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Training Log Archive: Borat

In the 7 days ending May 19:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering7 7:18:45 35.31(12:25) 56.83(7:43) 2089
  Run9 6:09:58 46.6(7:56) 75.0(4:56) 1123
  Strength1 30:00
  Total12 13:58:43 81.91 131.83 3212
  [1-5]11 13:28:43

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Sunday May 19 #

9 AM

Orienteering 1:50:39 intensity: (1:07:51 @1) + (42:08 @2) + (40 @3) 16.06 km (6:53 / km) +556m 5:52 / km
ahr:142 max:161

Last one for the camp and first long on 1:15,000.

Chill effort which usually is bad for my orienteering since I get "chill" with my technique just the same.

#7 - Absolutely horrendous route but caught Petar there and he went around so wanted to test a different route. Died horribly through the nettles.

#8 - Lost my head. Lacking concentration.

#9 - Didn't spot the open and control.

#13 - I have missed completely #13 and I am realising this just now lol. I thought I was on the right spur and the control was missing. It turned out to be the case for the actual control which was misplaced apparently so my story sounded believable. Unsure how I ran for so long on the spur and #14 not making sense makes a lot more sense now. Again, focusing on relaxing physically makes me relax technically as well.

#14 - Missing mark so checked around to make sure I was there.

#18 - With the boys from #15 onwards and got lazy here relying on others a bit.


  • Orienteering at a chill pace is not really a great idea personally. Steady/Cruise minimal effort will be enforced from now on.
  • Don't experiment with routes just to be different. It's making me pick up the wrong habits come race day.
  • Use the group but do your orienteering. More mass start training needed to improve on that

Saturday May 18 #

10 AM

Run 7:05 intensity: (6:08 @1) + (57 @2) 0.76 km (9:16 / km) +69m 6:24 / km
ahr:136 max:148

To start.

Orienteering 58:27 intensity: (7:04 @1) + (27:17 @2) + (24:06 @3) 6.39 km (9:09 / km) +199m 7:55 / km
ahr:156 max:170

Kapolnapuszta control pick.

Very tracked up as any other control pick I have done. Managed to squeeze in a few mistakes even with the tracks of course. Slightly better in general though. Mainly as I was collecting controls I was losing contact and sense of direction at every control while taking the tape off which led to some issues. Super enjoyable otherwise.

Focused on good routines of compass, plan, feature ticking.

#15 - Overshoot and went on the next spur which took me a while to realise.

#43 - Absolutely nothing to be seen on the terrain from the undergrowth and stepping accidentally on the tape while searching for it didn't help in finding it later on.

#50 - Thought I was done, jeez.

No real takeaways apart from good routines do help.
3 PM

Run 6:44 [1] 0.98 km (6:51 / km) +42m 5:39 / km
ahr:121 max:138

To start.

Orienteering 58:18 intensity: (10:41 @1) + (15:53 @2) + (30:31 @3) + (1:13 @4) 8.45 km (6:54 / km) +277m 5:56 / km
ahr:157 max:175


Focus on more map contact. Doing the right things over and over again. Went fine until #7 which was a tricky pit and having spiked it I started trying to rush and read less.

#8 - Simplified down to - vague compass, end of open and crag underneath. Unfortunately that description worked just fine for finding the other set of crags underneath. Lost direction halfway due to laziness.

#9 - Rage rush due to first mistake and ran quicker than the leg asked for. Thus faffed a decent minute and a bit around the pits though I was very, very close initially.

#13 - Lost contact for a bit but relocated kind of fine quickly after. However hesitantly attacked and saw a crag right next to mine losing some 20s.


  • Hitting a good number of controls nicely doesn't mean you can afford less contact and more pushing. Rather the opposite - it means you have been doing things just right until now.
  • When overtaking someone don't try to "drop" them or rush knowing you have a safety net behind you. Keep orienteering just the same. Unless it's Kasper. You can stop and wait if you have passed him.

Friday May 17 #

9 AM

Run 16:11 intensity: (12:53 @1) + (2:21 @2) + (57 @3) 2.7 km (5:59 / km) +69m 5:19 / km
ahr:133 max:172

Up. First real "race pace" effort planned.

Orienteering 58:35 intensity: (1:24 @1) + (3:11 @2) + (27:10 @3) + (26:50 @4) 8.14 km (7:12 / km) +385m 5:49 / km
ahr:171 max:184

Spartacus Cup - Middle

Aggressive from the start, wanted to try race effort and compare with the field from a month ago. Started raining just as we arrived so was quite slippery and generally unpleasant. Good on #1 and #2 considering it was mostly running.

