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Training Log Archive: mpembery

In the 7 days ending Mar 31:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 1:31:09 6.65(13:43) 10.7(8:31) 426
  Total1 1:31:09 6.65(13:43) 10.7(8:31) 426

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Saturday Mar 30 #

1 PM

Orienteering race 1:31:09 [4] 10.7 km (8:31 / km) +426m 7:06 / km
shoes: Inov8 Trail Talon 275

BUCS Individual - First Time in Scotland - Could have done better, had lots of fun, lots to improve on:

1: Pretty good tbh, needed to go a little bit lower and then head in, but a decent time. Could have run the second bit of it a little harder.

2: Followed a loughborough guy and should have continued lower and then across, would have been easier and much quicker, allowing me to run faster, control was easy to find

3: Lazy map contact, though route choice was decent. Relooking at the map the white forest was something I completely ignored for the whole race and thought I was much lower than I actually was. Need to study the map rather than glance at it whilst running. Practicing running whilst reading a map will now become a key part of my training

4: Good route choice, good run speed, a little sloppy and inprecise in the circle, but 31st on this split which was one of my better ones.

5: Again not too bad, but came down the steepest section and didnt look at the vegetation really. I usually use the map to navigate to the next control, but here I needed to use it to navigate the runnability. Did one of my 'checks' and went to the wrong point even though I knew it would be further along, though this didnt cost me too much time.

6: Could have been more accurate in the circle. I was literally standing on top of the control and didnt see it - oops

7: Needed to go harder up the hill, but Nav was pretty good for this. Yeah just slow running and a little inprecise when in the circle

8: Had the same planned routechoice as jonny crick, but then failed to follow this up with implementation, climbing too high and then running through the vegetation and had no clue where I was. Had to relocate and then find the control. In precise and lost a lot of time here.

9: No real plan and ended up running through a masisve marsh, so poor route choice. Could have done this quite a lot quicker!!

10: Not too bad, could have run harder and been more precise in the control. Respectable.

11: Had the right idea, but got distracted, followed others, was confused and generally messed this up quite bad losing a lot of time

12: Decent. Lacked accuracy but pretty good.

13/14: Found someone to run with so quick splits for the next two legs, but the controls were actually simple anyway, just motivated me to run quicker.

15: Bit slow, no clear plan and lost focus here

16: Lost a lot of time here, but relocated quickly. Struggled to find what I though would be an obvious ridge and then didn't realise how cliffy the cliff would be so inprecise in the circle.

17: Found some people to run with and against and though these were not really hard controls, did pretty well here. Could have been more precise and again, not using the white vegetation was a mistake of mine.

18: Aided by others, but don't think I would have found this control too hard by myself, though was quicker running

19: Pretty easy, could have maybe ran harder?

20: Confused by the vegetation so a bit of a sloppy route, but overall decent

21: Found easily, could have used the control descriptions, to work out this was on a path! Path down was a slow route choice, due to its bendiness

22: Could have run harder, good choice through the vegetation, aided by someone ahead of me. Should have jumped the stream!! Wasn't marked as uncrossable on the map and would have been quicker to go through

23: Not slow, but could have been a lot quicker due to my route choice. Needed closer map contact and focus

24: Pretty quick up here, but could have been quicker to the control, due to poor map contact

Finish: Bit slow to start sprinting, but then ran at quite a good speed.

Things to work on:
Map focus - Practice running with a map more, even on normal runs
Vegetation Awareness - Look really clearly at the colours, remember for next time
Route choice considering terrain - Think more carefully about how quickly you can run based on the vegetation and use this to navigate
Hill Speed - Keep running up the hill behind bathwick, but more quickly and then run in between, no rests and more repeats
Maintain map focus throughout - Ankle strengthening and s and c so I can run more confidently, keep the map flatter at all time, rather than dropping the map. Need to be better at running without using arms for some sections

Keep smiling - Was great fun, hopefully next year I can be a lot closer to the top places and start challenging those in the top 100. Tim Harrison is someone to maybe be a good 'target' as such

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