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Training Log Archive: shaund82

In the 7 days ending Nov 16:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Easy Run7 7:20:23 62.34(7:04) 100.33(4:23) 12
  S & C 4 2:23:00
  Total11 9:43:23 62.34 100.33 12
averages - sleep:7.3

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Saturday Nov 16 #

S & C (S & C round) 35:00 [3]

Doing it a bit more regularly at the moment so noticeably more 'robust' are the hips. No issues to report
10 AM

Easy Run (Easy 80) 1:23:27 [3] 19.26 km (4:20 / km) +1m 4:20 / km
ahr:159 max:189 slept:7.5

Bloody nice run. Mostly on grass on way out- cycle lane on way back.

Last 20 just started to feel it in the legs. Was easy for first hour but let's tired a little... though still definitely steady.

Sleep ok- one wake up at 11pm and another at 1.30pm but then through till 8am. Probably c.8 hrs total

Friday Nov 15 #


Food diary- slightly atypical day as out for echo and work meeting. Ate in cafe and bought ravioli for dinner.


Day of echo

1 litre water
1 tea with cup of milk


1 X Cardamom Bun - c. 80-100g
1x Double Espresso / 300ML WATER


Work Meeting - Coffee/ 300 ML WATER

RUN @ 12

Handful of Apricots / Handful of raisins at home

1.30pm 1 Foccacia Sandwich in Cafe (Anchovy, tomato, mozzarella) ...hard to guess g. Maybe 200g
1 Coffee /500ml carbonated Water

Dinner 150g ravioli (white pasta/ ricotta). 85-100g salad (pine nuts, leaves, raw beetroot)

700ml water

Yoghurt small bowl/ cup. Handful blueberry and handful dried apricots.
11 AM

Easy Run (Easy 60 plus strides) 1:03:09 [3] 14.13 km (4:28 / km) +3m 4:28 / km
ahr:179 max:196 slept:7.5

Nice run post echo. Enjoying it. Feeling good. No aches and pains. The odd chest pain but nothing significant and probably psychosomatic.

Sleep again a bit broken with 2 slight wake-ups soon after one another at c.2am but early night so not that bad really.

Thursday Nov 14 #

S & C (S and C) 34:00 [3]

Did it in the evening...bit tired so bit lacklustre but mostly fine.


Thurs food diary

700ml Water

Cup of tea with dash of milk. Small biscuit

Porridge (cooked with half water/ half almond milk)- no more than 40- 50g with small handful of raisins, half a fig and ¼ banana


Porridge c 75-85g (cooked with half water/ half almond milk). Handful of blueberries, Desert spoon of nut butter, dash of maple syrup, sunflower seeds (1 tbsp)

Tea with dash of milk

Very small filter coffee

Greta’s lunch/ pre lunch. Ate 3 spelt ‘soldiers’ dipped in egg and half a slice of toast with butter.

Tea dash of milk.

750ml of water with elderflower squash

700ml of water



Half slice of spelt bread c. 32.5g

Late lunch 3pm

Caprese salad small. 1 large tomatoes, 50-70g mozzarella. 1.5 slices of toast = 90-100g. 50-70g last night's cous cous (raisins and pomegranate)

900ml water


150g spelt pasta with fennel and kale sauteed c 50g of both.

300ml elderflower cordial

Yoghurt with raisins (2 tbsp / small handful raisins)

Herbal tea X 2 - 800ml
8 AM

Easy Run (Easy 60mins) 59:58 [3] 13.89 km (4:19 / km)
ahr:161 max:179 slept:6.0

Another lovely run. Sleep pretty poor- a broken 6 hrs....hence perhaps the high HR but felt great again.

Wednesday Nov 13 #


Food diary

800ml water

Tea with milk

Small porridge with pomegranate and raisins 60g

Espresso black


80g of muesli with milk plus pomegranate and raisins.

800ml water


Some left over potatoes 50g. Small portion of spelt tagliatelle with courgette (fried in butter) (50g pasta..was Greta's dinner). Big salad - same as last night- addition of hemp seeds

Filter coffee black.

Snack- carrot

Glass Apple Juice c.300ml

2 X cups of tea. 1 biscuit

When Greta eating at c.5pm- ate 2 small stems of steamed broccoli, handful of tortilla chips and a crust of bread or 2.

1 glass water - 300ml


Veg bake ( squash, fennel, butter beans, stock, torn up bread, red onion) 150g. served with cous cous (85g) (including raisins and pomegranate)

Herbal Tea

Chocolate Ice Cream- c80-100g/ 3 tbsp

10 AM

Easy Run (Easy 60 plus strides) 58:58 [3] 13.85 km (4:15 / km)
ahr:134 max:154 slept:8.0

Lovely lovely run. Tried to hold back but was feeling great. First time in months.

Sleep ok- wake at 2.30am but back down after 30mins then slept till 8am. In bed for 10.30pm. still too late for me

Tuesday Nov 12 #

S & C (S and C) 35:00 [3]

Not much to report. Right leg still tends to waver in on lunge and balance exercises. Otherwise fine


Food Diary.

600-700ml Water
1 cup of tea (Dairy-Milk)
Half a slice of homemade wholemeal bread with salted butter

Run after dropping baby at nursery @ 9.30

100g of muesli with milk. Added Raisins and half a large apple @ 10.40
1 large mug of filter coffee

Other half of apple

600-700ml Water

Lunch @ 2.30-3pm
Potatoes with Squash roasted with miso and harrissa. 50g of Kale added on top for last 10mins

600-700ml Water

Pre dinner….ate couple of stems of broccoli, ¼ of large pear and ¼ apple while baby ate


More of potatoes/ Squash Kale + Haloumi.. Big salad (leaves, beetroot, avocado, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, chicory).

600-700ml Water

Herbal tea- couple of squares of dark chocolate
9 AM

Easy Run (Easy 60 with strides) 1:01:37 [3] 13.46 km (4:35 / km)
ahr:152 max:174 slept:7.0

Shit of a day. Bloody cold and wet. Enjoyed the run otherwise- stayed nice and easy.

Strides ok

Sleep ok- wake at c..4.45 but back down after 30mins till 8am. Didn't go to bed till gone 11pm... stupid

Monday Nov 11 #

9 AM

Easy Run (1st half of 50mins) 25:34 [3] 5.73 km (4:28 / km)
ahr:158 max:174 slept:7.5

Nice run- I enjoyed it. Needed a piss at half way and pressed save instead of resume... Working harder perhaps than 7min miles should be still steady.

Sleep...ok . One wake up at 3.30 for 30mins but otherwise from 10-10.30 to 7.15am

Easy Run 26:39 [3] 6.07 km (4:23 / km) +5m 4:22 / km
ahr:164 max:174

Sunday Nov 10 #

S & C (Strength Round) 39:00 [2]

Decent enough round. Need to pump Swiss Ball.
4 PM

Easy Run (Easy 60mins) 1:01:01 [2] 13.93 km (4:23 / km) +3m 4:22 / km
ahr:165 max:181

Enjoyed it. Nice weather and didn't feel drained or knackered. Positive

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