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Training Log Archive: stiands

In the 7 days ending Mar 23:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Easy running5 3:50:00 28.52(8:04) 45.9(5:01)
  Trail marathon1 2:52:00 26.27(6:33) 42.27(4:04) 560
  Easy uphill1 1:30:00 10.31(8:44) 16.6(5:25)
  Easy + Strideouts3 1:06:22 10.5(6:19) 16.9(3:56)
  S&C workout1 1:00:00
  Tempo1 30:00 5.56(5:24) 8.95(3:21)
  Total10 10:48:22 81.16 130.62 560
averages - sleep:8.9

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Saturday Mar 23 #

5 PM

Easy + Strideouts warm up/down (road) 12:00 [1] 2.5 km (4:48 / km)

Went out for the race briefing 20 minutes prior to race start. The sky was gray, but it wasn't raining and the temperature was right around 8 degrees.

Did the warm-up exercises during the briefing and drills afterward. Jogged for 10 minutes and ran one stride. Felt ready to go.

Trail marathon race (dirt, road) 2:52:00 [3] 42.27 km (4:04 / km) +560m 3:49 / km

Gun went off and I immediately found myself running by myself. The first kilometer was a loop around the scouting camp we stayed at. It started raining lightly, but the trail was hard packed dirt and easy to run on.

Tried getting into that moderate rhythm from the start and think I succeeded well. I wasn't accustomed to running with a bag yet, but it fit me well and nothing on it was loose.

This course seems to be constantly undulating and never gives you time to rest. The trails are wide and solidly built though, so it's not technical at all. Ran in Challenger 5s and they seemed like a good choice.

The first 6 kilometers went by quickly. I was all alone, but felt okay and had found a good pace on the ups and downs.

In my mind I had the race split into three parts, each for one hour that passed. Before the race I hoped that the first hour would go by quickly, the second would be okay at least when the sun was still up and then I'd hang on to a solid pace in the darkness of the third hour. It didn't really go that way.

The first hour did go by fast, but I didn't really have that spring in my step even though it barely felt like a moderate effort. Earlier on than expected, maybe 10km into the race, I realized that this was starting to feel like a grind. I didn't slow down or anything, but I didn't fly over the trails either.

The weather cleared up though and the sky was fiery red. It was going to be a wonderful night. Although it was starting to get dark, I wasn't freezing and I actually never changed clothes or put on a jacket as I was certain I would have to do.

Close to the half marathon mark I put on my head torch. My hamstrings were a little sore which was worrying. I knew I hadn't done many suitable long runs, but I thought for sure I wouldn't start to fatigue this early. Managed to keep up the pace though, but again, it was a grind.

Although I was all alone and there weren't that many checkpoints, I was comfortable in the darkness. It was completely silent and everything was still. I saw 5 rabbits, some sheep, and many birds.

At the 2 hour mark, I checked my watch for the last time and started fueling as often as I felt like. My fueling strategy worked well last night. I had no issues with my stomach and I don't think that fueling was the reason for my flat legs. I had the Spring gels, a Cliff Energy bar and water. By not checking my watch, time passed by a little quicker even though I knew I was slowing down. It was partly conscious as it was literally as dark as I think it can be in the western world. My head torch worked great, but it's just not the same as running in daylight. Also, my legs were tired and didn't have the strength that was needed.

The courses continued to wind up and down over open fields and through thick forest. This was the loneliest stretch of the trail as I think there was 15 km between the final two checkpoints. I basically just ran at the same effort and finally got to the 40k mark. If my legs were feeling stronger, I probably could have kicked it up a notch and gotten the course record, but I really just hadn't had it in me. If I had been fitter and more healthy in January, this would have been a completely different story. Next winter I gotta make sure I don't get any niggles/injuries so I don't start my season up on the wrong foot.