#3 - Ticked off the contour shapes as planned and all of a sudden lost my head, thought I am at a spur I already went through and got very confused after. Because I was attacking a lot I didn't have the patience to correctly relocate and attack the control but simply started running in a rough direction to the control again relying on my picture solely and missed pretty much everything again until I saw the open reentrant next to the control. Terrible and already lost the drive to push hard here.

#6 - No real plan even if I ended up doing a good job on the leg. Should invest more time.

#8 - Very uncertain through the slope as I was getting back to the place I lost control to #3. More confidence needed. Lost a good minute in the circle as the whole area was waist-high nettles and you literally could not see a single pit in there.

#10 - Rushed the attack and turned right in the reentrant losing 15s. Rushing.

#13 - Caught Alex here so rushed again, didn't check the level of the next control relative to mine and thought the crag I saw was the one on the line rather than the one below even if I descended a lot...Very poor. Pretty much back to cruise effort from here on.

#14 - No comment here. Lost concentration as mentioned and once I hit my spur I saw a green far down and went to it. No check of compass, map or terrain surrounding.

#18 - Again oversimplified the leg and ran pretty much the whole thing based on memory. More contact with the map and compass!


  • Orienteering at race pace should follow the same rules as any other training. I can't be lazy or too confident to not do the basic things needed for navigation like regular direction or map contact thinking I need to focus mainly on running as hard as I can.
  • Concentration needs to be on constantly and the moment things feel not right, stop. Stop and relocate/trace back.
  • Never underestimate a leg. Checking your compass is not costing you anything.

Run 6:27 intensity: (5:48 @1) + (39 @2) 1.04 km (6:14 / km) +34m 5:21 / km
ahr:129 max:148

4 PM

Orienteering 49:10 intensity: (25:22 @1) + (21:19 @2) + (2:29 @3) 6.07 km (8:06 / km) +194m 6:59 / km
ahr:143 max:166


Talk-O with Svetlio. Actually realised maybe cos I am not used to it, talk-O made me less concentrated.

#8 - Climbed a lot more even though the plan was to stay relatively low and tick off the opens. Stick to your plan.

#11 - Did the one mistake you can make on that leg and went down the wrong spur. Felt like we were going far left and never corrected relying on the other person that surely they won't make the same mistake...

#14 - Relied on opens instead of contour shapes and saw the control and went past it thinking the control is on the next spur.

#16 - Got confused next to the power line and lost direction. Bad picture.

#17 - Open was pretty much missing so hard to pick out what was happening here.


  • Stick to plan and if a planned feature doesn't appear make sure to stop and check what has happened.
  • Discipline with plan and direction. Probably should have written down those takeaways before the camp ended as they seem to be repeating a bit too often.

Thursday May 16 #

10 AM

Run 12:40 intensity: (6:37 @1) + (5:15 @2) + (48 @3) 1.85 km (6:51 / km) +138m 4:59 / km
ahr:136 max:163

Up. Excited.

Run 3:37 [1] 0.61 km (5:56 / km)
ahr:131 max:139

Down. Not excited anymore.

Orienteering 56:58 intensity: (17:54 @1) + (23:29 @2) + (15:30 @3) + (5 @4) 6.11 km (9:19 / km) +260m 7:41 / km
ahr:151 max:174


Seems like May is prime time in Hungary for nettles and all other types of undergrowth which made for not as nice and runnable forests as I anticipated. Having the mindset that it will be easy navigation therefore wasn't the correct approach. Especially for someone who hasn't been very consistent recently.

#3 - No control mark so lost some time checking even though the feature was quite obvious

#4 - Lost direction in the approach through the green while realising it but not correcting it. Laziness and overconfidence in my line to be more runnable.

#5 - Tried to use the big boulders as features rather than the contours expecting similar rocky features to MOM. Turned out that some "boulders" were less than 40cm and were very much hard to notice sometimes. Should have simply kept my level, tick off the reentrants and wait for the open to lead me in.

#6 - Here the opens were not as clear, seemed like one was missing and did not climb nearly enough. Turned out that #6 was not there anyway but I was not even in the circle. Again relying on rocky features and opens for my navigation while missing the main terrain forms.

#7 - Starting from the wrong place, everything naturally made no sense. Already losing confidence by the minute.

