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Training Log Archive: mpembery

In the 7 days ending May 6, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 2:27:03 13.67(10:45) 22.0(6:41) 600
  Total3 2:27:03 13.67(10:45) 22.0(6:41) 600

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Monday May 6, 2019 #

11 AM

Orienteering 32:07 [3] 5.0 km (6:25 / km) +96m 5:52 / km

British Relay Champs

Switched to the Men's Short team and that was a good idea. I did pretty badly on this, with literally nothing in my legs. I am really not one to usually complain, but it was pretty bad. Looking at my left foot writing this, it is not suprising. The whole thing including my ankle is slightly swollen and the blister s extremely painful, not to mention my groin, but now I have complained and whinged sufficiently I will continue.

1 - Went off quick to avoid being sandwiched around the corner, but didn't really look at the map and then immeadiatly tried to follow others, checked an incorrect control and then got my one, losing 60 seconds here

2 - Solid plan, but didn't turn in soon enough as still confused by others and then lost more time here 90 seconds lost

3 - Good plan, well run, spiked

4 - Again, kinda following others and not precise, but worked out well with not too much time lost. Should have entered the woods in a different place

5- Good enough

6 - Little hesitation in the circle but overall decent

7 - good again

8 - nice

9 - good

10 - slow on the running but good nav

11 - bit sloppy but ok

12 - was kicking my self for such bad running, so got myself together a bit here with some good nav and running

13 - Great route choice, despite a hesitation was quick through here

14 - Good again

finish - I gave a lot but just couldn't piece it together really, but put in a decent leg time especially considering how poorly I ran. My navigation was actually really good apart from the first two controls

My splits tell the story, with 6:50 KMS for the first 4km. Last was 4:14. I just really didn't have it and my legs and feet are exhausted and battered now. Really enjoyed the weekend and DRONGO were super nice and it was cool to meet them all. Looking forward to some better runs in future with fewer injuries and more fitness. Will take a week or two off no, with some swimming and lots of strengthening work instead. Focus on the control circle will be key to my training and future races now.

Targeting the british sprint champs and middle distance for some good results in future now. My main events upcoming are:

2nd of June - SWOA Sprint Champs
15th of June - BOK Blast (Maybe)
22nd of June - Greensand Ridge Relay (Maybe)
23rd of June - EMOA Sprint Champs (Maybe)
23-27th of July - OOcup or EUSA (Hopefully)
14th of September - British Sprint Champs
15th of September - British Middles Champs

Sunday May 5, 2019 #

11 AM

Orienteering 1:41:29 [4] 14.3 km (7:06 / km) +446m 6:08 / km

Pretty happy with this result given my lack of running for the month previous and the variety of injuries. Navigation was pretty solid all the way around, but just lacked the fitness to really challenge for the places. Just off the back of the main pack. Really nice location and a fun day out

1 - Good bearing and hit the control well, but just a bit slow as getting into the course and therefore didn't attack the control too much

2 - Good initial bearing and saw other people going into the control so pretty easy

3 - Distracted by the photographer? Went to the wrong hill initially so lost 40 seconds here

4 - Very solid nav, again not massively quick running but did well here

5 - Good here and falling into a nice rythym

6 - Not able to run quickly but chose the right route I think and followed my plan very nicely

7 - Perhaps could have gone over the top here, but didn't and I doubt that it cost me too much time tbh

8 - This would have been a very god leg, but lost my bearing towards the end an not really picking up features as I ran along towards the end, but Adam helped me to find it in the end

9 - Nicely done

10 - Good again

11 - spiked

12 - spiked

13 - Was all going well but then I went too low and missed the control costing 90 seconds here

14 - Didn't initially spot the smaller wall on the map which threw me off and just in general pretty slow to this control with lots of hesitation. 100 seconds lost

15 - Went slightly too low. Groin was really hurting by this point. It is a minor niggle but was pretty painfull and disrupting my stride for sure, so having to stretch it as I ran!

16 - Was now about mking no major mistakes and finishing with all my little niggles. Nasty leg, but good nav helped me through easily until a slip up in the circle costing me 30 seconds

17 - Nicely done

18 - Easy again

19 - Solid stuff

20 - Came slightly too low here, but overall pretty good

21 - Feeling slightly unstable on my legs so not able to put it in as I would have liked to and came out slightly wide an was not able to beat jo goodwin which would have been nice

22 - solid but steady


Overall happy considering all niggles. Ranking points are pretty bad. Got 20 more at the welsh league event and I ran more accurately and quickly today over very similar terrain but oh well.

Main thing to focus on from the whole weekend is precision of navigation and focus on the circle, keeping my compass on the map where I am running will surely help with this and the main thing to work on other than my fitness

My route was very similar to that of Matthew Gooch who won so that is a positive for sure

Saturday May 4, 2019 #

11 AM

Orienteering 13:27 [3] 2.7 km (4:59 / km) +58m 4:30 / km

British Mixed Relay Champsionships

Came into this having not run for a week or so due to an inflamed TFL, which links to the IT band, so I was understandably concerned about this as I did not want a repeat of previous injuries. Had low expectations coming in to this and was mostly hoping that it would not hurt too much afterwards. It ended up being fine thankfully and my time was quicker than Geoff's which is always a good comparison. Was third leg on a nc vets team but good fun.

1 - Ran off in the same direction as everybody else had but then took a while to actually start reading my map, but got to control one with no problems, however was pretty slow.

2 - Actually a pretty poor route choice here potentially a bad route choice, but mainly just couldn't see the control. Descriptions would have helped to look at

3 - Not bad here, though probably took a slightly longer route to the control by going up the steps, but corrected this on the way back

4 - a lot quicker to number 4 i think

5 - Solid route choice, but didn't even check the circle so lost time here

6 - Little slow turning in and out here but overall good

7 - Executed quickly, but not great route choice here. Should have gone north of the building but oh well, not too much time lost

8 - Again should have gone north of the building, but didn't focus enough in the control circle

9 - solid

10 - Solid

11 - good again

12 - nicely done

13 - bit slow up the steps but well executed

14 - bit hesitant down the steps but good

15 - easy

Overall not too bad but lack of focus in the control circle and also low speed thtough the first half. First km was 50 seconds slower than the second. Overall happy in my second ever sprint. Maybe could have ran harder given the length of the course

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