The finish line was inside a hall and it was so bright in there it felt like I went blind after being out in the darkness for so long. It felt really good to get to the finish knowing that I had won by a comfortable margin and ran an ok race. Drank some soda, went to the shower and changed clothing. Had a recovery shake plus a couple of tea-cups. Wasn't able to eat much the first hour, but I drank a lot. After a while I started eating and it sat well.

Friday Mar 22 #

6 PM

Easy + Strideouts (trails) 54:00 [1] 10.0 km (5:24 / km)

Unscheduled rest day yesterday. Got to the hotel in Newcastle at 23:15, had something to eat and went to bed.

Woke up feeling okay though. Did the last preparations before travelling into the woods. When I got there, my mate and I warmed up and went for a run.

It was rain in the air, a bit windy and 7 degrees. Trails were really nice though.

We kept the effort really easy. The route was a hilly one, mile 2-5 tomorrow. Legs felt good. No pain/niggles or any tight spots.

Ran the strides on a road. The first two were slow, but then they started feeling better.

Had a good time. Looking forward to

Really bad service up here thiugh, so we’ll see if this get posted or not.

Wednesday Mar 20 #

9 AM

Easy running (road, snow) 1:00:00 [1] 12.0 km (5:00 / km)

Because we've had everything from minus 10 to 5 degrees this last week, freezing cold snow to heavy wet, it's just a really dumb idea to ski. It annoys me because I truly wanted to get after it a bit. Just bad luck that all I got was one last day of safe conditions. So I ran again..

Did my warm-up exercises inside and then went out. It was 3 degrees, strong wind and a little rain in the air. Was good conditions to run though as large portions of the snow where cars had driven was melting away.

Left my watch at home and just ran my normal flat route. Had a strong headwind going out, and then tailwind home. Probably a couple of minutes faster going back. The effort was really easy today though. Legs felt good, but I managed to hold myself back. I'm definitely well rested after three easy days, so it was a conscious decision.

Had a good time even though the weather wasn't that good. Listened to an audiobook and I'm enjoying running without a watch. When I get back home though, the Coros will be waiting for me and I'll even get the heart rate tracking going...
6 PM

Easy running (treadmill) 1:00:00 [1] 11.7 km (5:08 / km)

So this is what happened:
Went to the gym.
Saw a notice saying there was a personal trainer course there so all the gym area was taken. Treadmills were okay though.
Ran 30 minutes on the treadmill.
Considered going home and do some exercises there.
Realized I don't have any of the equipment.
So I improvised, which I'm sorry about that, it just felt right in the moment and I my flight tomorrow is early so maybe it's for the better I'll just run some more now and less tomorrow. I considered calling you, but didn't really want to bother you with running 6km now or tomorrow. There can't be much difference.
Ran 30 minutes more.

As you see from the distance I got, the effort was really easy. Got a massage at noon so my legs felt loose, but a bit sore. Went in the sauna for a 15 minute session. Though the thermometer in there is broken, I can sense that I enjoy and tolerate the heat more.

I'll get out tomorrow morning before the flight for a run. Sorry about the late post today and all that happened. It was just a packed day and I didn't really expect it to be like this. My fault and I'll do my best to get back on schedule.

Tuesday Mar 19 #

8 AM

Easy uphill (treadmill) 1:30:00 [1] 16.6 km (5:25 / km)

Woke up, ate a banana and drank some water, then drove to the gym. Met up with my friend from school who held me company for an hour.

Did the warm-up exercises. Felt really good. Seems like my upper body is taking the worst hit from the S&C workouts. My chest was definitely sore. Inner thighs were a little, but nothing too bad. Less than expected.

Varied the pace based on effort and the incline from 2-8% every five or so minutes. Sometimes I forget about it and then run for close to 10 minutes, but I guess it doesn't matter that much. It seems like the effort becomes easier as I go, so I'm running faster at the different inclines in the second half of the workout. At least that was the case today.

Legs felt really good and since I was chatting with my mate the entire time, I guess my heart rate was low.

Time went by quickly and it was a very enjoyable run. Really excited about the run on Saturday.

