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Training Log Archive: daisyrennie

In the 7 days ending Feb 19:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering7 4:42:28 18.6(15:11) 29.93(9:26) 760
  running9 2:25:14 13.84(10:30) 22.27(6:31) 207
  Total12 7:07:42 32.44(13:11) 52.2(8:12) 967

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Sunday Feb 19 #


talent camp = done

been a very enjoyable few days with some great training and great practise for the selection races. also very happy with my results and consistency was good. areas were also very nice and pretty relevant for the selection races as well. i have also identified some areas to work on before the races including planning in relays and fueling for long o. very tired now though - i have half-term holiday now so i can get some good rest in.
10 AM

orienteering 48:45 [3] 5.29 km (9:13 / km) +107m 8:22 / km

talent squad race prep camp - 1st leg sim

2x courses. 1st was very good and made no mistakes apart from being thrown off at #3 and going to the wrong gaffle before finding mine. 2nd was alright, made a mistake at #1 which was quite bad but the course improved, feeling very tired though. really like this area and enjoyed the courses apart from feeling a bit dead. 4th/5th back on both of them i think which i am happy with.
11 AM

orienteering 18:38 [2] 1.58 km (11:48 / km) +40m 10:28 / km

jog/walk back with emma with a map, very hungry and tired

Saturday Feb 18 #

11 AM

running warm up/down 8:09 [2] 1.01 km (8:04 / km) +13m 7:35 / km

orienteering race 34:33 [4] 4.19 km (8:15 / km) +64m 7:40 / km

talent squad race prep camp - 3rd leg sim

5th girl. one of my usual mistakes on relays is not planning the leg because of the pressure and the pack so made that my focus today - nav was very good and made solid plans which i kept too. so so muddy in places but alright running apart from that, didn’t feel like i could go much faster because of the past few days but pace was good for keeping nav clean. good simulation and also i have realised that i struggle to follow the pack and i feel like i’m not a pack runner (except in norway where i am 100% a pack runner) which i don’t know if it is a benefit or a hinderance. enjoyed it a lot out there and pretty happy with my race and position :)
12 PM

running warm up/down 7:28 [2] 0.84 km (8:53 / km) +14m 8:12 / km

6 PM

running warm up/down 9:20 [2] 1.27 km (7:21 / km) +11m 7:03 / km

orienteering race 51:20 [3] 4.61 km (11:08 / km) +133m 9:44 / km

talent squad race prep camp - night sim

hard area and struggled with the map especially at night so i was very hesitant throughout. only mistake was at #7, didn’t have an attack-point and did a big detour before finding it which was not very good. not very happy with this but also not really trying that hard as i was a bit worried about getting completely lost in there.

Friday Feb 17 #

12 PM

running warm up/down 15:45 [2] 2.03 km (7:46 / km) +70m 6:37 / km

orienteering race 1:17:23 [4] 7.93 km (9:45 / km) +247m 8:27 / km

talent squad race prep camp - long sim

5th W18 i think. very hard work and struggled a lot physically, got very hungry from early on which didn’t help as i felt very lacking in energy. nav was pretty good, quite hesitant throughout as struggling with the 1;15,000 map as it is my 1st ever time on one of them. not the best today but always good experience and have worked out my weaknesses in long o.

Thursday Feb 16 #

10 AM

running warm up/down 27:38 [2] 3.74 km (7:23 / km) +55m 6:53 / km

really good warm up, got me so focused and in the zone - will replicate this at major races
11 AM

orienteering race 37:52 [4] 3.89 km (9:44 / km) +99m 8:38 / km

talent squad race prep camp - middle sim

1st on course 3 (W16/17s)!!! obviously not about the result as it’s just a training camp but happy with that result and definitely a confidence booster going into the week which was really what i needed. nav was good for a techy area, some very minor time loss on #11 and #12 though but didn’t let it throw me off my race which is good. really liked the area and had fun, focus started to go later on in the course but managed to keep time loss to a minimum.
12 PM

running warm up/down 9:56 [2] 1.38 km (7:12 / km) +4m 7:06 / km

3 PM

running warm up/down 14:06 [2] 2.08 km (6:47 / km) +40m 6:11 / km

4 PM

orienteering race 13:57 [4] 2.44 km (5:43 / km) +70m 5:00 / km

talent squad race prep camp - sprint sim

2nd on course 2 (W18/16s)!!! once again i know it’s not about the results but i am happy with my run! nav was good and picking solid routes and sticking with them. almost ran into someone’s driveway on the way to #3 and hesitated for at least 5s so that was some unnecessary time loss. feeling pretty confident after the morning so pushing pretty hard, a lot of hills in the first bit though.

running warm up/down 7:09 [2] 1.0 km (7:09 / km)

Tuesday Feb 14 #

6 PM

running warm up/down 11:24 [2] 2.04 km (5:35 / km)

running intervals 25:15 [4] 5.54 km (4:33 / km)

pyramid session - 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1

running warm up/down 9:04 [2] 1.34 km (6:46 / km)

Monday Feb 13 #

(rest day)

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