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Training Log Archive: JoshuaDudley

In the 1 days ending Mar 31:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 1:48:10 13.19(8:12) 21.23(5:06)
  Running2 22:56 2.32(9:52) 3.74(6:08)
  Total3 2:11:06 15.52(8:27) 24.97(5:15)

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Sunday Mar 31 #

9 AM

Running warm up/down 14:10 [1] 2.52 km (5:37 / km)
ahr:128 max:143

Getting the legs ready before the long. Could have done with another hour of sleep but the clocks went back. Felt a little dehydrated also. Stayed positive and kept warm. Was a bit chilly with a strong wind, maybe 5-7deg. Legs took a bit of time before they felt willing. After a good warmup I was as ready as I could be, remind my self of plan same as yesterday, bearing, simple plan and head up.

In my head was trying not to think about the distance, wasn’t sure if I could keep the same pace as I had for the middle. But my aim was to orienteer well, let the forest decide my pace.
10 AM

Orienteering race (Danish spring long) 1:48:10 [4] *** 21.23 km (5:06 / km)
ahr:150 max:178

Long race = long log

Bearing, simple plan, head up.

1 set off and clicked with map quickly, thought it was 10 scale but seemed very small size, felt perfect. Spotted hills over one then two straight to spur, wrong side of fur tree. This section of forest was lovely. 2 hill lower north east side, bearing textbook. 3 long leg, didnt think much of it, just broke it into bits. Stayed left to miss forestry area, then gradually came over to the line, faith in compass, cane through green, slowed looking for control. Spotted it, very hard to see amongst brashings. 4 nice line out, but tricky into control, no big ap. Kept on bearing, ticking off streams. After second scoped on rides was right there. Well mapped. 5 the golden compass boom. 6 stayed high left and dropped into renetrant, right on path maybe a bit quicker. 7 was feeling a little tough in the legs on this leg, zoned out a little as was quite safe with path as catching feature. Came nicely into depression and through dark green path. Came off when saw pit on right, boom. 8 up the hill felt hard, the path on top pushed me right a little, map felt too busy here. Stopped and realized spur. First technical glitch. 9 easy bearing not much to think about. Bit of on off path jumping. Caught some boy but was running quicker than him, so he got to watch my dobs fora a bit. 10 simple bearing. 11 back to common control, took right line out of green saw fallen tree and in. Felt like an easy one to miss. 12 loop 2. Should have stayed on path but tried cutting through ride in green. Total shit. Lost time and energy fighting brashings. Misorientated when I came out. Some boy appeared. 13 my routine out the window. Came out of control with poor bearing partially distracted by other runner. No plan. Hit top path had to relocate and come left. Out of 13 rounded left a bit and came up left track to 14, thinking I was on right one. Didn’t notice the climb. Faffed around in renetrant confused then realized. 15 fine used hill edge into control. 16 really annoyed had a plan but hit the wrong ride so came right. Even saw control and thought it wasn’t mine. Then stood confused on path. Just shite. Should have stuck with bearing. Back to common control. Got away from this boy finally. 18 bearing nailed it. Bit of change of forest but not mapped. 19 stuck to path then good bearing in. Hit renetrant just right stopped looked and came left boom. 20 caught 2 lads who were hesitant into control, think they would have ran right past it had I not been there. Got away to 21 bit of boring cruise on path. Was feeling quite good, just tried to stay positive about amount to go. Came up hill slightly right so could cut left into control on flat. 22 straight is great, came a little right but retraced my bearing made sense and cut left into control. 23 nothing special, water control with no water! 24 took a curvy right line. Didn’t take a good bearing out think people Distracted me. As straight would have been a bit quicker. But my line was nice, maybe bored of straight lines. 25 straight. 26 path caught some Swiss boy I think. Felt really tired now. Difted slight left here but caught myself. Forced down another date. In my tired state I think I missed the optimum path choice to 27 but my line was fun good bearing practice. Into control was a bit like soup but was fine. Swiss boy just ahead. 28 straight, hill, path, boundary. 29 out to path strong bearing in. Tricky control but hit hill and rounded in. Swiss boy appear just after me. 30 stayed closed to line aiming for path in green. When I came to big track Swiss had caught some time, now Belgian and fin on the scene, exciting. 31 cruised just behind hit another control close to ours but I continued along to ours. 32 straight not much else to do. I told myself you gotta stay with them keep the pace. I hung back keeping the nav in tact. Quite fun to watch them waste time and energy darting in different directions as I cruised straight into the control sites. Lost the Belgian at 36, lost the fin at 37, both because of poor map contact near the control. Swiss to left to 38 I kept slight right. Ticked off paths as I cane through green areas, on last path saw large hill and homed in using small path as catching feature. Beautifully done. Straight line to 39 giving everything left. On my way past a confused Belgian and fin.

- postitive work with plan worked well
- Times where time was lost (excluding pace) were when plan was not used, mainly people distractions, fatigue
- Physical good considering injury return, however a little more speed and endurance would go well
12 PM

Running warm up/down 8:46 [1] 1.22 km (7:11 / km)
ahr:124 max:158

Feeling quite tired. My feet were quite sore underneath. Happy I was able to finish with no injuries reappearing. Positive signs. Followed warm down by a quick dip in the cattegat (danish sea) bloody freezing.

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