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Training Log Archive: Danshaw88

In the 7 days ending Sep 26:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hike1 4:02:48 8.29(29:17) 13.34(18:12)
  Running (trail/fell)3 3:45:40 30.05(7:31) 48.36(4:40) 286
  Running (road)2 2:22:04 21.05(6:45) 33.88(4:12) 202
  Turbo session2 2:01:11
  Strength tx3 1:35:00
  Total11 13:46:43 59.39 95.58 488
averages - sleep:8

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Saturday Sep 26 #

9 AM

Running (road) 1:27:59 [3] 13.11 mi (6:43 / mi) +121m 6:31 / mi
ahr:155 max:166 shoes: Hoka carbon x

90’ moderate

Just felt good today. Loads of energy moving well and just found a nice rythym. It felt smooth and controlled and a nice moderate effort. About a hour I hit a headwind but just kept that effort at moderate. I was pretty happy with today’s effort.
11 AM

Strength tx 30:00 [3]

Romanian deadlift 18kg
Crush grip goblet squat 17kg
Single leg Bulgarian split squat 18kg
Offset lunge 17kg
Wall ball calf raises 18kg
Angels and devils 4kg
Farmers carries 18kg
10x 18kg (2x9kg dumbbells) high knee step ups

Friday Sep 25 #

6 PM

Running (trail/fell) 1:30:06 [3] 12.08 mi (7:28 / mi) +119m 7:14 / mi
ahr:140 max:151 slept:8.0

1hr 30’ easy

Ran a few loops on the nature reserve. Pace felt super relaxed. Occasionally got a few twinges of tightness in my hamstrings (left) but the last 45’ didn’t feel it at all. Felt energetic and moving well. Just relaxed ahead of tomorrow’s session.

Thursday Sep 24 #

6 PM

Running (trail/fell) 1:06:07 [3] 8.74 mi (7:34 / mi) +73m 7:22 / mi
ahr:135 max:157 slept:8.0 shoes: Ravenna Brooks

60’ easy 6xstrideouts

Felt nice and relaxed. The pace felt easy and the legs felt fresh. Ran a couple of loops on the nature reserve. A bit chilly tonight,

Strideouts felt really decent. Could really feel myself pushing through the glutes. Felt really strong.

Sleep last few nights has been much improved and I’d say back to normal no longer waking during the night.
8 PM

Strength tx 30:00 [3]

Romanian deadlift 18kg
Crush grip goblet squat 17kg
Single leg Bulgarian split squat 18kg
Offset lunge 17kg
Wall ball calf raises 18kg
Angels and devils 4kg
Farmers carries 18kg
10x 18kg (2x9kg dumbbells) high knee step ups

Wednesday Sep 23 #

11 AM

Running (road) 54:05 [3] 7.94 mi (6:49 / mi) +81m 6:36 / mi
ahr:148 max:173 slept:8.0 shoes: Hoka carbon x

20’ easy - 8xpace 200s -20’ easy

After a lot of wrangling with occupational health it’s been agreed that I can return to work and I don’t need to self isolate.

Set of Boyd by the prospect of just being allowed out. Legs felt really fresh and I felt really energetic.

Started the pace 200s. Last week I set off too quick and wanted these to be much more of a controlled effort. I wanted to truly match a half marathon to 5k pace. As you can tell from the splits again I’m running them too quick. Although I’m suspicious that I can actually run a 10k quicker than I think I can. But i really want to race in order to see how quick I can actually run. Despite setting off too quickly I was shocked how strong I felt and how relaxed the efforts felt. I think this is a good session to dial myself into a rythym. What I am learning is that at 10k I will have to exert myself far more than an ultra and I actually think it’ll be harder than racing an ultra.


Last bit back home felt fine legs weren’t really fatigued so just kept the pace easy although looking at it I was running at a pace that I would normally run a moderate effort at yet it felt easy. I think today was just one of those days where you run fast and it feels effortless. I wish Running was always like that.
5 PM

Strength tx 35:00 [3]

Modified tiger push up 17 reps 20
Hamstring ball curls Single leg Left - 13 and 11 reps/ Right 14 and 12 reps
Reverse crunch 18 and 20 reps
Adductor side planks L 47” & 43” R 47” & 45”
Reverse plank 52” and 53”
Single leg hip bridge (9kg) left 30 and 32 right 32 and 34
Windmills 10

Tuesday Sep 22 #

5 PM

Turbo session 1:00:01 [3]

60’ turbo

Super annoyed tonight. Been sent home early from work as I’ve been to a restaurant that has now closed for COVID last week. I’ve not been told by track and trace to isolate but was told to go home until they can get clarity from occupational health. I think those was a massive over call but technically I’m Having to isolate till advice can be gained by tomorrow morning. I think they’ll say if I’ve not been contacted then continue as normal if asymptomatic.

Otherwise felt ok kept the legs ticking over and hopefully back out tomorrow.

Monday Sep 21 #

Running (trail/fell) 1:09:27 [3] 9.23 mi (7:31 / mi) +94m 7:18 / mi

60’ easy 6xhill sprints

Finally got this session done today.

Felt reasonably good. Legs felt good and kept a nice relaxed pace. We’ve still got the good weather which makes it enjoyable to be out too. I think I was helped by quality unbroken sleep.

Hill sprints felt really good. I could feel the glutes really kick in. I’d say this was the best set of hill sprints I’ve done to date. They just felt spot on. They’ve really helped me with my form this year.

Sunday Sep 20 #

2 PM

Hike 4:02:48 [3] 8.29 mi (29:17 / mi)

Hiked from glenridding on to helvellyn.We should have set of earlier but the day had got away from us so we didn’t start hiking till 2pm. The weather was spectacular so decided to do swirral edge and then go round on to striding edge. When we were on swirral edge the coastguard helicopter was flying over striding edge for about 20’ was impressive to see (but not for the person they were looking for). We didn’t go up it to hard just set a good pace and had fun scrambling over the rocks.
8 PM

Turbo session 1:01:10 [3]
ahr:124 max:146

60’ turbo

I ended up doing Mondays turbo session instead tonight as I got back from helvellyn really late (8.30pm) and we hadn’t had dinner yet. So I did a bike session whilst dinner was cooking. Felt really good and even though we’d been out for a while I didn’t feel tiered.

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