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Training Log Archive: Danshaw88

In the 7 days ending Sep 14:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running (road)6 6:56:01 57.46(7:14) 92.47(4:30) 430
  Strength tx3 1:40:00
  Mix road / trail 1 1:00:39 7.86(7:43) 12.65(4:48) 90
  Total7 9:36:40 65.32 105.12 520
averages - sleep:8

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Saturday Sep 14 #

Running (road) 1:35:48 [3] 13.41 mi (7:09 / mi) +108m 6:58 / mi
ahr:147 max:166 slept:7.0 shoes: Hoka carbon x

15' easy - 4x2miles @ 6.40-6.45/mi pace (4' recovery) - 15' easy

set off with fairly fresh legs. Had got up early today so that i could get the session done early on.
Hit the first set of 2miles and felt ok moving well and the effort didn't feel beyond me.
2nd 2 miles felt a bit tougher but manageable.
3rd 2 miles probably set off too fast for the first mile which made the second mile tougher but still controlled and moving well.
4th 2mile, Felt hard but manageable it was only when i got back home that i realised what pace i was going at.

Tried to have a decent recovery between each. After the 4th walked a bit before getting back into the run. The last 15' legs felt heavy just ran it out hoping the legs would freshen up a little more.

once home made a recovery shake with some tail wind, frozen fruit etc. Felt a little nauseous post run. Just want to get the legs recovered now before tomorrows session.

1 - 6.41/mi
2 - 6.44/mi
3 - 6.44/mi
4 - 5.49/mi - not sure where that one came from.

Friday Sep 13 #

Mix road / trail 1:00:39 [3] 7.86 mi (7:43 / mi) +90m 7:27 / mi
ahr:142 max:165 shoes: Hoka Arahi 3

60' easy plus 6x hill sprints

had a good warm up and went through all the drills as per the plan. Ran from parents house in a micx of trail and road. Weather was pretty spot on today not too warm and not too cold. Certainly not wet.
legs felt ok for the 1st 25' grew into the run. The legs didn't feel fully fresh yet they didn't feel heavy or fatigued.

Hill sprints - felt awesome. all 6 felt really good. The hip was driving me forward and felt effortless with good form.

Last easy part of the run the legs felt surprisingly fresh post hill sprints and just bounced my way back.

Strength tx 30:00 [3]


2x 50" side adductor planks (each side)
2x 15 deadbugs
2x 15 ball hand to feet pass
2x 15 single leg hip bridge (each leg)
2x reverse plank (to failure)
2x15 windwipers
1x10 windmills (each leg).

feeling ok and relatively strong, overall not too bad.

Thursday Sep 12 #

Running (road) 1:08:23 [3] 8.96 mi (7:38 / mi) +87m 7:25 / mi
ahr:137 max:155 shoes: Hoka Arahi 3

60' easy and 6 x strideouts

Felt ok this morning legs (particularly the quads) felt heavy but not really an issue was moving well. my glutes felt like they were really pushing me forward and concentrated on getting my form right today. felt like i ha plenty of energy today and not particularly tired from the last two days. Felt warm out although raining.

Strideouts - felt decent made sure my recovery between each was decent before doing the next. The legs felt fairly fresh by this point.

Wednesday Sep 11 #

Running (road) 1:04:07 [3] 8.85 mi (7:15 / mi) +96m 7:01 / mi
ahr:146 max:166 shoes: Hoka carbon x

20' easy - fartlek 12 x 1'@10k pace / 1' roll on recovery - 20' easy.

20'easy to begin with just ensured the legs were fully warmed before hitting the session.

fartlek - first 6 were into a head wind the last 6 were with a side/ tail wind. Each interval felty progressively harder than the previous. The recovery never felt quite long enough. The session was challenging but felt good and enjoyable.

splits 6.31, 6.17, 6.26, 6.25, 6.27, 6.16, 6.11, 6.11, 5.57, 6.07, 6.13, 6.02 (mile/-1 pace)

20' easy - last 20 just made sure the legs were recovered from the fartlek's.
Felt the glute/ hip flexor tighten a little but released fine on post run stretch.

Strength tx 40:00 [3]


3x 15 deadbugs
3x15 ball hand to feet pass.
3x15 (each leg) single leg hip bridge (8kg kettle bell resting on my pelvis)
3x reverse plank - to failure
3x 20 wind wipers.
2x 12 weighted squats (30kg)
3 x 45" side adductor plank running motion (each leg)
1x10 windmills (each leg)
1'30" skipping with a rope.

Felt good with the S&C followed up with 10' in the sauna and some light stretching / foam rolling.

Tuesday Sep 10 #

Running (road) 1:00:52 [3] 8.78 mi (6:56 / mi) +68m 6:46 / mi
ahr:151 max:165 slept:9.0 shoes: Hoka carbon x

60' moderate (7.20/mi-1)

set off and from the get go the legs felt fresh and i felt good/ energised. The run felt controlled and my running form felt fluid and strong. The legs never seemed to tier and even by the end i was still feeling fresh. really enjoyed todays session which made it feel easier too.

Monday Sep 9 #

Running (road) 1:06:03 [3] 8.77 mi (7:32 / mi) +16m 7:29 / mi
ahr:139 max:156

60’ easy and strideouts x6

The weather was terrible this morning fine misty rain can tell we’re going into autumn. However the run felt super easy today. The legs felt fresh and couldn’t tell if raced yesterday. No hangover and moving really well. Kept the pace easy in anticipation of tomorrow’s run.

Strideouts felt decent the 3rd and 4th felt effortless almost as though I was floating a strange feeling but happy.

Strength tx 30:00 [3]


Spent most of the day painting my lounge so had arm ache did the same session as Saturday. Felt reasonably good.


Went to to the sauna today and spent 10’ in there. Did a short few lengths in the pool but got bored as I hate swimming.

Sunday Sep 8 #

Running (road) 20:28 [3] 2.46 mi (8:19 / mi) +9m 8:14 / mi
ahr:136 max:144

Cool down

Running (road) 40:20 [3] 6.23 mi (6:28 / mi) +46m 6:20 / mi
ahr:164 max:173 shoes: Hoka carbon x

Sandbatch 10k

Having set off in what I thought was plenty of time I arrived late due to traffic on the m6. By the time I got my number the start was about 5mins off. I could warm up so did some drills quickly. Could have done with a pee but the que was massive.

Was a little nervous today and not sure why but having not warmed up I set off a bit annoyed. once going I actually got into a nice rythym. The first half of the run felt comfortable split the 5k in about 19.30. Was running well till about 7k and then it kicked up toward the end. In my head just tried to tell myself that it was a long hill rep, with no recovery. Crossed the line and knew I can still get faster. I know i have to throw myself into training fully in the next 3 weeks to improve at Preston 10k.

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