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Training Log Archive: Danshaw88

In the 7 days ending Oct 31:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running (road)4 3:57:06 33.72(7:02) 54.27(4:22) 269
  Running (trail/fell)4 3:54:02 28.07(8:20) 45.17(5:11) 427
  Strength tx3 1:40:00
  Total11 9:31:08 61.79 99.44 696
averages - sleep:8

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Saturday Oct 31 #

Strength tx 35:00 [3]

Modified tiger push up 15 reps 16
Hamstring ball curls Single leg Left - 12 and 13 reps/ Right 13 and 13 reps
Reverse crunch 21 and 18 reps
Adductor side planks L 43” & 44” R 45” & 44” (Struggled today with these)
Reverse plank 51” and 53”
Single leg hip bridge (9kg) left 30 and 30 right 31 and 32
3 PM

Running (trail/fell) 1:05:00 [3] 8.76 mi (7:25 / mi) +43m 7:19 / mi
ahr:144 max:164 slept:8.0

60’ easy 6xstrideouts

Ran on the canal at Lancaster had to go into work this morning so wasn’t till mid afternoon before I could get out (after a haircut). Now more aerodynamic felt good probably the best I’ve felt all week. But more pep in my step today.

Strideouts felt good. Light feeling on my feet legs feeling fresher.

Friday Oct 30 #

7 PM

Running (road) 51:09 [3] 7.03 mi (7:17 / mi) +62m 7:05 / mi
ahr:144 max:169 slept:8.0

20’ easy - 8xpace 200’s - 20’ easy

Felt ok forgot to pack my run kit to work so ran from home. Was annoyed I was on the road but it was the best I could do after another hectic day at work.

Pace 200’s felt decent moving well and pushing nicely through the legs.

Thursday Oct 29 #

Running (trail/fell) 41:00 [3] 5.08 mi (8:04 / mi) +57m 7:48 / mi
ahr:135 max:154

50’ easy

Been a hard day at work today and just felt knackered. Unfortunately I didn’t perk up on the run. Everything that could have wrong went wrong tonight. I was too hot, knackered and running in lots of wet bog. The weather was pretty awful too. Was glad to get it done and get home.

Wednesday Oct 28 #

10 AM

Running (road) 1:50:02 [3] 16.14 mi (6:49 / mi) +97m 6:42 / mi
ahr:155 max:169 slept:8.0 shoes: Hoka carbon x

1hr 50’ moderate

The first 1hr 30’ was spot on the legs felt good and into a nice rythym. Ran on feel and just kept a really nice moderate effort. The last 20’ started to slowly stretch me and o could feel fatigue building. I could still Maintain a moderate effort but it was more of a push in comparison to the rest of the run. Never felt my shin so certainly think it’s improved and I’ve done a lot of calf strength I’ve excersises which I think have helped too.
12 PM

Running (road) 7:49 [3] 1.02 mi (7:40 / mi) +13m 7:22 / mi

Just ran easy back to the house felt ok post moderate. Ordered a pair of the rocket X when I got back think this pair has had it now.
3 PM


Sports massage this afternoon. Then max has just installed a Sauna and ice bath so he told me to do 15’ sauna 4’ ice bath 5’ sauna 4’ Icle bath 5’ sauna

Not going to lie not a fan of the ice bath but my legs do feel relaxed tonight not sure if that’s the massage or the sauna/ ice. It’s not something I’ll be doing regularly.
5 PM

Strength tx 35:00 [3]

Modified tiger push up 16 reps 17
Hamstring ball curls Single leg Left - 13 and 14 reps/ Right 12 and 13 reps
Reverse crunch 19 and 20 reps
Adductor side planks L 40” & 38” R 41” & 39” (Struggled today with these)
Reverse plank 51” and 53”
Single leg hip bridge (9kg) left 30 and 31 right 32 and 32

Tuesday Oct 27 #

Running (trail/fell) 1:03:37 [3] 8.05 mi (7:54 / mi) +91m 7:38 / mi
ahr:138 max:155

60’ easy 6xstrideouts

Felt a bit knackered probably from Monday’s session with Wednesday moderate looming I kept it really easy. Legs were a bit heavy but nothing felt tight. Shin still a bit mischievous but I’ve got another sports massage tomorrow and it is certainly settling.
Strideouts were semi decent but could have been better. Just couldn’t find that rythym tonight.

Monday Oct 26 #

6 PM

Running (road) 19:42 [3] 2.61 mi (7:33 / mi) +29m 7:18 / mi

Warm up

Running (road) 18:24 [3] 2.4 mi (7:40 / mi) +24m 7:26 / mi

20’ cool down

Running (road) 30:00 [3] 4.52 mi (6:38 / mi) +44m 6:27 / mi
ahr:154 max:172

10x 90”@10km pace / 90” Roll on recovery

Warm up legs felt relatively fresh moving ok. Very dark and very windy tonight but of a shock to the system.

Felt ok no real fatigue used perceived effort tonight and in all honesty I could have gone a little harder on the 10k efforts and probably took my foot off the gas too much on the recoveries either way it still was a decent work out. It feels good getting use to alternating my efforts.

Cool down felt ok just relaxed and allowed the legs to recover.

Sunday Oct 25 #

1 PM

Running (trail/fell) 1:04:25 [3] 6.18 mi (10:25 / mi) +236m 9:19 / mi
ahr:116 max:162

80’ easy 6xstrideouts

Ran with Anna on her first ever trail run. Would have gone for longer but she struggled on the climbs. I felt nice and relaxed legs felt good and whenever there was a climb It was never uncomfortable or hard going. Felt really easy today.

Strideouts felt decent and a nice flow to them.
6 PM

Strength tx 30:00 [3]

Crush grip goblet squat 24kg
Single leg Bulgarian split squat 14kgx2
Offset lunge 14kgx2
Wall ball calf raises 18kg did this at home
Angels and devils 4kg
Farmers carries 2x16kg
10x 18kg (2x9kg dumbbells) high knee step ups

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