tad heavy but the tightness has eased and the quad is much improved. Took about 20’ to get into a rythym. Once going the legs were ticking over nicely. Strideouts improved with each one. The 5th was probably best and the legs felt fresh by the end.

Struggled with sleep this week but hopefully with the weather breaking will help to get a good nights sleep ahead of tomorrow’s long run.

Thursday Jul 18 #

7 AM

Physio 40:00 [3]

Saw Duncan this morning.

Will reduce the daily S&C to every other day. Will start using a 5kg plate on the single leg bridge just to challenge me a little more. Looked at my quad and messaged the area was painful at the time but need to be done. He wasn’t overly concerned anyway.
6 PM

Running (trail/fell) 1:08:28 [3] 8.82 mi (7:46 / mi) +26m 7:42 / mi

60’ and strikeouts (x6)

Warm up / hip mobility as per plan.

Set off along the towpath. Thought the legs would be sore after seeing Duncan today but feeling not too bad. The quad is much improved and the massage this morning seems to have done the trick. Got into a nice rhythm and the time flew by.

Strideouts felt fairly decent legs ticked over nicely. Felt nice in my stride upright and springy in my step.

Did the daily S&C tonight feeling spot on

Wednesday Jul 17 #

Running (trail/fell) 1:06:16 [3] 8.29 mi (8:00 / mi) +147m 7:35 / mi
ahr:138 max:182 slept:6.5

20' easy - 6x60" hill repeats - 20' easy

warm up and hip mobility as per plan. Had to run on the road tonight not ideal but couldn't find a reasonably decent hill for the repeats near the canal. f

had a niggly tight left quad for most of the day, set off into the run and once warm couldn't feel the quad. Most likely muscular but seeing Duncan in the morning so will get him to review it. Not painful just a bit annoying.

Once moving felt good light on my feet and felt more upright that normal.
Hill repeats were uncomfortable but in a good way. Felt tough and was panting / heavy breathing by the end of the 60". Made sure i had a decent recovery allowing my breathing to calm down and come back under control.

Last 20' the legs were reasonably good. Kept the pace light with the hope to recover the legs out. Stretched the quads off once home.

Tuesday Jul 16 #

Running (trail/fell) 59:17 [3] 7.66 mi (7:44 / mi) +25m 7:40 / mi

60' easy (diagonals)

hip mobility / warm up as per plan.

Ran out and back along the towpath. The weather was good tonight not too hot and pleasant conditions. The left quad felt a little tight but moving well. relaxed off post run and used the massage stick and found the area. feeling good in my stride.

Diaganols felt sluggish like the legs wouldn't turn over quick enough. Yet the splits for the diagonals ave about 5min/mile pace which seems surprising. perhaps should have slowed the recovery down with hindsight.

Last part of the run the legs got back into a good rhythm. eased through the last 25'. mindful of hill sprints tomorrow so didn't want to push beyond the easy pace.

Daily S&C feeling good the ab excersises feeling better (not easier).

Monday Jul 15 #

Turbo session 1:38:22 [3]
ahr:105 max:139

80’ turbo

Been st the university of Cumbria all day couped up indoors so just wanted to get out on the bike tonight and get some fresh air. Got back a little late so was slack on time. Set off with the legs feeling a tad heavy but not too bad. The ankle is unremarkable from my stone footballing from yesterday has seemed to do little in the way of damage other than a small bruise.

As the session progressed the legs eased into the session and felt fresher. Would have liked to be out for longer but I was getting hungry so headed back for home. Was nice to be out and I’ll try to make the bike session a commute ride for the future. (Ave 17mph 27.78mi)

Sunday Jul 14 #

Running (trail/fell) 1:56:50 [3] 11.07 mi (10:33 / mi) +925m 8:23 / mi
ahr:140 max:160

2hrs hilly (no fuelling)

Hip mobility / warm up as per plan

Route was from Townend up garburn pass and on to the kentmere horseshoe.
Set off up garburn and moving well the climbs nice as it’s fairly runnable with the odd tricky spot. Climbed up on to yoke and still going well again the climbs steep but runnable. Coming off frost wick was technical and difficult to gain good footing. Turned back and headed back along the route. Took the descent not too hard but neither easy.

Coming off yoke not sure how it happened but kicked a loose stone over my left medial malleolous. Was painful for the 1st 5’ stopped just to settle it. Think I probably hit a superficial nerve as the pain subsided but has left me with a cut and a bruise. Luckily other than the cut and bruise there’s no real damage and got back to running.

Coming back down garburn pass felt a sharp pin like pain under my foot. Looked and a stone about an inch had pierced through the sole of my shoe and I cut my thumb removing it. Again luckily not much damage. Was a crazy half hour of running but got back to the car and the legs weren’t feeling too bad. Still felt relatively fresh.

Daily S&C feeling ok still struggling with windmills but feeling better than yesterday doing the ab excersises.

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