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Training Log Archive: stiands

In the 7 days ending Mar 30:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Easy running6 5:34:57 41.35(8:06) 66.54(5:02) 81
  Skimo2 1:47:00 7.37(14:31) 11.86(9:01) 1420
  S&C workout1 40:00
  Total9 8:01:57 48.72 78.4 1501
averages - sleep:9

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Saturday Mar 30 #

5 PM

Easy running (treadmill) 1:20:11 [1] 16.0 km (5:01 / km)

Drove to the gym a little late today, but it's one of those days where the only thing I had to do was read a bunch of school stuff so..

Also, I felt a little under the weather this morning. Stuffed nose only, really, but I wanted to wait until I felt a little better. And I did.

Warmed up and ran 5:00 min/km pace at 1.5% incline for the entirety of the run. I was only by myself for about 20 minutes, which was really nice.

I felt good and so I don't think I'm getting sick or anything. Heart rate was all over the place. Had one kilometer at 86 bpm average and another at 150+. Maybe it's better outside. It seemed correct when I was skiing the other day.

Legs are fine. Foam rolled quite a bit watching the World XC champs today.

Friday Mar 29 #

11 AM

Easy running (road, snow) 1:00:12 [1] 12.64 km (4:46 / km) +81m 4:37 / km
ahr:136 slept:9.0

Study break! Warmed up inside. Not sore from yesterday, but a little tired. Put on road shoes as I thought there would be more or less no snow on my usual flat route. It was hailing though and only 1 degrees so it was more snow than expected. No trouble running though as it was pretty dry.

Kept the effort easy into the headwind for the first half of the run and with a tailwind the second half. Only hills are going down the first 2 kms and then up the final 2.

Legs felt much better after 10-15 minutes of running. Afterward as well. I definitely feel recovered from the race and I'm really excited to get started on the uphill training.

Didn't enjoy the first half of the run that much as I was constantly peppered by hail, but as soon as I turned around things were much better.

Thursday Mar 28 #

S&C workout 40:00 [1]

I learned something today. I can’t skimo in the morning and do S&C in the evening. It’s too much for little weak me. Only managed two sets of all the exercises. My form was failing when I tried a third set so I called it a day. My legs felt really tired.
11 AM

Skimo 32:00 [1] 3.9 km (8:12 / km) +477m 5:05 / km

Stormy weather today as well, but gave skimoing in the skislope another go.

Went up in 28 minutes today. That’s 5 minutes faster than yesterday. Sight was much better and wind didn’t come head first. But I only did 30 minutes because I was soaking (SOAKING) wet on the top because of the rain. Also overdressed so i was sweat. Effort was okay though. 127 bpm average if the wrist heart rate is correct.

The only good thing with this weather is that the roads are melting.
6 PM

Easy running (treadmill) 1:00:00 [1] 12.0 km (5:00 / km)

Did 60 minutes since I only skied for 30
minutes. Drove to the gym and warmed up there. Felt good. No more soreness in my quads and I feel recovered.

Ran at 5:00 min/km and 1.5% incline the entire way. Time passed by quickly. I truly feel 100% recovered. It’s a nice feeling.

Forgot my tshirt so ran in a technical sweater. Was a little warm, but not uncomfortable.

Donmt know if the wrist HR is correct, but it can’t be far off at least!

Wednesday Mar 27 #

12 PM

Skimo 1:15:00 [1] 7.96 km (9:25 / km) +943m 5:55 / km

Drove to the ski slope at around noon. It was 2 degrees and I had overdressed. The wind was very strong. At least it didn't rain anymore.

I started up the steepest slope. I assumed I'd gain 500 meters of elevation and I wasn't far up. This is a "slope" by the way. It hasn't been prepared this winter and the snow condition varied greatly. The wind had me stopping completely up at times. To be honest, this wasn't very pleasant, but I got to the top in 33 minutes and had 470 meters in 1.7km. I skied down a longer slope that seemed to have more stable snow conditions and decided to go up this one the second time. So I put my skins back on and went up. Suddenly the sky cleared and the wind halted for a while. It was so different from my first time up I couldn't believe it. As I got closer to the top the wind got stronger, but it came from my right side instead of head on. This slope was 2.2km with the same elevation gain. I spent 34 minutes up.

I tried finding a good effort and I think I did. Maybe it was harder on the harder side. The conditions were terrible, to be honest. Snow was so inconsistent and the wind made it really tough.

Tuesday Mar 26 #

9 AM

Easy running (dirt, road) 1:00:34 [1] 12.1 km (5:00 / km)

Bonus day in London! Or hours really. Got reimbursed for giving up our seats when the plane suddenly was overbooked. Got the same room at the hotel and was able to run in what i consider summer weather one more day.

Warmed up outside and started running up to Victoria Park. It was sunny, less windy than yesterday and 10 degrees. Felt good! Quads were better, but still sore.

75% of the run was on dirt and grass which was really nice. As yesterday I progressively ran faster at the same easy effort.

Quads are better now after the run. Looking forward to get on the skiis though so I start the next block up with fresh legs.

Monday Mar 25 #

8 AM

Easy running (Grass, road) 59:00 [1] 11.6 km (5:05 / km)

Woke up, put on clothes, warmed up and went outside. Felt pretty good. only my quads were sore. Stomach was much better! the weather was really good, 10 degrees and sunny, but there was some wind as well. Ran on roads and grass, but mostly the latter. Effort was really easy and in the beginning I was going slow and my quads were hurting. After 30 minutes or so I felt a lot better. Quads were much better and the pace went up. Had a really good time today. Not very excites to go back to the winter up north

Sunday Mar 24 #

9 AM

Easy running (dirt) 15:00 [1] 2.2 km (6:49 / km)

Woke up, put on some running clothing and went outside. It was sunny and 6 degrees. DId my warm-up exercises and started jogging.

I felt ok actually, better than expected. My right hamstring was a little sore as well as my quads. Hips were tight. Still, I was running well.

For a while.

Got a really painful stomach cramp after 10 minutes and basically walked the run in. This was super annoying as I thought I could have run 30 minutes very comfortably.

When I got back, my legs were feeling good. Hamstring was better as well as my quads. Hips were tight still. Stomach settled down quickly when I stopped.

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