Forgot, as always, to note that I was in the sauna. 15 mins, doing some light stretching.

Monday Mar 18 #

9 AM

Easy running (snow) 1:00:00 [1] 12.0 km (5:00 / km)

Took a break from studying by running in some cold, but nice weather. Really wanted to ski, but there are several savalanches going off every day now and I’m not risking my running for this skiing even though I know what terrain to go in and what to look for.

It was minus 5 degrees, no wind and clear skies.

I did the warm-up exercises before heading out. Didn’t bring my watch. It’s been acting up lately and I have bought a Coros Apex watch to replace. Saw that you enjoyed it so wanted to give it a go.

Ran on hard packed snowy trails for most of the run today. Probably got in at least 150 meters of elevation gain.

Felt really good. No fatigue from yesterday, not sore or tight. I’ve been thinking about why my legs have been really good lately and it might be my diet. I have become more and more vegan and I think I’m eating more.

Had a good time today. Time passed by quickly. Got home with 4 minutes to spare so I ran around the block.
7 PM

Easy running (treadmill) 30:00 [1] 6.2 km (4:50 / km)

Drove to the gym, did the warm-up exercises and started running.

Incline was at 1.5% and I kept the pace mostly at 5:00 min/km.

Effort was really easy as always on these runs. Re-watched a couple of the workout videos as I was alone today.
8 PM

S&C workout 1:00:00 [1]

bulgiarian 6kg -8kg -10kg
step up 6kg - 12kg - 16kg (total)
power clean hang bar - bar+5kg -bar+10kg
deadlift bar+5 - bar+10 - bar+15kg
squat bar - bar+5 - bar+10kg
bench press bar - bar+10 - bar+20
side plank 10-12-15 reps
hanstring curls 15-20-25 reps

did 15 ball passes as well

Sunday Mar 17 #

8 AM

Easy + Strideouts warm up/down (road, tunnel) 22 [1] 4.4 km (5 / km)

Woke up, drank some water and went straight to the tunnel. Did the warm-up routine and started jogging a couple of laps. Felt pretty good. Overdressed for the warm-up and used Cliftons. Was definitely warm, but had forgotten to do the leg swings somehow. Did them after 2-3 laps.

After 20 minutes I changed into my tempo clothes and Carbon Rockets. Only ran one stride, but I didn't need anything more.

Tempo tempo (road, tunnel) 30:00 [3] 8.95 km (3:21 / km)

30' tempo
920m laps, 4 sharp turns
lap splits: 3:09-3:09-3:07-3:05-3:05-3:04-3:04-3:05-3:05-2:07(about 700m)

My plan was to run as many 3:20min/km laps as possible. That's about 3:04 per lap.

So that's what I started out doing. But after 400m, a very slow driving car blocked my way and I had to stop and lost about 5 seconds. Decided to not try and catch up and see if I could run it progressively instead.

What surprised me was that the second lap was slow as well, but for no apparent reason. The effort seemed the same. Might have been a bad read of my watch, but it doesn't matter.

After two laps I was 10 seconds behind my original plan and decided to turn it up a notch. 3 laps went by really quickly and I wasn't pushing hard yet. When I finally started running those 3:04 laps I got into a really good rhythm and the laps flew by. Was remarkably consistent and the effort was controlled, but hard.

After 25 minutes, it started getting a little harder, but I only had a couple of laps yet and the legs were feeling good so I managed to keep the pedal down. After 9 laps I just decided to see how far I would be able to run. I knew I couldn't do 10, but I pushed very hard and got pretty far.

Had a good time today. Legs were feeling strong and it was a good progressive effort.
9 AM

Easy running warm up/down (road, tunnel) 20:00 [1] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)

Had to stop and stand still for a minute, but then I jogged to the car and changed into warm, dry clothes, and Cliftons.

There were about 10 people from my running club in there so I had good company for the four laps I ran after that.

Legs weren't particularly tired or heavy. Heart rate fell and I just chatted for the entire duration of it.

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