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Training Log Archive: Russ

In the 7 days ending Feb 17:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Easy6 4:53:57 35.83(8:12) 57.66(5:06) 475
  LR Session1 2:40:34 21.02(7:38) 33.83(4:45) 171
  Session1 53:06 7.51(7:04) 12.09(4:24)
  Total7 8:27:37 64.36(7:53) 103.57(4:54) 646

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Sunday Feb 17 #

8 AM

LR Session long (Steady 21) 2:40:34 [4] 21.02 mi (7:38 / mi) +171m 7:27 / mi
ahr:153 max:185

Legs felt a lot better this morning. Had planned to do the 21 miles with Jonny round CW/HH, but he couldn't get a babysitter so loner 21 it was. Also opted for the flatter DSL just to be kinder to my hamstrings. Put way too much tiger balm on the hammies before setting out, had to wipe a load of it off after they started burning!

Set off towards Cults for a couple miles easy to warm up, felt really good and the easy ended up being steady! Had to slow myself down a few times early on but just got into a nice rhythm of running at about 7:40/mi. Decided to head to Drumoak and back then onto Duthie Park and home for the route, the miles just flew by! Maurten Gel at 10 miles followed by a hello from Robbie on his bike and I just flew up the hill at Coalford. Mile 13 crossing the mainroad at Milltimber felt like a bit of an effort but I just focused on reeling off the runners in front of me. Wasn't too thirsty today but took some water and a dried date at 17 miles. Although a bit breezy today the line must have been quite sheltered as I didn't really feel it hurting or helping me until the last few miles. The lap of Duthie and back onto the line was a bit of an effort for the 20th mile. Managed to push on for the uphill into the breeze for the last mile and felt strong.

Average pace of 7:38/mi with the fastest mile of 7:30 and the slowest of 7:43. A little bit quicker than the planned 7:40-7:50 pace (oops) but that's what steady felt like today, apart from the 13th and the 20th mile nothing felt too hard. Just in the groove today, Happy bunny!

Saturday Feb 16 #

11 AM

Easy (Easy 5) 41:56 [2] 5.01 mi (8:22 / mi) +69m 8:02 / mi
ahr:131 max:149

Last few days I've been complaining about a sore hip and tight hamstrings, did something about it on Friday night and spent about an hour stretching and foam rolling. Right quad sore when rolling, hip felt better after the stretch.

Woke up on Saturday and hip felt better but hamstrings were a bit tight. Took the dogs for a walk round CW in the morning to get the legs going then did an easy five miles home. Route mostly downhill from CW and could feel my right hamstrings on any incline. Another good stretch when I got home.

Took my son swimming in the evening, walking/paddling about with him felt like the resistance of the water did my hip some good. More foam rolling when I got home.

Friday Feb 15 #

6 AM

Easy warm up/down 17:42 [2] 2.08 mi (8:31 / mi)
ahr:132 max:145

Easy warm up before the session. Work mate leaving today so we are out for lunch. Friday night is date night with my son so 6am alarm call it was. Not really a fan of running so early as it feels like it takes me a while to get going in the morning. Banana, water and a hot cup of Active Root and out the door. took the first mile to Duthie Park easy to give the legs a chance to wake up. Legs a bit sore from all the foam rolling last night but ok by the end of easy.

Session (4 x 2k HMP w 1k steady) 53:06 [4] 7.51 mi (7:04 / mi)
ahr:160 max:168

Laps of Duthie Park for the session, felt a bit of a struggle from the start tbh. Dark when i started but nice to watch the sunrise, bit of a breeze that just seemed to always be in my face.

8:27, 8:24, 8:27, 8:17 for the 2ks
4:36, 4:43, 4:55, 4:49 for the 1k steady recovery

Ran the first 3 reps anti-clockwise at 6:46-6:48/mi pace with the recoveries slowing from 7:24-7:35-7:55 pace. Ran the first 100m of the 3rd recovery at easy then picked it up to steady. Right hip started to tighted during the 3rd rep and i was starting to struggle but focused on only a few more quick laps to go. Losing the will to live I changed direction for the 4th rep and found it mentally easier and was able to hit 6:40/mi pace which was a surprise. Running a bit late for getting to work so the last steady recovery included collecting discarded clothing and getting onto the DSL. Conditions for the session weren't ideal so pretty happy with that. Did some stretching after the session before the easy home.

Easy warm up/down 20:21 [3] 2.38 mi (8:33 / mi) +65m 7:53 / mi
ahr:141 max:150

Easy home then picked up my rucksack then continued up to work. Mostly uphill and energy levels were getting pretty low by the time i got to work. More streching of the tight hip when i got to work, I've just spent too much time sitting on my butt this week!!

Lunch at The Chester (was Simpsons) was rubbish, totally not worth the early alarm call.

Thursday Feb 14 #

12 PM

Easy 48:20 [2] 6.02 mi (8:02 / mi) +98m 7:39 / mi
ahr:139 max:151

Easy lunch run up to HH, headed towards CW for a 3 mile out and back. Bumped into Ginie just before half way and ran the second half with her. Pace a little quick on the second half but effort on the downhill was easy whilst we chatted all things marathon prediction calculators. Here's a link to the interesting article I mentioned Right hamstring a little tight today and nose a little sniffy, otherwise feeling good.

Wednesday Feb 13 #

12 PM

Easy (Steasy 8 w 8x30s) 1:12:29 [3] 9.44 mi (7:41 / mi) +133m 7:21 / mi
ahr:146 max:165

Aiming for between 7:30-7:50/mi pace for the steadies. Scalded cat start again but calmed down a bit, headed for HH trails and as it's uphill for two miles probably was working a little harder than steady. Saw my friend who ran 2:56 in Manchester last year then Ginie and Robbie shortly afterwards, so lots of pretending I looked like I knew what i was doing.

Bit of a loop of HH, slower end of steady for the uphills and quicker end for downhills. Got to the start of parkrun at 6 miles so decided to head to Den of Maidencraig for the next two miles before the strides. Not a great idea, running on the grass was soaking and with the camber I could feel my right hip tighten. I then decided to run on the otherside of the Den Burn for a bit, which isn't really conducive toquicker running as there's loads of tree roots and low hanging trees. So mile 8 was a bit crap.

8x30s felt ok but pace was impacted by wind/undulations.

Nice session and has given me the confidence to go for a more undulating route for this Sunday's steady long run rather than the DSL.

Tuesday Feb 12 #

5 PM

Easy 58:14 [3] 6.89 mi (8:27 / mi) +83m 8:09 / mi
ahr:127 max:151

Peter and Jackie in to discuss Balmoral Run at lunchtime so didnt get a chance to run at lunchtime. East up and round HH, no headtorch required when leaving at 5! Bit of a struggle for the first mile into the wind but sheltered in the trees.

Cold seems to have gone, felt no too bad today! Stopped off at home and took the 4%s out for their maiden voyage for the strides. Felt really good, might take some practice negotiating corners :) looking forwarding to doing a proper session in them!

Monday Feb 11 #

12 PM

Easy 34:55 [2] 4.01 mi (8:42 / mi) +27m 8:32 / mi
ahr:129 max:145

Cold pretty much gone. Right hamstring a bit tight and left calf a bit sore but nothing a good foam roll wont fix tonight. Lovely day today, lacked motivation but glad I went out.

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