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Training Log Archive: Tundra/Desert

In the 7 days ending Jun 2, 2002:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 2:18:52 14.23(9:46) 22.9(6:04)
  Easy running3 1:31:50 9.88(9:18) 15.9(5:47)
  Running with weights1 19:36 2.24(8:46) 3.6(5:27)
  Warmup3 16:20 1.3(12:31) 2.1(7:47)
  Short intervals1 6:32 0.99(6:34) 1.6(4:05)
  Total4 4:33:10 28.65(9:32) 46.1(5:56)

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Sunday Jun 2, 2002 #

Easy running 13:45 [1] 2.3 km (5:59 / km)

Felt well enough that I decided to go O.

Warmup 4:00 [1] 0.2 km (20:00 / km)

Orienteering 39:00 [4] 7.3 km (5:21 / km)

Moscow Champs relay. In a pick-up team. Decided to do some anchor-leg training and got unexpectedly much more than I bargained for. Grrr. The first leg dude was through the spectator control first and 4th at the finish/0:15 back. The second leg kid was 5th/1:30 and 7th/4:20. I was 5th/2:00 and 6th/6:30 (yes, a major screw-up on the last loop). But it turned out that the second leg person mispunched, as did about 30% of the field. Don't they teach arabic numerals in kindergarten?
The course (6.39 km) was flat, with almost no trail running; all through the bland, open woods with little visibility or mapped features. My (3rd relay leg time) was 8th, although there was more than 100 m difference between farsta combinations. Felt just fine during the run, some minor pains in the evening. AHR = 173.

Saturday Jun 1, 2002 #


Felt better in the morning. The "gastritis" must have been a stomach bug (started on Wed) on top of something else. Obviously skipped the Moscow Championships Short (which was about 5 miles from mom's place). Skipped the doctor's appointment, too, as the pain went away.


Spent the day watching World Cup soccer. The Moscow Champs were a dud as in the final, 0, 1, or 2 controls (depending on when one started) were in a wrong place (but not missing), moved by someone and moved back by the course staff. They didn't throw out the results.

Friday May 31, 2002 #


Felt fine in the morning. Then in the afternoon, pain started; skipped the planned slow training run. By midnight, I was in more pain. Couldn't sleep. Haven't had such internal pain, ever. Made a doctor's appointment and finally fell asleep around 6 am.

Thursday May 30, 2002 #

Warmup 7:00 [1] 1.1 km (6:22 / km)

Orienteering 45:48 [4] 7.6 km (6:02 / km)

Moscow Meridian stage 14: 6.96 km. Two missing controls; found one on the ground eventually, and the other one was 2.5 m off the ground in a tree, punch and all intact. I was the one who pulled it down from the tree and stuck it into the ground---no clue if right under that tree was indeed the correct location. The run was pretty messed up after the first missing control. (Metric) tons of "anthropogenic garbage" in the woods. About 6 minutes back (15th/113) with 6 minutes of errors/looking for missing bags. Looks like I'm over the jet lag; but see the comment. AHR = 164.


Looks like I have gastritis, hope it's nothing more serious. I'm in constant, albeit dull and moderate, pain at all times I'm not sleeping or running. I had this stuff at age 6... Ibu is EXPENSIVE here, and all the cheap stuff is acetaminophen (bye, liver dude).

Easy running 20:13 [2] 3.6 km (5:37 / km)

To Avangard stadium across Izmailovskiy Park.

Warmup 2:20 [1] 0.4 km (5:50 / km)

Short intervals 6:32 [5] 1.6 km (4:05 / km)

3 x 400 m with 1/2 lap rest. At Avangard with SY (he did 12 x 400; I was quite tired after the O and the gastritis). 77 76 71. First set of intervals after the injury. Coach Zherdev was watching.

Easy running 22:08 [1] 3.6 km (6:09 / km)


Wednesday May 29, 2002 #

Running with weights 19:36 [2] 3.6 km (5:27 / km)

Through Izmailovskiy Park.


Felt like crap the whole day, and slept. Some abdominal issues; maybe it's just the jet lag has finally caught up.


The Belgian World Cup people lost our entry fee and accommodation payment, of which I was notified on Saturday. I read the e-mail on Monday, and spent 2 days losing hair over making a duplicate payment with no time remaining. I couldn't personally come, Kenny's emails were bouncing, Wyatt was in Kiev, thanks to various deities Sergey was still in touch. On Wednesday, they told HIM (but not me) that they "found" the E. I expect no less than a case of that overpriced yeasty stuff.

Tuesday May 28, 2002 #

Easy running 35:44 [2] 6.4 km (5:35 / km)

A morning run in Izmailovskiy Park.

Warmup 3:00 [1] 0.4 km (7:30 / km)

Orienteering 54:04 [3] 8.0 km (6:46 / km)

Moscow Meridian stage 13. These are weekday events held in Moscow city parks. Jogged (16th/120) the course at AHR = 160 (11 minutes back); a surprising amount of map reading (= trail junction reading) for quite simple terrain.

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