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Training Log Archive: BettyRun

In the 7 days ending Jul 27:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling 6 9:49:00
  Specific endurance 1 3:18:00 20.82(9:31) 33.5(5:55) 1300
  Easy2 2:26:00 17.83(8:11) 28.7(5:05) 400
  Easy + strideouts1 1:23:00 9.63(8:37) 15.5(5:21) 200
  Moderate 1 1:10:00 10.13(6:55) 16.3(4:18) 56
  S&C2 1:00:00
  Easy + hill sprints 1 50:00 5.9(8:28) 9.5(5:16) 128
  Total13 19:56:00 64.31 103.5 2084
averages - sleep:7.6

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Saturday Jul 27 #

5 PM

Easy 1:19:00 [3] 15.0 km (5:16 / km) +180m 4:58 / km

Poured down with aim all day. Didn’t real feel like running this morning and felt I needed a bit of a chill out day so rain didn’t really matter. It eventually stopped about 5pm and forecast looked ok for Dales tomorrow so I went out for an easy run. 2 sets of drills first and felt really good and springy.

Friday Jul 26 #

5 PM

Cycling 35:00 [3]

Up early then bus/train to work.
Cycled home from work and got a puncture 3 miles from home so walked the last 3 miles which was rather annoying!
7 PM

Easy + hill sprints 50:00 [3] 9.5 km (5:16 / km) +128m 4:56 / km

2 sets of warm up drills
Ran from home through park/fields.
First 15 mins felt pretty average then felt better and better and by 30 mins I was feeling really good.
Did 6 hills sprints after 30 mins. I different hill to the normal one I use but similar gradient/length.
Ran another 20 mins after with a real spring in my step!
Really enjoyed this evenings run. Also it’s still warm but a lot cooler than the last couple of days.
9 PM

S&C 30:00 [3]

2 x sets of S&C. All felt fine

Thursday Jul 25 #

8 AM

Cycling 1:00:00 [3]

Cycled to work. Another very warm morning!
Usual route - 18.5km
8 PM

Easy 1:07:00 [3] 13.7 km (4:53 / km) +220m 4:32 / km

Had a busy day today at work. Unexpected Back to back meetings all afternoon and so didn’t have 3-4pm snack or drink enough water and it was very hot today.
Didn’t get run in until 8pm as had to drop my Lakeland Trophy off (sad day). It started well at moderate pace but after about 20 mins I didn’t feel great (probably lack of food and water which is entirely my fault so I was annoyed with myself). After 10 mins or so trying to keep a decent pace and rhythm and being saturated in a sweat from the heat I decided to take it easy and do the second 30 mins at an easy pace and enjoy the run.
Did 6 strides at the end which felt good.
My face was a bit drawn when I got in so I think I was pretty dehydrated. Stupid I know.

Wednesday Jul 24 #

7 AM

Easy + strideouts 1:23:00 [3] 15.5 km (5:21 / km) +200m 5:02 / km

Reverse route of last nights run. Bus into town then ran from there.
It was REALLY HOT AND HUMID and I felt a bit heavy in the legs, probably a mixture of it only being 12 hours since I ran and the heat. Didn’t push, just kept it easy. Everything I was wearing including my race vest was saturated by the end of the run, unusual for an easy pace.
6 strideouts at the end felt really good.
Drank more water than usual today.
4 PM

Cycling 56:00 [3]

Cycled home from work. Left early at 4pm - still really warm!
9 PM

S&C 30:00 [3]

2 sets of s&c
Hamstring curls felt harder than normal. Did 11 in each set rather the normal 14-16.
All other exercises felt normal

Tuesday Jul 23 #

Cycling 1:00:00 [3]

Cycled to work. Really warm this morning.
6 PM

Moderate 1:10:00 [3] 16.3 km (4:18 / km) +56m 4:13 / km

1 set of warm up drills before I started.
Same run from work as last Thursday.
Gentle down (with a slight incline at 2km) for 5km then flat along canal tow path for the 11ish km into Leeds.
It was a really hot evening. First couple of KMs felt a bit unflowy probably similar reason to last week of being day down a lot of the day, although I did get my lunchtime 4km walk in (at 4pm!).
Felt really good again on the canal section and felt I had a really good rhythm and flow. I got really thirty the last few KMs as it was so hot and I didn’t carry any water.
Walked the 7km home from Leeds.

Monday Jul 22 #

Cycling 2:00:00 [3]

Ride to work and back - usual route.
Felt fine after yesterday.
18.5km each way

Sunday Jul 21 #

Specific endurance 3:18:00 [3] 33.5 km (5:55 / km) +1300m 4:57 / km

Did a loop around the Yorkshire 3 peaks area. Up Ingleborough from Horton in Ribblesdale, traversed along and down to Ribblehead then followed the 3 peaks route from there back to Horton.
Felt really good most of the way round, a little lacking in energy part way up Whenside so had a date at 1hr 40min and another at 2hrs 5 mins, then felt really good again. In hindsight I properly could have gone a bit faster early on but I was intentionally conservative as I wanted to try and keep the effort level consistent to the end. The ups felt particularly good, especially the first ascent of Ingleborough and whernside - given I haven’t run up many hills recently I was pleased with how I felt.

Cycling 4:18:00 [3]

I had planned to cycle part way home then get back on the train. But I was enjoying the ride so much I just carried on.
It was super easy effort and was a very enjoyable ride in the late afternoon sun. Lots of free wheeling down the hills and leg spinning on easy gears on the ups.
Stopped for a break after 2 hours for more food and water.

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