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Training Log Archive: Russ

In the 7 days ending Aug 11:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Easy4 2:47:00 20.53(8:08) 33.04(5:03) 243
  LR Easy1 2:42:55 20.02(8:08) 32.22(5:03) 348
  Steady1 1:16:10 10.19(7:28) 16.4(4:39) 163
  Session1 55:43 8.12(6:52) 13.07(4:16) 41
  S&C1 30:00
  Total7 8:11:48 58.86 94.72 795

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Sunday Aug 11 #

6 AM

LR Easy (20 lumpy easy) 2:42:55 [3] 20.02 mi (8:08 / mi) +348m 7:43 / mi
ahr:145 max:159

Early start for the long run, up to meet Jonny at HH who joined me for 16 of my 20 miles. Loop of HH then onto CW, at mile 7 tried one of the High 5 gels that they are handing out at Loch Ness, a very sweet liquid and not a nice one so won't be bothering with using the on course gels. It was quite blustery so decided against running the Kingshill loop as it would have been a bit of trudge and we were enjoying the undulating run which helped us maintain a nice pace. Headed down to Foggieton for a couple loops, started to struggle a bit during the 15th mile as we headed back uphill into the wind from Foggieton to HH, decided to take the other gel I was carrying (maurten) and got a bit of a boost for the final 5 miles heading home, it also helped that the last 4 miles were all dowhnill back home. Happy to have gotten a 20 miler under my belt, 8:07/mi average pace felt good and mostly easy apart from a couple climbs. Water at mile 10 and 16. Weather a bit cooler and drizzly. Excellent weeks training :)

Saturday Aug 10 #

2 PM

Easy 39:19 [2] 5.04 mi (7:48 / mi)
ahr:137 max:145

Bit of a shake out for the legs after the session yesterday and the S&C just before the run. First mile a bit jelly legged but they felt pretty good after that, kept the route pretty flat along to Milltimber on the North Deeside Rd then back on the DSL. Wore a new pair of Peg35's and just bounced along at a nice pace, took a wrong turn getting down to the DSL so the planned 4 turned into a 5. Feeling good, will go for the 20 tomorrow

S&C 30:00 [3]

Only S&C session this week, but i've been doing some spikey balling and rolling on my hips/quads/hammies after some hammy tightness earlier in the week. Maybe overdone it a little as I've got some nice bruises on my right quad :) But it seems to be working as things are starting to feel pretty good.

Ran through all the exercises all felt pretty good, doing a lot better with the Single leg squats as I've struggled with the left leg during the exercises.

Friday Aug 9 #

11 AM

Session (8x3min (1min)) 55:43 [4] 8.12 mi (6:52 / mi) +41m 6:45 / mi
ahr:152 max:166

Decided to try a new Woodend lunch loop for the session, reckoned the small loop was about 3 minutes and it turned out to be pretty much spot on. The slight downhill bit was into a wee breeze which wouldn't have been noticable was it not for the torrential rain.

Easy warm up included a couple short strides to get the legs going, felt really good. Pace for the first rep was a bit hot, calmed down a bit and tried to keep it consistent. Still feeling good with 3 to go picked up the pace finishing at 5k ish pace.

Pace for the reps: 6:01/mi; 6:17/mi; 6:15/mi; 6:14/mi; 6:16/mi; 6:11/mi; 6:07/mi; 6:04/mi

The pace for the recoveries was more steady rather than easy, I find it tricky to slow down enough in the shorter recoveries but I felt like I recovered enough after each rep and I think I might have managed a couple more reps! A good sign!

Nice quiet road for the session, ended up running on the road as there was only a couple cars. There's also a slightly larger loop which will be good for the longer reps.

Thursday Aug 8 #

11 AM

Easy 42:31 [2] 5.19 mi (8:12 / mi) +87m 7:47 / mi
ahr:138 max:153

Bit of a long day yesterday with my sons birthday party and my nephew having an accident and breaking an arm, that's how you can tell if it's been a good party if there are casualties! Felt pretty tired this morning and appreciated the company of Matt for a loop of HH, bit lethargic for the the first couple miles but then started to feel good when we got to the top of HH and the downhill miles back to the office.

Wednesday Aug 7 #

10 AM

Steady (Steady 10) 1:16:10 [4] 10.19 mi (7:28 / mi) +163m 7:07 / mi
ahr:150 max:178

Headed towards Foggieton and was planning a loop of CW and HH for the undulating steady 10. Not sure what I was playing at in the second mile as it as a bit quick plus it was uphill, 3rd mile is all uphill and into a slight breeze so reigned it back in as I was starting to feel my right hammy a little (maybe time for a visit to Helen). Once I got to Foggieton decided just to do loops rather than morning climbing to get round CW and up to HH. Foggieton trails were very wet from the morning rain and just a gentle undulation so it was good to get into a rhythm. 7:30/mi average pace for the 10 and a bit miles, legs felt good after the initial 3 miles of overexuberance.

Tuesday Aug 6 #

11 AM

Easy 51:17 [3] 6.2 mi (8:16 / mi) +84m 7:56 / mi
ahr:146 max:180

Easy run up and round HH with Matt and Ginie, a little quicker than the normal easy pace round HH but felt good, although received a reprimand from Ginie for running a bit quick during the 4th mile. Strides felt good although nothing bonkers.

Monday Aug 5 #

11 AM

Easy 33:53 [2] 4.1 mi (8:16 / mi) +72m 7:50 / mi
ahr:143 max:181

Hammies, especially right one a bit tight this morning. Took it pretty easy until the loosened off. Nice day, quite tepid :) Overall feeling a bit tired after yesterdays session, will leave the S&C until tomorrow morning.

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