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Training Log Archive: Tundra/Desert

In the 7 days ending Nov 6, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 1:35:15 9.88(9:38) 15.9(5:59) 23330 /38c78%
  Total2 1:35:15 9.88(9:38) 15.9(5:59) 23330 /38c78%

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Thursday Nov 6, 2008 #

Orienteering race 29:35 [4] *** 5.6 km (5:17 / km) +33m 5:08 / km
spiked:14/19c shoes: Mudclaw 270

At Moscow Meridian this evening in Strogino, I made sure to show up a bit early, given my last week's fiasco, and Nikolay the course setter/Mr. Meridian got back from the woods 20 minutes late, so there was a bit of freezing going on. The course was their usual 19-control score-O, well after dark, with a "relatively mass start" according to the info. What that meant in practice was that as soon as Kolya showed up, people lined up and were let go as soon as they could fit a map into the case and stick the SI into the start unit. So, not even a sneak peek at the map this time to plan, all of the planning had to be on the clock.

I made two planning errors. Of the three obvious loops, the western one was the best to be done first and the peninsula loop, last (or the other way round), this way there was not a dead run from the start and to the finish. But I started on the eastern loop because it was the obvious thing that jumped out at me at the start. And, I should have done 32–34–35, leaving 33 to be picked after 49.

The park was pleasant and the nettles had completely died off, dried, and shrunk. There were few people on my route, so I couldn't really feel how hopelessly slow I was; it felt like jogging after starting out cold, and I only warmed up and started to move well shortly before the finish.

The HRM transmitter battery was dead and the altimeter, noisy. The climb is from the map.

Wednesday Nov 5, 2008 #


Got up at 2 am to follow the election online. It was exciting and happy.

Tuesday Nov 4, 2008 #


Same hermitage plan as yesterday, except more recovered.

Monday Nov 3, 2008 #


Worked on the Coe map all day and didn't leave the house. Feeling not recovered.

Sunday Nov 2, 2008 #

Orienteering race 1:05:40 [3] *** 10.3 km (6:23 / km) +200m 5:49 / km
spiked:16/19c shoes: Mudclaw 270

Ran the event called Rendezvous in the Fall, in Romashkovo, same place as two weeks ago. It was a mass start with a handicap, according to the Soviet, er Russian, sport ranking system. As someone whose current Russian rating is I (first), I started in a group five minutes ahead of those who were rated Candidate Sports Master. Those rated II and III started earlier than me. There was another start time reserved, seven minutes later, for those ranked the highest, but no actual Sports Masters (roughly equivalent to USOF Gold Patch) showed up.

It was pleasant in the woods and we all made it out before the rain started. I felt slow after last week's adventure, was barely able to keep up with the group, and kept slowing down. Got passed by quite a few Candidates. I was navigating by myself towards the end and caught up with a large part of the group who had run away from me earlier, but ended up being passed by most of them just before the last control. I found out that I tend to go straighter than most Moscow runners, more through the woods vs. staying on trails, and about two thirds of the time that helps. Most people were faster than me, some a lot faster, even 50- and 55-year-olds, but I'm sure a lot of that was the fact that I'm still on the recovery curve from last week.

The HRM transmitter battery died and the altitude reading was erratic again.

Saturday Nov 1, 2008 #


I started on another pack of Prilosec. The mysterious abdominal discomfort never returned after about the fifth day of Protonix/Prilosec treatment, no more pain or discomfort, but for the past several days it has been burning in the lower esophagus area. Not heartburn; I rarely if ever have had heartburn; but just a burning sensation.

The SF doctor is so good that now I will have to find a way to buy insurance that can work with him. Blue Cross (Brown and Toland) kicked him out effective November 1st. Almost certainly for too much treatment.

Friday Oct 31, 2008 #


So once I decided (yesterday) that I wouldn't look for any more jobs here in Moscow, even temporary ones, and focus my time and energy instead for the next two or three months, until I can legally work for SRS again, on the Coe-gaine or whatever other venture Get Lost!! may pursue should a permit not be available for Coe, I sat down today and hatched a plan for making the map. And I found out about a couple things, and tried just one, and amazingly it seems to have worked right away. And I haven't paid a penny.

Screen shot of my amazing, fully OCADdable and metric contours next to a display of the 20th-century parent data. I would hope I can get it to smooth less, but even at this stage the semblance to the original is striking. Some of the finer information (like single-contour reentrants—are they there in the first place?) is lost but some is there all right.

I hope to be able to do something simple about the vegetation, simpler than tracing over Gmap photos, although even with good photos that's where fieldwork will be crucial. I think I can extract info from publicly available pics as to open vs. oaks vs. chaparral (likely impassable) vs. maybe even PO (not hopeful about that); but after the 2007 fire, a lot more of the place is passable with the chaparral burned.

On a side note, TopoZone is gone but I'm sure I can still get the free 250 dpi 1:24,000 stuff somewhere.

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