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Training Log Archive: CharlieRennie

In the 7 days ending Jun 9:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Running9 9:40:18 55.21(10:31) 88.86(6:32) 3182457.6
  Orienteering3 2:00:30 11.3(10:40) 18.19(6:37) 635150.8
  Total10 11:40:48 66.52(10:32) 107.05(6:33) 3817608.3

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Sunday Jun 9 #

12 PM

Orienteering 1:00:07 [2] *** 9.08 km (6:37 / km) +210m 5:56 / km
ahr:139 max:160 shoes: VJ Irock

Easy jog round the nato sewingshields brown. Feeling understandably terrible at the start but the legs soon loosened off and could actually run normally. Outside of right knee sore again and my feet are covered in blisters but otherwise no real issues and I definitely think the jog helped me feel better. Will keep things easy till the orienteering and then I’ve got buttermere sailbeck at the weekend which should be fun to do a shorter, faster fell race.

Saturday Jun 8 #

11 AM

Running long 4:37:24 [3] 36.72 km (7:33 / km) +2479m 5:39 / km
ahr:153 max:177 shoes: VJ Irock

Ennerdale Fell Race - 20th

Big day out in the fells. Running with spender for most of it after catching him going up the first climb to great borne. We did take a few dodgy lines especially off of Kirk fell where we should’ve taken the gully but it’s always tricky when I haven’t done any recces. Will know for next time. Otherwise we were moving decently and I felt not too bad coming off of pillar. Started to tire on the long run home though and probably wasn’t taking enough food onboard from here as I didn’t eat anything after pillar although I had been fuelling well beforehand. Was really struggling by the time we got to the bottom of the final climb and then the ascent up to crag fell completely finished me off. Had to walk almost all of it and once I got to the top I was fully bonked. Should’ve taken some food on the climb but the head was gone and I was so close to the finish I just thought I needed to get back. Staggered down the descent having seemingly lost control of my legs and got overtaken by multiple people in the process. Tried to hang on but my legs just wouldn’t respond and I was lucky not to lose more places. Lost 6mins compared to Dan from the bottom of the climb after being with him almost the entire way. Was a complete mess afterwards and just lay down on the grass for 30mins trying to stuff as much food and water down as I could. Fuelling definitely wasn’t optimal but I do think it was more of a conditioning problem than a food one. Body just wasn’t prepared to complete such a long race in such rough terrain. Again that will come with time though and definitely felt stronger than at duddon which is also about an hour shorter. In the end happy just to get round though after a bonk that bad and still pleased with the result despite the lost places at the end.

Friday Jun 7 #

7 PM

Running 29:24 [2] 5.84 km (5:02 / km) +88m 4:41 / km
ahr:131 max:144 shoes: Saucony Endorphin Speed 3

Thursday Jun 6 #

10 AM

Running 30:00 [1] 5.12 km (5:52 / km) +38m 5:39 / km
ahr:128 max:140 shoes: Saucony Endorphin Speed 3

6 PM

Running warm up/down 11:01 [1] 1.44 km (7:38 / km) +110m 5:32 / km
ahr:126 max:145 shoes: VJ Irock

Orienteering 24:57 [4] *** 4.66 km (5:21 / km) +220m 4:20 / km
ahr:159 max:172 shoes: VJ Irock

WCOC Summer Series - Mosser Fell

Fairly simple nav so no real mistakes but was slightly right to 1 and my line to 2 could’ve been straighter if I’m going to nit pick. Kept the effort controlled with ennerdale in mind and felt pretty good going up the hill for the first half then really enjoyed the downhill orienteering at the end. Good fun to do some classic wcoc thursday evening orienteering again.

Running warm up/down 13:37 [1] 2.15 km (6:19 / km) +14m 6:07 / km
ahr:122 max:135 shoes: VJ Irock

Wednesday Jun 5 #

9 AM

Running 40:01 [1] 7.04 km (5:41 / km) +49m 5:29 / km
ahr:132 max:150 shoes: Saucony Endorphin Speed 3

5 PM

Running warm up/down 20:33 [1] 3.5 km (5:52 / km) +55m 5:27 / km
ahr:131 max:151 shoes: VJ Irock

Orienteering 35:26 [4] **** 4.45 km (7:58 / km) +205m 6:29 / km
ahr:166 max:183 shoes: VJ Irock

LOC Summer Series - Tarn Hows

Kept this run largely mistake free but took multiple poor routechoices and bad lines. Key ones were at 4 where I didn’t read the contours well enough and climbed out of the control before having to drop back down to the correct height. Then to 5 where I should’ve contoured under the crags instead of coming straight over them which was slow and involved some clambering. Then to 7 I zigzagged up the slope going left then right instead of just taking the faster option of straight up the hill. Also approached the control from the left and climbed up to it instead of going right and attacking from above which was my initial plan. To 10 I could’ve probably taken a straight line into the circle was just wary of the crags again. Then to 11 I initially climbed to the right coming out of 10 when I should’ve gone slightly to the left and saved height. Then I overcorrected coming down the slope, turning left into the wrong re entrant then correcting which meant my approach was through lots of rough bracken and crags. Should’ve used the spur slightly right of the line to attack the control which was much simpler and easier running. Finally to 13 I attempted to contour to the right of the line before being forced by the rough veg into a straighter route before being forced again to the left of the line which meant I was a bit too left into the control and having to clamber down more crags. Overall my navigation was decent I just wasn’t precise enough with both my routechoice selection and execution. Was guilty multiple times of not forming a proper plan at the start of the leg and this meant there were many points were I could’ve saved time by taking a better line if I’d been making proper plans. Need to make sure I’m planning ahead in the forest as well as sprint because many of my poor lines are at the start of legs where my plan isn’t properly formed yet and I’m not being precise enough on exit of the control. Courses were good just a very unsatisfactory experience orienteering in the bracken where luck comes into it a lot in terms of finding the right elephant track and there were controls like 2 or 13 where I initially took good lines but that’s not where the tracks were so I just ended up fighting through bracken and losing time despite no actual error.

Running warm up/down 17:47 [1] 2.82 km (6:19 / km) +55m 5:45 / km
ahr:138 max:151 shoes: VJ Irock

Tuesday Jun 4 #

9 AM

Running 30:00 [1] 4.43 km (6:46 / km) +17m 6:39 / km
ahr:120 max:131 shoes: Saucony Endorphin Speed 3

7 PM

Running 40:05 [2] 7.18 km (5:35 / km) +114m 5:10 / km
ahr:132 max:148 shoes: Inov8 Trailfly Ultra G300 Max

Monday Jun 3 #

5 PM

Running 1:10:26 intensity: (25:00 @1) + (45:26 @2) 12.61 km (5:35 / km) +163m 5:15 / km
ahr:127 max:144 shoes: Saucony Endorphin Speed 3

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