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Training Log Archive: andrews

In the 7 days ending Feb 9:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running3 2:45:01 18.11(9:07) 29.14(5:40) 499
  Cricket1 1:00:00
  Cycling1 49:30 9.69(5:06) 15.6(3:10) 63
  S&C1 25:00
  Total6 4:59:31 27.8 44.74 562
  [1-5]4 3:34:31

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Saturday Feb 8 #

10 AM

Running race 45:00 [4] 9.7 km (4:38 / km) +320m 3:59 / km

Windy Hill fell race
Splitting in two so intensity and distance more accurate.

9.7km of 14.25km fell race ran and the rest walked after falling over. I trusted a piece of mud on the track when descending a bit too much as it crumbled and my foot dropped about 20cm. I didn't manage to regain my balance and fell heavily on the front/side of my upper leg. Thought I might be able to walk it off, but walk was all I could manage untill I remembered I could hop! Given myself a dead leg.

Prior to this I was semi taking it easy on the main climb, half walking, trying to save my legs for the long descent where I thought I could make up a decent amount of time lol. Took a gel walking up the hill after 20 minutes which caused a lot of stomach discomfort after 15 minutes and which was getting slightly worse every subsequent minute to the point that I thought I might be sick soon. I need to figure out what I can eat in longer races.

Running race 45:00 [1] 4.5 km (10:00 / km) +37m 9:36 / km

Hobbling/hopping back along the race route as that was the quickest way.

Thursday Feb 6 #

12 PM

Cycling 49:30 [2] 15.6 km (3:10 / km) +63m 3:07 / km

Fun muddy semi trail route to Rothwell country park along the river in my lunch hour
5 PM

Running 40:33 [2] 7.62 km (5:19 / km) +127m 4:55 / km
ahr:152 max:172

Managed to get to work at 8 so could get home to go on a run at 5 and not need a headtorch, although it was pretty dark when I finished. Legs feeling a bit tired

Wednesday Feb 5 #

2 PM

S&C 25:00 [0]

This was going to be for an hour before work but I stayed in bed for 1:45 past my alarm, pretty strong from me, so lunch time it was instead. Not to be intimidated the first thing I did was walk over to a semi free squat rack (no time for a proper warm up today) and asked the two gentlemen next to it very politely if they were still using it. They said that "it was indeed free, but we would like to use the 20kg barbell" I replied "yes certainly, that's fine, there's no chance of me needing that, I'm not even sure I can lift it up!".

The first thing I did was to drop the existing 10kg weights on the bar to the floor and replace them with much more macho 5kg weights for a set of 6 split squats each side - need to do something with my right leg as that knee is quite wobbly. Then straight onto 8 press ups. I took it up a level for my next 2 sets of 6 split squats by placing a 2.5kg on each side, ramping my weight up from 30kg to 35kg! MAASSSSIIIVVVEEE. With another 2 sets of 8 press ups, struggled on the last set - had to do a couple of knee press ups instead, 'everyone has to start somewhere' so they say.

I made my way and moved from the sweaty big boiiss over to the more open section of the gym designed to allow people the space to be more expressive with their movements. All I wanted was a box which was at a height just below my knees. But I could not find such an item so was left to settle with a wee diddy step up box about 15-20 cm too short. By this point the two polite young men whom I had the pleasure to speak to earlier had followed me and started lunge walking with kettlebells. I did my duty as a Brit and didn't make eye contact with them for the rest of the time we were there.

Once I had my step set up infront of the mirror for my step ups I grabbed a 20kg weighted bag from its rack with as much explosive power as the water in a toilet when you try to flush a toilet twice in quick succession. I stepped up and down with this bag balanced on top of my shoulders a few times each side, noticing my right knee was a little all over the place before I set off in search of a pull up bar. All I wanted was a horizontal bar, elevated a minimum of 1.8m from the ground. There was only one. 'How on earth does such a huge gym only have one pull up bar which doesn't force your arms to extend beyond your shoulder width?' I thought to myself. Upon leaving I saw a suggestions board, and oh boy will I be suggesting this, The Gym Group Meanwood – you've been warned. Unfortunately I could not use the single pull up bar as someone else was using another piece of the same equipment machine thing. I have no clue I don't go near them. I had to settle with one of the btec pull up bars instead. I managed 3 unaided then did a few more with an elastic band. I kept it to this as I was concerned about building unnecessary back muscle mass.

It was then my time to leave, so I headed back to the changing room where a man older than 25, younger than 75, probably around 50 was stark naked. My strategy in dealing with where to look was a balance of two extremes: 1) Not looking at all as that would be rude and 2) Staring to show that the fact he was wearing no clothing did not phase me. So I settled with only not averting my vision when his back was turned, so everyone else could see I had no issue with it but I wasn't perceived to be rude.

I'll have to head back on Sunday morning probably to finish exercises I was hoping to do – I'll do two warmups to make up for the one I missed today – and I'll read up on what to do to help the stability in my right leg.

Tuesday Feb 4 #

1 PM

Running 34:28 [3] 7.32 km (4:43 / km) +15m 4:40 / km
ahr:147 max:165

I felt a little bit hungry before going out (3:30 after breakfast and cycling fast into work) but figured I would be okay as I wasn't planning to go for too long. The first couple of km felt very easy for the speed I was running at and I did a bit of only nose breathing and could maintain 160 bpm hr and 4:15ish min/km, I was also aiming for a cadence of 180 to see what the hype is all about. After about 2km I started to get really dizzy but decided to just push through it which was a real struggle as I didn't have much energy at all, ended up running above 5 min/km at low 140bpm - at least I'm getting fitter! Managed to get back to the office without walking and the last mile was easier, my head felt more normal.

(I historically haven't pushed through dizziness when running as before I knew for sure it was rebound hypoglycaemia the doctor thought it might be heart related, and since then I have generally managed my diet well enough to not encounter it - or because I've not done a great deal of running for a year and a half).

I thought the food I had for breakfast was correct, choc chip aldi weetabix and aldi special k, but I do remember having quite a lot of milk with it. I haven't considered the sugar content of milk previously when having breakfast, but 400ml of semi skimmed milk has 19g of sugar. The same amount as a typical portion of my cereal, but without the 39g of unrefined carbohydrates to accompany it, increasing my refined:unrefined sugars to about 50:50 as a meal, roughly equivalent to eating krave on its own which sounds a lot worse. When I plan to run before eating lunch again I'll make sure to eat some nuts or something mid morning or cut down the amount of milk I have in my cereal or have toast.

Monday Feb 3 #

6 PM

Cricket 1:00:00 [0]

Got beaten again, but against top of the league and we did push them at least. My bowling was loose again, took me 5 balls to get rhythm in each of my overs to bowl a good ball, so I bowled 2 good balls.

Batting was much better, actually using some footwork, watching the ball and not cutting across the line. I did get out although it was a lovely shot, got to the pitch of the ball from their good spinner and played a lofted drive back over his head, which then bounced back off the back wall and safely into the fielder's hands and out.

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