#10 - Had a higher line without planning on it and then the opens seemed to be a few more than mapped and had to check out the nearby veg to understand what was going on. Still, an issue of wrong level and not reading the number of contours I am above/below before starting the leg.

#13 - Even though the control was much higher I went on descending confidently and undershoot it massively.

#16 - The "white" I was trying to attack through was nettle central with loads of limiting visibility veg as well so felt very unsure. Should have adapted and change my attack through the small path.

Thompass-inspired Takeaways

  • Check the level difference between the controls and account for it in your plan.
  • Don't rely on rocky features rather focus on the contours.
  • Read the map more, check the compass more, don't rely too much on your memory and picture. I tend to oversimplify when orienteering which works fine in easy Bulgarian terrains but need to spend more time in contact with the map.
4 PM

Run 4:31 intensity: (2:30 @1) + (1:50 @2) + (11 @3) 0.82 km (5:30 / km) +15m 5:02 / km
ahr:132 max:163

To start.

Orienteering 46:38 intensity: (9:17 @1) + (12:03 @2) + (21:40 @3) + (3:38 @4) 5.61 km (8:19 / km) +217m 6:58 / km
ahr:157 max:183


GPS on a mad one for this course. I was surprisingly not as wavy as the track indicates.

#1 - Could not find the mark so spend some time checking the location.

#5 - Had a good flow 2, 3, 4 and as I tend to do that gave me some false confidence. Hence I saw the open and a path and assumed it is the path on the right of the line without checking my compass. After some time I started fighting my compass, trying to push it in "my direction" until I lost battle and accepted defeat that I was indeed on the wrong path. Lesson - compasses are always right.

#6 - Poor direction and not enough reading so missed the big path on the left that I wanted to hit and had to change plans to go straight. Veg however was horrendous on the line and lost quite some time fighting through. Should have avoided going near that stuff knowing how bad it is from the morning.

#8 - Seems like a straighter line could have been better but happy with my execution nevertheless.

#10 - Should have been more aggressive and straight again.

#12 - Hesitant here cos I didn't see that big depression higher of the control and had to stop and wonder for a bit.


  • Similar to previous and future trainings - more compass, more contact with the map and more contour reading rather than anything else.
  • If your plan doesn't go/start as intended - stop, relocate or reconsider options from your current position rather than keep going purely relying on compass and waiting for a big feature to hit you.
  • Don't be afraid to climb. Sparing every possible contour even if you are shite climber is not the best approach always.

Run 8:06 intensity: (7:15 @1) + (51 @2) 1.3 km (6:14 / km) +58m 5:06 / km
ahr:139 max:151


Wednesday May 15 #

7 AM

Run 1:21:03 intensity: (1:19:03 @1) + (2:00 @2) 14.7 km (5:31 / km) +238m 5:06 / km
ahr:128 max:155

Mega bonky morning job with Spenny and Wozzle. Suffering of all kinds of sorts.

Tuesday May 14 #

10 AM

Run 14:20 [1] 2.88 km (4:58 / km) +40m 4:39 / km
ahr:133 max:142


Run 35:00 intensity: (3:05 @1) + (10:25 @2) + (21:30 @3) 9.75 km (3:35 / km) +97m 3:25 / km
ahr:159 max:170

Back to the usual.

6 x 5 min (1 min)

3.26s + 3.25s last one

All while watching Bodkin on Netflix. Riveting Irish crimi for which I was deploying all my mental capacity to get half of what they were saying. HR, on the other hand, way too low for the RPE. Weird.

Run 14:08 intensity: (13:58 @1) + (10 @2) 2.99 km (4:43 / km)
ahr:139 max:146

5 PM

Run 1:14:13 intensity: (41:19 @1) + (4:21 @2) + (20:20 @3) + (7:47 @4) + (26 @5) 15.84 km (4:41 / km) +80m 4:34 / km
ahr:147 max:187

More HH. More people. Yes.

12T, 6 x 800m [1:20min], 600m last-one-fast-one on Dave's arse

Good stuff, working nicely with Wozzle. Off for some continental orienteering munching now!

Monday May 13 #

12 PM

Strength 30:00 [0]

Haven't clicked that activity type in a while. I have let my upper body rot so much I couldn't even do an unassisted dip. Summer bod really lacking.
6 PM

Run 1:25:53 intensity: (1:19:51 @1) + (6:02 @2) 18.76 km (4:35 / km) +244m 4:18 / km
ahr:137 max:154

Mix n match of HH, slap, meadows and a Cammy T shop. Enjoyed the solo running tbh.

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