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Training Log Archive: Tundra/Desert

In the 7 days ending Jul 21, 2003:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 2:21:22 11.0(12:51) 17.7(7:59) 64524 /30c80%
  Easy running2 1:14:12 7.46(9:57) 12.0(6:11) 68
  Long intervals2 1:09:13 8.26(8:23) 13.3(5:12) 21
  Warmup2 5:30
  Strides1 1:47 0.19(9:34) 0.3(5:57)
  Total3 4:52:04 26.91(10:51) 43.3(6:45) 73424 /30c80%

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Monday Jul 21, 2003 #

Orienteering 2:21:22 [3] 17.7 km (7:59 / km) +645m 6:45 / km
ahr:158 max:169 spiked:24/30c

Hungária Kupa Day 2 and WRE. Gód-awful hot. Took my 3-l camelback, filled with 1.5 l of Powerade (available in HU, surprisingly, for about €2 a liter) and 0.5 l water. Was drinking pretty continuously until the water stop, at which point I dropped the camelback—a big mistake. Saved from death by Matti-Pekka of EsSu. Mostly walked after 1 hour 50. Was not last!! 68.7% back.

The map was a 1:15,000 inkjet print of a very poor quality (see the scan). I had a few plastic cases stashed away, otherwise the ink would have bled. The rest of the courses today, and M21E on the rest of the days, got normal offset prints of all maps at 1:10,000. This map printing quality situation appears to be *t worldwide.

Friday Jul 18, 2003 #


The readout of the Halter revealed nothing interesting. I had one "extraventricular event" over 24 hours (at night, not during/after yesterday's workout), which occurence they told me was entirely within the norm. This means no abnormal arrhythmia (anymore anyways). Curiously, the min HR over 24 hours was 44.

The more interesting medical findings came from the ultrasound. I have borderline pulmonary hypertension, which may or may not mean something, and may or may not have been related to the March incidents. And, borderline cholecystitis (which I knew) and a slighly enlarged liver (which could reasonably have been expected). All other internals were fine on the ultrasound, no heart abnormalities.

The Hb was 131, which I understand may be a bit low for a runner. Got some supplements.


Got a ticket to Hungary, coming back to RU after one day in Sui (already had a train ticket Hun–>Aut–>Sui for the Saturday one week from today). The military crap was not finished this week, so I'll spend at least the beginning of that week in Moscow. Hope to get it done in less than 3 days to be able to go back to Sui for the WOC; also hope that the Team can manage without me during the WOC training-camp week.

Thursday Jul 17, 2003 #

Easy running 21:12 [2] 3.8 km (5:35 / km) +25m 5:24 / km

Got the Halter. Decided to do a T session with it on, to see what if anything can be discovered.
Ran to Avangard. Did the session alone.

Warmup (Stretching) 2:30 [1] 0.0 km

Long intervals (Threshold) 47:20 [3] 9.4 km (5:02 / km)

5000, 3000, 1000 at T, 200 m rest. Horribly slow—not a surprise, given the aftereffects of the French disaster and yesterday's intervals. The Halter kept coming off so I had to hold it sometimes (the recording box, not the sensors).

The intervals were 21:03, 12:32, 3:50. It was quite warm, maybe 28 oC.

Easy running 24:21 [1] 3.8 km (6:24 / km) +15m 6:17 / km

Back home.

Wednesday Jul 16, 2003 #

Easy running 12:59 [2] 2.2 km (5:54 / km) +15m 5:42 / km

Ran to the 2.5 km ski loop in the Park to meet Luchiks for a ×400 workout.

Warmup (Stretching) 3:00 [1] 0.0 km

The Luchiks in presence were Balandinsky and SY, and a special guest, Mr. Klimov.

Strides 1:47 [3] 0.3 km (5:57 / km)

Luchiks were planning to do 10×, on a very soft forest road, with about 1:00 rest (which would have made this I); about 5 m climb/5 m drop, alternating back and forth.

Long intervals (VO2max) 21:53 [4] 3.9 km (5:37 / km) +21m 5:28 / km
ahr:157 max:180

I endured 7×, skipping #5 and quitting after #8. Igor did 10 and Balandinsky and SY endured 12. They had some 65s and maybe even faster at the end. Mine were 75 71 80 76 71 79 78.

Easy running 15:40 [1] 2.2 km (7:07 / km) +13m 6:55 / km

A slog back to the apartment.

Tuesday Jul 15, 2003 #


The EKG lady (an EKG was part of the military paperwork thing) found "A-V blockage, 3rd degree", and suggested I see an ultrasound-diagnostics doctor and also wear a Halter monitor for a day. Scheduled this for Thursday.

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